Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson…


Talk about misreading your audience. Democrats have been scrambling for months to find an answer for the party’s rift with suburban parents over Joe Biden’s radical education policy. But instead of backing off and listening to the local outcry, they’ve dug in — vilifying parents and deepening the divide between Washington Democrats and the rest of America. Now, by trying to sack a man who’s championing the parents’ cause, they’ve given Republicans exactly what the president didn’t want: more ammunition…

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Pentagon nominee can work ‘side by side’ with people she hates

Pentagon nominee can work 'side by side' with people she hates
Military chaplains could have a new boss at the Pentagon if lesbian activist Brenda Fulton, who has a history of making derogatory remarks about religion and Evangelicals, is approved by the U.S. Senate.

The people being nominated by the Biden administration to oversee powerful positions in America’s federal government represent an eye-opening parade of radical leftists. The latest name at the Pentagon is a Christian-hating, Republican-mocking lesbian whose role would put her in charge of evangelical military chaplains…

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Democrats Used to Want Abortion “Safe, Legal and Rare.” Now They Want Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth –

Stand 4 Life

While NO ONE should ever advocate for abortion at all, the democratic party at one time seemed to at least have some sense of morality.

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said Wednesday that Democrats have discarded Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “safe, legal, and rare” stance on abortion because it implies that there is “something wrong about the practice.” Cotton questioned Democratic Texas State Rep. Donna Howard on her abortion stances Wednesday during a Senate Judiciary Committee, asking Howard whether she […]

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Sen. Cynthia Lummis Grills Treasury Secretary Yellen About Privacy Fears Over ‘Unconscionable’ IRS Bank Proposal

“My constituents cannot believe that you support a proposal to require banks and credit unions to report customer data to the [IRS] for transactions of $600 or more.” the Wyoming Republican tells Yellen,..

SOURCE: Sen. Cynthia Lummis Grills Treasury Secretary Yellen About Privacy Fears Over ‘Unconscionable’ IRS Bank Proposal


Proposed U.S. rule would force reporting of all accounts of $600 or more

Banks call IRS reporting plan a compliance and privacy nightmare. Is it?

“Biden’s Treasury Department declares IRS will monitor” all accounts over $600.

Why the Ruling ‘Elite’ Is Anti-American

** NOTE ** This is not a knock on the American political system, just the elitist’s who have risen to the top of power within America and oppose the Constitutional Republic which America was founded as.

The modern administrative state is anti-constitutional and directed by an oligarchic ‘elite’ that is corrupt and distant from the people it rules. This Highlight from Hillsdale College’s FREE Online Course, “Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution,” exposes the modern administrative state as the antithesis of Constitutional government. It is unaccountable to American citizens, intrudes on the most minute details of their lives, and is un-interested in protecting their rights.

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Democrats Have Hidden a Draconian Vaccine Mandate Enforcement Method Inside Their $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill

Tucked deep into the massive $3.5 trillion spending bill that progressive Democrats hope to ram through Congress is a new plan to put what one writer calls “crippling” fines on businesses that fail to enforce vaccine mandates to the extent the Biden administration wants…

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Bidenomics: Over Tax, Overspend, and Inflate


It’s been said that America has the greatest debt in the world — it’s all outstanding![…]



Everything You Need to Know About the Biden Border Crisis


As the humanitarian crisis at the border worsens, the Biden administration is doing its level best to keep this nightmare off the front page. So, to keep you informed, Heritage created a new initiative called the Biden Border Crisis, where you can find Heritage videos, backgrounders, and commentary on this tragedy. “We’ve been seeing it for eight months now, but the stark images coming out of Del Rio should outrage every American,” said Chad Wolf, former acting DHS secretary and Heritage visiting fellow, in a statement

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Biden’s Del Rio Bridge Crisis: Far More Than Just Optics Problem

Love those border agents

House Dems vote to legalize abortion up to birth

Democrats proved once again they are the party of thieves (taxes) and murders (abortion) this week.

On a party-line vote, House Democrats passed legislation Friday that, if passed by the Senate, would nullify most state pro-life laws and legalize abortion up to birth nationwide. But the bill’s 218-211 approval is mostly symbolic, as Republican opposition will doom it in the Senate.

SOURCE: House Dems vote to legalize abortion up to birth

Do the rich pay their fair share?

We often hear from certain folks that the “rich” do not pay their fair shar of taxes. yet as this above chart shows that is a BLATANT LIE!

In the following article from The Heritage Foundation, Matthew Dickerson, points out 8 things every citizen needs to know the Democrats Tax Increase Bill.

Source: 8 Things You Need to Know About Democrats’ Tax Increase Bill