Devotional Thought for Today – 9/22/20

AMP and RVR 1960 Most bibles today have some form of headings. In the AMP version of our text it says Unbelief and Its Consequences. I think most translations have something similar.  While this section clearly is a warning to unbelievers it is also a WAKE UP CALL to the complacent church. For far to long the churchContinue reading “Devotional Thought for Today – 9/22/20”

Sunday Sermon – Serving

AMP and RVR 1960 This section of scripture begins with one of the most quoted two verses I know. Paul says to …to present your bodies [dedicating all of yourselves, set apart] as a living sacrifice, holy and well-pleasing to God,… and do not be conformed to this world while doing so. This whole chapter is about dedicationContinue reading “Sunday Sermon – Serving”

Devotional Thought for Today 9/11/20

Today is the 19th anniversary of the four coordinated terrorist attacks on America on this date September 11, 2001.  It is a time to reflect and Never Forget. While looking back we may say many mistakes were made in fighting this War, one can not deny we were at War.  As “Christians” if you areContinue reading “Devotional Thought for Today 9/11/20”

Devotional Thought for Today

AMP and RVR 1960 A while back in our Daily devotional series we published this same verse seen here Waiting. The theme then and now was They that wait upon the Lord… are His chosen who would seek His guidance and will in all things.  BUT! those that Wait cannot get comfortable in inaction, they mustContinue reading “Devotional Thought for Today”

Disney’s Mulan and the Backdrop of Genocide

Today’s BreakPoint: Disney’s Mulan and the Backdrop of Genocide JOHN STONESTREET WITH DAVID CARLSON Disney’s newest live-action movie, “Mulan,” was released Friday. So far, reviews have ranged from mostly positive to absolutely glowing: “an exciting, well-crafted action movie,” a “robust” and “family-friendly, live-action Disney fantasy,” and an “epic-scale tribute to female empowerment.” However, the feedback on Mulan hasContinue reading “Disney’s Mulan and the Backdrop of Genocide”

Today begins our Run for Life

  If Abortions are essential, so is the #DiaperRun!! Coming to a rally or gas station near you, September 9th – 22nd, 2020!    See the full story here: 50CC Diaper Run: Riding for Life and remember you can track team Pampers and depends in real time via this link:  Track the Teams    P.S. it’s notContinue reading “Today begins our Run for Life”

Daily Devotional – Righteous Laborers

Psalm 127:1a AMP and RVR 1960 COMMENTS: Today in America we celebration Labor Day. First celebrated in 1882 and continually since 1894, it is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  After 8 years of near record high unemployment the nations laborers had much to celebrate in Jan 2020 when for theContinue reading “Daily Devotional – Righteous Laborers”

Sunday Sermon Series – O Sleeper?

  Jonah 1:5-6 AMP and RVR 1960 COMMENTS AND CONTEXT: Jonah was wrapped up in personal sin and running from God. His escape of course was useless whom are we to think that we can run from the all-knowing, all-powerful and ever-present God of all creation? In our text Jonah’s sin has begun to effect othersContinue reading “Sunday Sermon Series – O Sleeper?”

Today’s BreakPoint: (2 Topics; China and Abortion)

China Uses Forced Labor to Produce Laptops, and We’re Buying Them Abortion and Planned Parenthood Exposed  


POSTED ON August 17, 2020 by beautybeyondbones                 I’ve gone back and forth, and back and forth about publishing this post. Because, let’s be honest, a lady’s not supposed to talk about politics, religion or money. But then, when have I ever followed the rules when it comes to that. ButContinue reading “KAMALA ON LIFE”