More Pro-Life News – 01/20/2022


New Abortion Numbers Don’t Show Whole Picture, Especially With Do-It-Yourself Abortions on the Rise

Abortion Biz Says “Abortion is Good. We Like” Killing Babies

Research Shows Pharmacists Oblivious to Risks of Abortion Pills

The ultimate reality show? The development of the child in utero

Dr. Ben Carson’s Pro-Life Message

Mississippi AG Fitch files Amicus Brief in opposition to VA’s new abortion rule that “purports to authorize taxpayer-funded abortions and abortion counseling for veterans and their beneficiaries”

Supreme Court Says It Can’t Find Dobbs Leaker

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Protecting the Unborn, Limiting Abortion to Early in Pregnancy

‘The Abortion Fight Is Far From Over,’ Rev. Dean Nelson Says

UK Army Veteran Fined for Silent Prayer Near Abortion Facility: ‘What Is the Nature of Your Prayer Today?’ Cops Ask

New Poll Shows 72% of Women Support Pro-Life Laws

Rite Aid Will Sell Abortion Pills That Kill Unborn Babies (They join CVS and Walgreens)

FBI Offers $25,000 Reward to Arrest Leftists Who Attacked Churches and Pregnancy Centers

New York City Mayor Gives Away Free Abortion Pills, Wants to Kill 10,000 Babies a Year

Star Parker: The struggle to protect life continues

Don’t be deceived – abortion isn’t ‘health care’

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