God’s Gift of Speech

Evolution is so flexible! It can be fast1 or slow.2 It can go forward or backward.3 It can add or eliminate structures—such as the alleged loss of parts of our voice box (larynx). Apparently, it can do anything that secular researchers need it to do… Continued at Source: God’s Gift of Speech

Biden signs executive order designed to unleash transhumanist hell on America and the world

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If anyone needed proof that the powers pushing the levers behind the mindless moron who sits in the Oval Office are fully on board with the World Economic Forum/United Nations agenda of biomedical tyranny and transhumanism, look no further than the executive order that Joe Biden signed on Monday, September…

Scientific American magazine says Western science invented the ‘two-sex model’

Y0U REALLY CAN’T MAKE THIS UP! Science isn’t what it used to be.  And I don’t mean because Dr. Fauci is getting old and is about to retire. (Yet another) case in point: Scientific American Magazine, a once-respected monthly, recently put out a bizarre series o… Source: Scientific American magazine says Western science invented the ‘two-sex … More Scientific American magazine says Western science invented the ‘two-sex model’

Is The ‘Green’ Science Behind The Inflation Reduction Act Valid?

By Jonathan Brentner / August 18, 2022 Soaring fuel prices are not enough for the globalists. Officials in the Biden administration tell us they must go even higher for the sake of the “liberal world order.” Many of the “green” provisions of the recently signed “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” will do just that; they … More Is The ‘Green’ Science Behind The Inflation Reduction Act Valid?

Evolutionary Theory and Christian Investing

Something long considered reliable evidence for Darwinian evolution, the chemical similarity of living things, is now in question.  In 1973, leading Neo-Darwinist Theodosius Dobzhansky wrote that “nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution.” He specifically pointed to “biochemical universals,” or shared features in the chemistry of life, as evidence that all creatures “arose from inanimate … More Evolutionary Theory and Christian Investing

Devotional Thought for Today – 05/09/2022

Genesis 1 CONTEXT: Creation, Sovereignty of God in Creation and as Creator, and God worthiness to be praised are all themes in Chapter 1. Matthew Henry breaks it down as follows: We have three things in this chapter:—I. A general idea given us of the work of creation (v. 1, 2). II. A particular account of the several days’ … More Devotional Thought for Today – 05/09/2022

Altruistic Birds Embarrass Evolutionists

Why are evolutionists surprised to learn that birds are intelligent, careful, and very caring? Birds communicate among themselves, use tools, and often demonstrate altruism (unselfishly caring for others)—sometimes risking their own welfare to care for a neighbor in need.1 Yet, if evolutionists would take Scripture seriously, especially Genesis, they would not be surprised, because Christ bioengineered … More Altruistic Birds Embarrass Evolutionists

Science and God

Please scroll to the bottom for a free book giveaway Dr. Meyer was recently featured in PragerU’s 5-part series on science and God. Meyer is a Cambridge-trained philosopher of science and New York Times bestselling author of Return of the God Hypothesis. As a leading proponent of intelligent design, he argues that there are specific features … More Science and God