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We are still working on becoming an official 501(c)3 entity so in the meantime here are the ways you can donate to FSM:

Direct Mail: to the address above

Mail to or sending church: PVCB 56 Perkins St Chicopee MA 01013 be sure and put FSM/Mike P in memo line

Option #3 is you can pay online with credit card:


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Here are some of the activities that FSM and FSMWO will be involved with this coming year and the means in which you can support these causes.


Each year, (- COVID) I serve as a CHaplain/Medic with Mission M25 Ministries on Run for the Wall. Here is a some brief info from our director:

First of all, Run For The Wall (RFTW) is a ride to remember the POW/MIA (prisoners of war and missing in
action) of all wars and to promote healing among the veteran. At the same time, it is promotes patriotism and educates the public as we make visits across the country at all types of institutions, including elementary schools. The ride ends in DC on Memorial Weekend. If you would like more information on RFTW, please visit,

Mission:M25 (M25) has served RFTW since 2006 as Hydration (providing drinks and snacks at every fuel
stop); Chase Trucks (pickups pulling trailers to pick up broken or wrecked motorcycles) and Chaplain Corps since 2006. M25 enlists 40-50 men and women to ride in trucks or on motorcycles from Los Angeles to Washington DC in ten days to help make this trip possible for some of the riders. We use our ministerial credentials to gain entrance in emergency rooms when there is a wreck and we provide a empathetic ear for healing when a veteran just needs to talk. Prayer is given when requested by a hurting veteran. We also present a nondenominational service on Sunday morning of the ride.

In the past, your contributions have helped M25 make an impact even in the past two years with due to COVID restrictions. This past year for example we have:
• Picked up and delivered to various opportunities over 88 pallets of sports drink
• Marines Beach Bash as Camp Pendleton
• Native Americans
• National Prayer Day in Kansas
• Homeless and children
• Combat Bike Build
• While some were picked up by others for us, we still had to be ready

With the rising cost of fuel, lodging and other expenses this year, We must raise $70,000 before May 8!!!

The banner is displayed on two hydration trailers at every stop. The banner itself has proven to be a source of healing for many veterans as they see the churches, businesses and individuals support this cause. Deadline for getting the names on the banner (Please remember, the name is equally
important as the donations. We want people to recognize the support) will be April 25, 2022!Church/Ministry Name * Business Name * Individual names * Honoring a veteran on the banner

We would appreciate any tax deductible donation which can be made by filling out the form below and sending a check, or following the text instructions. Also please note the recommended $250.00 donation os for Churches, Business, Corporations, Etc. please do not hesitate to give any amount.

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