Church Builds and Renovations

Church Builds

FBM Planning a New Church Construction – 

This PDF walks you through FBM’s basic outline when considering a church build/remodel. There is much more detail that we go over like choosing a location (demographics), financing, planning (mission for today and the future) and more.


A helpful resource from Lifeway and the SBC.

Mission Juarez July 2017 – Facebook Jaurez Mission 2017 Album Link

Maybe one of the most interesting and challenging builds I have ever worked on we (a team of 13 volunteers) converted 4 rooms and an out building restroom into a working functioning church in 4 days.

Lakeshore Baptist Church Project 2012-2015 – Facebook Lakeshore Project Album

The largest project to date that FBM has supervised start to finish.

First Baptist Church Hixville, MA – Facebook Picture Album of work on Parsonage