SERMONS and The Apologist

MikeSince the Jan 2014 I have had the privilege of conducting regular Sunday evening worship services at the local county jail.

I have made a concerted effort to not bring water down wishy washy messages that only feed these men baby formula. Additionally since these men are here for only a short period (some less than a month) I have decided not to preach in an expository book manner. Instead I rely upon their questions and responses to mine to bring doctrinal based sermons that unfold the Word of God with them. I am of the belief these men need meat to grow spiritually. If we as a community have any hope of their lives being anew (2 Cor 5:17) milk alone will not do.

You can access the sermons from the main site on the right. The pull down menu “CATEGORIES” and selecting Sermons. Unless otherwise noted they are all done at the local county jail so no voice recording is allowed. I make an attempt to take my notes and recreate the main sermon as best possible.

I pray you find them a blessing.

In HIS Service



PDF File Copies of our ministries quarterly publication, The Apologist.

Email us to get on the mailing list. Also available in print format free of charge.

1st Qtr 2014 Apologist Theme “Perseverance” Run The Race

2nd and 3rd Qtr2013 Apologist Theme “Church Attendance” PLUS Our Annual American Heritage Edition

1st Qtr 2013 Apologist Theme “God’s Grace in Election”

4th Qtr 2012 Apologist – S Theme “Render unto Caesar”

2nd and 3rd Qtr 2012 Apologist-S Our Annual American Heritage edition

1st Qtr 2012 Apologist S  THEME “The Greatest Gift of All”

1st Qtr 2009  Apologist  THEME “Seperation”

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