Interesting Reads – 03/24/2023

Free Golf for Veterans: Learn from the Pros with PGA HOPE

Survivors: You may be eligible for VA benefits thanks to historic legislation

VA has support for Veterans thinking of suicide

Welcome home Vietnam vets

Christian Theologian Sacked for Tweet on Human Sexuality Threatened with Counter-Terrorism Referral

Johann Sebastian Bach & the Bible

Prayer Team Lifts Up New Congress Through BOLD Program

Religious liberty champion returns to coaching

Kirk Cameron: From Hollywood Fame to Finding Faith

Taking it to the Streets, the Power and the Purpose of the Rescue Mission

  1. Listen to the program HERE
  2. Read the Transcript HERE

Multiple NHL teams have opted out of ‘Pride Night’ jerseys, as resistance grows despite media pressure

With Fauci hagiography, PBS’s ‘American Masters’ turns from art to mindless politics

Lawsuit Challenges Wyoming’s First-in-Nation Ban on Abortion Pill

The Radical Pro-Abortion Bills That Threaten Colorado

“Pro-Life U” Director Kicked Out of Senate for Wearing a Sweatshirt Bearing School’s Registered Name

Professor Says “Unwanted” Children “Do Worse in School,” So It’s Okay to Abort Them

Congresswoman Introduces Bill for Higher Penalties for Attacking Pregnancy Centers

What is Happening with Marriage Today? Some Good News, But Mostly Bad

The Power of Dad Jokes: Study Shows Corny Puns Help Kids’ Development

How many children who could have thrived like my friend’s grandchild have been sacrificed on the altar of “reproductive justice”?

Federal Lawsuit Filed Challenging CA Department of Social Services’ Unconstitutional Cancelation of Church School from the Child Food Program

‘No Legitimate Basis’ for DOJ Targeting of Protesting Parents, House Panel’s Report Concludes

Parents’ Bill of Rights Is How Congress Can Help State School Reformers 

Arkansas Governor Signs Bill Banning Biological Males From Using Girls’ School Bathrooms

ICYMI: San Francisco’s Loony Racial Reparations Proposal Flows From Logic of Woke Ideology

Government Isn’t the Victim; It’s the Perpetrator

WATCH: Biden Judicial Nominee HUMILIATED by Basic Legal Question

Alan Dershowitz: I voted against Trump – but attempts to ‘get’ him smack of McCarthyism

Biden Has Awkward Moment on Camera, Listen to What the Audience Does

Biden is Preparing Americans To Lose the Second Cold War

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