Marriage Matters

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He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” Matthew 19:4-6 ESV

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When Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, he was alarmed that the percentage of black children born to unmarried mothers had risen from 16% in 1940 to 24% in 1963. But that turned out to be the canary in the coal mine of a national trend. The percentage of white children born to unmarried mothers has risen from 15% in 1990 to 28% today. Overall, 40% of all children born in the United States today are born outside of marriage…

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‘Let’s go Brandon’ might wake up the woke

The phrase “Let’s go Brandon” has swept across the United States.  Ever since NBC reporter Kelli Stavast “misheard” NASCAR fans chanting “F— Joe Biden,” college students, internet memes, and millions of Americans have made it their rallying cry…

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Fewer Children… Because of “Climate Anxiety”?

Perhaps, we should apply that historical knowledge to today’s crises. What if the kids and their carbon outputs aren’t the problem to be solved, but instead the very ones to solve whatever climate change problems we face?

In a recent article in The Atlantic, Emma Green writes that “a third or more of Americans younger than 45 either don’t have children or expect to have fewer [children].” This is, of course, not really new news. Birth rates have been falling for years, for various reasons. What’s notable in Green’s article is the somewhat new reason younger Americans claim they are choosing childlessness: because they are “worried about climate change.”

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The Experts Challenging Treatment of Gender Dysphoria

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Increasingly, when confronted with a person who experiences gender dysphoria, doctors and psychologists are allowed to offer only one diagnosis: the patient is transgender. As recently as a few years ago, this was a mental disorder diagnosis, and steps would be taken to align the mind with the body. Today, it’s just the opposite. Gender dysphoria means being born in the wrong body, and treatment aims to align the body with the mind

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The January 6 Insurrection Hoax


The following is adapted from a lecture delivered at Hillsdale College on September 20, 2021, during a Center for Constructive Alternatives conference on “Critical American Elections.”

Roger Kimball, Editor and Publisher, The New Criterion

Notwithstanding all the hysterical rhetoric surrounding the events of January 6, 2021, two critical things stand out. The first is that what happened was much more hoax than insurrection. In fact, in my judgment, it wasn’t an insurrection at all. . .

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Salvation Army Imposes Racial Wokeness Within Church’s Ranks

The news is replete with examples of corporations and institutions going woke, from Google to Aunt Jemima. Unfortunately, now The Salvation Army is in danger of joining the ranks of Woke Inc.

In materials prepared for its more than 1.5 million members, The Salvation Army uses terms that echo both radical “anti-racism” jargon and the divisive teachings of critical race theory, which divides people into two camps: the oppressors and the oppressed…

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If America’s going to split apart, here’s what will happen to you

A number of political scientists no longer think the idea of a crack-up of the Union is beyond the pale.

When Abraham Lincoln spoke the prophetic words “a house divided against itself cannot stand” — in a speech before the Illinois Republican state convention in 1858 — he was a relatively unknown politician.  He saw the obvious: North and South were hopelessly divided over the issue of slavery — or more fundamentally, states’ rights — and a breakup was all but all but unavoidable.  This came to pass in just a few years’ time in the form of the Civil War.

Is America nearing a similar point in 2021? […]

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Adam Carolla Discusses Cancel Culture

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Cancel culture is eroding America as we know it. It’s up to every person, especially those in the media and Hollywood, to stand up against it. Comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla explains why it’s time to be courageous on this episode of Stories of Us.

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