Pro-Life News – Various Sources – 11/26/21

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Texas Heartbeat Case on November 1
  1. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Texas Heartbeat Case on November 1
  2. DC Cops Say Department Pressured Them To Have Abortions
  3. St. Louis Mayor: I Like Abortion Because Our City Makes Money
  4. Wisconsin Senate Passes Four Pro-Life Bills to Defund Planned Parenthood and Save Babies From Abortion
  5. Thousands of People are Praying for Nancy Pelosi to Have a Change of Heart on Abortion
  6. Court Rules Hippos are People, But It’s OK to Kill Unborn Babies in Abortions
  7. Mom Says Raising Her Son With Down Syndrome is “My Greatest Pro-Life Work”
  8. Here’s the Truth Feminists Refuse to Admit: Women Regret Abortions
  9. After Abortion at Planned Parenthood Fails, Mother Decides to Keep Her Baby
  10. An open letter to a young Texan: Above all, you are precious
  11. PolitiFact misleads with ‘half true’ rating on claim that Roe v. Wade ended abortion deaths
  12. An oasis of Hope: the HOPE Pregnancy Center
  13. The unborn child is a patient, not a disease, though pro-abortionists couldn’t care less
  14. Do Babies Know the Difference Between Good and Evil?
  15. When it comes to abortion, pro-lifers agree with Biden: “What am I doing here?”
  16. Oklahoma strongly defends three pro-life laws in brief to state Supreme Court
  17. AG asks Kansas Supreme Court to pause abortion case pending vote on “Value Them Both” constitutional amendment
  18. Abortion Pill Reversal’s “record of safety and efficacy” means real choice for women who started and regretted having an abortion
  19. Pro-abortion Terry McAuliffe wants to use YOUR tax dollars to pay for abortion on Demand.
  20. Hey Pope Francis, If Abortion is “Murder” Then Rebuke Joe Biden for Promoting It
  21. MSNBC Says Concerned Parents are a “Radicalized Far Right Threat” That Must be Stopped
  22. Elizabeth Warren: It’s “Extremist” to Protect Babies From Being Killed in Abortions
  23. Catholic Bishop Urges Pro-Life Americans to Pray to End Abortion
  24. Mother and Daughter Both Scheduled to Have Abortions at Planned Parenthood Choose Life
  25. Abortion is Wrong Because It Kills a Human Being Who is Very Much Alive
  26. Teacher on Peacock Show “One of Us Is Lying” Helps Student Get Secret Abortion Without Her Parents Knowing
  27. Florida City Passes Pro-Abortion Resolution Condemning Texas for Saving Babies’ Lives

Pro-Life News – Various Sources – 11/19/21

Abortion Stops a Beating Heart

Human dignity hangs in the balance

Journalist discusses why journalists don’t like to write about abortion

Post-Abortive woman: “Every year around the time of the abortion, I could feel a sense of sadness overtake me”

St. Louis Mayor: I Like Abortion Because Our City Makes Money

Mississippi Attorney General Tells Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Mom Says Raising Her Son With Down Syndrome is “My Greatest Pro-Life Work”

Biden admin continues its pro-abortion attack, asks Supreme Court to pause TX pro-life law

Joe Biden’s Vatican Ambassador Nominee Voted to Force Americans to Fund Abortions

Senate Democrats Introduce 9 Spending Bills That Would Force Americans to Fund Abortions

CNN: Teen Girls Should be Able to Kill Their Babies in Abortions Without Their Parents Knowing

Pro-Life News – Various Sources – 11/15/21

12 Pro-Life Truths To Counter Every Abortion Myth | Stand 4 Life

12 Pro-Life Truths To Counter Every Abortion Myth

Mississippi Attorney General Fitch debunks criticism of pro-life “Gestational Age Act” in powerful rely brief

Baby’s Parents Refuse to End Life Support, Lose Custody to State

Abortion providers ask Oklahoma Supreme Court to quickly put three laws on hold

Stop the Virginia Right-to-Abortion Amendment—It’s Up to You!

Gov. Murphy {NJ} opens floodgates to abortion on demand performed by non-physicians

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: “I Have Been Very Clear, It is Homicide”

40th City Bans Abortion, Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn”

Joe Biden Can’t Even Pick a “Devout Catholic” to Represent America at the Vatican

Planned Parenthood Lies to Supreme Court, Falsely Claims Abortions “Save Lives”

Pro-Abortion Forces Hit with Major Defeat as Federal Appeals Court Issues Devastating Ruling

Two days after a federal judge blocked a pro-life “heartbeat” law limiting abortions in Texas, a federal appeals court reinstated it…

Source: Pro-Abortion Forces Hit with Major Defeat as Federal Appeals Court Issues Devastating Ruling

WATCH: Pro-Abortion Protesters Admit Their Contempt For Human Life

Stand 4 Life

In a video from The Federalist, pro-abortion protesters in Los Angeles admitted that they don’t care whether an unborn baby is a human life…

Source: WATCH: Pro-Abortion Protesters Admit Their Contempt For Human Life


Sign Your Pledge to Stop Planned Parenthood & Pro-Abortion Politicians from making Abortion-on-Demand Up to Birth and Beyond the Law in Virginia!

Pro-Choicers: We shouldn’t save premature babies because they might be disabled

An open letter from an abortion survivor to the daughter of “Jane Roe”

Kentucky AG makes the case why he should be allowed to defend law banning the abortion of live unborn babies

2020 Ohio Abortion Report Reveals Increase in Abortions

Judge extends order blocking Montana protective abortion restrictions from taking effect

Pro-lifers remain highly optimistic despite legal obstacle to Texas pro-life law

PRO-LIFE News – Various Sources

Picture from NRL Website

Meet the Only Democrat to Vote Against Nancy Pelosi’s Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

Science Confirms Unborn Children are Human Beings Who Have Actual Beating Hearts at 22 Days

No, Women Don’t Need To Kill Their Own Children To Pursue A Career

Pro-life Leaders and Organizations will Hold a News Conference to Discuss the Dobbs v. Jackson Case and America After Roe v. Wade

Pro-Life People Send Nancy Pelosi Thousands of Roses to Remind Her Abortion Kills Babies

Cecile Richards Whines That No Congressional Republicans Voted for Abortion

Sunny Hostin Blasts Democrats for Celebrating Their Abortions: “The Fact is Babies Were Aborted”

Biden Admin Claims Constitution Allows Federal Government To Overturn Texas Abortion Ban

The Women’s March Doesn’t Represent All Women, Just The Minority Of Women Who Support Abortion

Even if the Constitution is silent on abortion, nature and science have a lot to say about it.

The Supreme Court opens its new term Monday with six nominal conservatives appointed by Republican presidents. But conservatives have been shaken in their confidence that those six will yield majorities on issues that deeply matter…

SOURCE: ‘Originalist’ Judges Lose Sight of Truths That Precede Law


Wrong Then, Wrong Now: The Fake Abortion History of Roe v. Wade

 Federal Judge Blocks Arizona’s Ban on Down Syndrome Abortions

Democrats who have had abortions denounce pro-life efforts

Joe Manchin’s Courageous Defense of Hyde

AOC Tells OBGYN That She Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About

Abortionist Celebrates Killing Babies, Tells Congress “Abortion is a Blessing, Abortion is an Act of Love

Pelosi’s bishop calls for massive ‘campaign of prayer and fasting’ for ‘her conversion of heart’ on abortion

Alito speaks out on Texas abortion case and ‘shadow docket’

As Roe v. Wade is Being Dismantled, Pro-life and Human Rights Advocates Plan Three Days of Public Events at the Supreme Court from October 2-4

Are you pro-choice or pro-life…on vaccines?

Devotional Thought for Today – 09/27/21

As Christians should we be concerned with issues like abortion? After all is it not a women’s right to chose? The bible is very clear on this matter and so should you be. Those who oppose God’s Holy Word are corrupt.

John Calvin Quote - Abortion Is A Murderous Atrocity

Isaiah 59:7-8

CONTEXT: Isaiah 59 is a picture of a society in disarray, having forgotten it’s roots it is collapsing from within. Matthew Henry says: In this chapter we have sin appearing exceedingly sinful, and grace appearing exceedingly gracious; and, as what is here said of the sinner’s sin (v. 7, 8) is applied to the general corruption of mankind (Rom. 3:15), so what is here said of a Redeemer (v. 20) is applied to Christ, Rom. 11:26. I. It is here charged upon this people that they had themselves stopped the current of God’s favours to them, and the particular sins are specified which kept good things from them (v. 1-8). II. It is here charged upon them that they had themselves procured the judgments of God upon them, and they are told both what the judgments were which they had brought upon their own heads (v. 9-11) and what the sins were which provoked God to send those judgments (v. 12-15). III. It is here promised that, notwithstanding this, God would work deliverance for them, purely for his own name’s sake (v. 16-19), and would reserve mercy in store for them and entail it upon them (v. 20, 21).

A human embryo is a whole living member of the species Homo sapiens in the earliest stage of development. Unless severely damaged or deprived of nutrition or a suitable environment, the embryonic human will develop himself or herself by an internally directed process to the next more mature developmental stage, i.e., the fetal stage.

NPR – A Distinct Human Organism, November 22, 2005
First Trimester (4 Weeks) Picture Image on
Picture of First Trimester (4 Weeks) Medicine.Net

“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” 

Margaret Sanger (who founded the American Birth Control League, which later became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America), Women and the New Race (Eugenics Publ. Co., 1920, 1923)

Here are two recent pieces of legislation that should have every true “Christian” upset.

House Democrats Pass Most Radical Pro-Abortion Bill Ever, Overturning Every Pro-Life Law Nationwide

The U.S. House passed a radical pro-abortion bill Friday that would force states to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions without limits up to birth nation-wide.

Democrats Block Amendment to Stop Infanticide, Care for Babies Born Alive After Abortions

Not only did Democrats vote to pass such extreme pro-abortion legislation, they also denied the motion to recommit, which would have amended the bill to include protections for babies born alive after abortions.

The answer is to be informed, get involved with local Pro-life groups and PRAY!

A Biblical Worldview on Abortion – Voddie Baucham
Voddie Baucham: Abortion and the Black Genocide

Apple Will Pay Its Texas Employees to Kill Their Babies in Abortions in Other States

As “Christians” we have a duty to BYCOTT companies like Apple, Target, Uber, etc. that continue to push unbiblical principles.

Stand 4 Life

Technology company Apple told its Texas employees Friday that it will pay for them to abort their unborn babies in other states now that the heartbeat law is in effect. ABC 7 News reports Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company’s medical insurance plan will cover out-of-state abortion costs for employees in Texas. He made […]

Source: Apple Will Pay Its Texas Employees to Kill Their Babies in Abortions in Other States –