Not much has changed in the abortion debate? Everything has changed!

By Dave Andrusko Off the top of your head, what would you say to sentiments (accurately) captured in the headline, “Not much has changed in decades’ long debate over abortion”?  You’d know, of course, that a pro-abortionist would have written the piece that, as it happened, appeared in a Missouri publication, because there has been …

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NRL – Happy Independence Day!

I marvel at the wisdom of this country’s founding fathers.  As John Adams wrote to John Penn, another signer of the Declaration of Independence, on March 27, 1776, “It has been the will of Heaven that we should be thrown into existence at a period when the greatest philosophers and lawgivers of antiquity would have wished to live … a period when a coincidence of circumstances without example has afforded to thirteen colonies at once an opportunity of beginning government anew from the foundation and building…

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Equality begins the womb!

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“The Protection of Unborn Children Act”, Arkansas Act 309, (formerly SB6 when it was signed on March 9) bans all abortion except to save the life of the mother in a medical emergency. Little Rock Family Planning Services and Planned Parenthood of Oklahoma and Northeastern Arkansas have filed a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction to stop the law from going into effect on July 28th, its scheduled effective date.

In one of the most stunning legal documents I have seen in over 40 years of law practice, the State of Arkansas is challenging the abortion industry and claiming that their actions are outrageous and A Crime Against Humanity.  Click here to read the States Response. Please note right near the beginning The Moral Outcry Petition in its entirety is specifically presented to the Court as the Legislative Findings of the Arkansas Legislature.

Arkansas is even claiming that the Supreme Court’s Roe v. WadeDoe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions are unfounded in the Constitution and should be reversed. This is the beginning of the legal battle, which may last up to three years, to get all the way to the United States Supreme Court. A final victory would allow every state in the nation to ban abortion. This is a far-reaching and deeply significant beginning. And you are part of The Battle.

Would you please pray?

Pray for the judge and pray for those defending Life and this law, including The Justice Foundation who is representing Concepts of Truth, an Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center, and Dr. George Conner, a family practice Doctor, who have filed a Motion to Intervene in the lawsuit to present additional evidence and argument in support of the Act, but different and beneficial to the state. You may click here to read Concepts of Truth’s Motion to Intervene, represented by The Justice Foundation, to support The Moral Outcry Petition movement and this law.

Please note we are asserting an interest which is different from the state of Arkansas’s and which cannot be adequately represented by the Attorney General. We presented the testimony of numerous Arkansas women who had been deeply hurt by abortion. This is one-way Operation Outcry amplifies The Moral Outcry to End Abortion!

We are arguing the law must be allowed to go into effect or there will be an irreparable injury to the children who will be killed and irreparable injury to the women who will be deeply injured and devastated. On the other hand, there will be no irreparable injury to women seeking abortions who don’t get them because Arkansas is willing to take every child through its Safe Haven law and provide free medical care and delivery care for low-income women. These are all Moral Outcry arguments that now must be proven in Court.

Finally, if our clients are allowed to intervene, they will also be arguing that if the law does not go into effect it will disproportionately kill Black Arkansans. But if the law banning abortion is allowed to go into effect, it will protect the Black population of Arkansas from disproportionately being killed. African Americans represent 15% of the Arkansas population, but 46% of the abortions in Arkansas. Planned Parenthood has said this law is racist. What do you think?

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An objective summary of the “record” number of “abortion bans and restrictions” – NRL News Today

By Dave Andrusko A colleague at National Right to Life passed along an intriguing analysis from “Governing” magazine that ran under the headline, “2021 has been a record year for abortion restrictions and bans.” “Governing” is described as “a monthly magazine whose primary audience is state and local government officials: governors, legislators, mayors, city managers, …

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New Poll Shows Strong Majority of Americans Want to Ban Late-Term Abortions

A new Associated Press poll found strong public support for limits on abortions after the first trimester as the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear a Mississi

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The Separation of Church and Hate


The gentleman doth protest too much. On Facebook Thursday, California Representative Jared Huffman (D) doubled down on his suggestion that the Catholic church should lose its tax-exempt status if U.S. bishops withhold communion from pro-abortion politicians. He stated in part:…

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The Importance of Changing Your Pro-Choice Friend’s Heart


When we die, each of us will give an account of how we lived our lives. We will face the question, “What did you do for the least of these?” Certainly, unborn children — the most vulnerable among us who truly have no voice — will be included in “the least of these.”…

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50th Annual National Right to Life Convention Begins Friday, June 25th, in Herndon, Virginia – NRL News Today

WASHINGTON – This Friday, June 25th, National Right to Life’s 50th convention begins at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel in Herndon, Virginia. During the 2-day convention, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from dozens of speakers in a variety of workshops and general sessions. The convention opens with a prayer breakfast and closes …

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States Push Back on Biden Abortion Funding


President Biden’s budget request calls for repealing long-standing provisions preventing federal taxpayer funds from paying for abortion, but states have been working for years to protect taxpayers from having to subsidize the abortion industry. Despite the Biden-Harris pro-abortion agenda, the state momentum continues this year...