Education in America – Various Sources – 11/26/21

With the increase number of verbal attacks on parents and the all out assault (indoctrination) of our children (grandchildren in our case here at FSM) we thought this an appropriate topic to follow.

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  1. Parents Warn of Their Children Being Subjected to Transgender Indoctrination
  2. Is the Public School System Constitutional?
  3. NSBA apologizes for letter calling parents ‘domestic terrorists’
    1. National School Boards Association Issues ‘Weak’ Apology for Letter Likening Parents’ Actions to ‘Domestic Terrorism’
    2. Bad Call: Authors of Anti-Parent Letter Phonying It in
  4.  It’s Madness to Quarantine Schoolchildren
  5. After High School Goes Viral For Massive Brawl, Community Dads Organize To Help Fatherless Students
  6. Opponents of critical race theory seek to flip school boards
  7. Woke School District Accused of Mishandling Vicious Bullying, Beating of 15-Year-Old

Deciphering the Truth: How to Tell Real News From ‘Fake News’

The Epoch Times

Remember when you could turn on the evening news with little doubt that the journalists were, to the best of their knowledge, delivering the truth? Whether we were living in ignorant bliss or a more virtuous world, it sure made consuming news less stressful…


Lawsuit Targets Massachusetts Public School System for Racial Segregation, Censoring Students

A Massachusetts public school system is actively promoting racially segregated student groups and a “bias reporting program” that encourages students to report instances of their peers’ biases to school officials for disciplinary action, a lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges…

SOURCE: Lawsuit Targets Massachusetts Public School System for Racial Segregation, Censoring Students

This is just one example of the problems with “Cancel Culture”, “Critical Race Theory (CRT)” and “Wokeism” being pushed by the left in America. Does the U.S. have a PAST history of racism, undeniably, but so does EVERY other nation on the earth. Do we still have issues that can be improved upon, absolutely but not by decisiveness. The following is from The Mississippi Center for Public Policy and explains the dangers of CRT.

Combating Critical Race Theory in Mississippi

The Ideology Behind Biden’s Disastrous First Nine Months

Sheer chaos and anarchy on the border? Afghanistan—the most humiliating defeat in recent U.S. military history? A labor-starved supply chain in shambles and holiday shelves emptying out? The worst inflation in 30 years that seems soon ready to match Carter-era levels? Gas hitting $5 a gallon with winter heating fuels soaring? Free-for-all looting in the major cities without consequences? Joe Biden’s policies and Biden himself diving in the polls?[…]

SOURCE: The Ideology Behind Biden’s Disastrous First Nine Months

Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams Threaten the Tax-Exempt Status of 300 Churches

Can you imagine the outrage if Trump or any other Conservative had ever attempted this?

The Virginia governor’s race between stalwart Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin is one that is shaping up to be a critical battle over some of the most pressing and controversial social and political issues of the day, from abortion to voting rights to health care to the role parents ought to play in the public school system…

Source: Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams Threaten the Tax-Exempt Status of 300 Churches

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Police in Two Key Cases

We at FSMandFSMWO are all about fair and just laws. This includes those for law enforcement officers. The vast majority of public servants in America work in understaffed situations, surrounded by folks that are hostile towards them (thank you media) and rarely use excessive force. Sure there are some “bad apples” but that is just a reflection of the human race as a whole, and no cause to punish or suspend the rights of everyone.

Liberals were left howling in rage Monday after one of the most controversial legal doctrines surrounding America’s police received a ringing endorsement from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Qualified immunity shields police officers from lawsuits that arise in the course of protecting the public unless they can be shown to have violated well-established rules or the Constitution…

SOURCE: Supreme Court Makes Two Big Pro-Police Rulings

Nurse Whistleblower Debunks Leftist Lie That Hospitals Are ‘Out of Beds’ Because of Unvaccinated Patients

Another component of this story, that mainstream media lied about was here in MS. It was reported nationally a few months back that its supposed crisis capacity of new COVID cases, was not due to the number of new cases as reported by a critical shortage of qualified medical staff.

A former nurse who was reportedly fired after his religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine requirement was rejected has shed some rather harsh light on hysterical claims that ICU beds are at capacity because of all the sick unvaccinated people…

Source: Nurse Whistleblower Debunks Leftist Lie That Hospitals Are ‘Out of Beds’ Because of Unvaccinated Patients

Pentagon nominee can work ‘side by side’ with people she hates

Pentagon nominee can work 'side by side' with people she hates
Military chaplains could have a new boss at the Pentagon if lesbian activist Brenda Fulton, who has a history of making derogatory remarks about religion and Evangelicals, is approved by the U.S. Senate.

The people being nominated by the Biden administration to oversee powerful positions in America’s federal government represent an eye-opening parade of radical leftists. The latest name at the Pentagon is a Christian-hating, Republican-mocking lesbian whose role would put her in charge of evangelical military chaplains…

SOURCE: Pentagon nominee can work ‘side by side’ with people she hates

Fewer Children… Because of “Climate Anxiety”?

Perhaps, we should apply that historical knowledge to today’s crises. What if the kids and their carbon outputs aren’t the problem to be solved, but instead the very ones to solve whatever climate change problems we face?

In a recent article in The Atlantic, Emma Green writes that “a third or more of Americans younger than 45 either don’t have children or expect to have fewer [children].” This is, of course, not really new news. Birth rates have been falling for years, for various reasons. What’s notable in Green’s article is the somewhat new reason younger Americans claim they are choosing childlessness: because they are “worried about climate change.”

SOURCE: Fewer Children… Because of “Climate Anxiety”?