Soldier Saturday Devotional -Plus Interesting Reads – 04/21/2023


Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: Hitherto, it should seem, Isaiah had prophesied as a candidate, having only a virtual and tacit commission; but here we have him (if I may so speak) solemnly ordained and set apart to the prophetic office by a more express or explicit commission, as his work grew more upon his hands: or perhaps, having seen little success of his ministry, he began to think of giving it up; and therefore God saw fit to renew his commission here in this chapter, in such a manner as might excite and encourage his zeal and industry in the execution of it, though he seemed to labour in vain. In this chapter, we have, I. A very awful vision which Isaiah saw of the glory of God (v. 1-4), the terror it put him into (v. 5), and the relief given him against that terror by an assurance of the pardon of his sins (v. 6, 7). II. A very lawful commission which Isaiah received to go as a prophet, in God’s name (v. 8), by his preaching to harden the impenitent in sin and ripen them for ruin (v. 9-12) yet with a reservation of mercy for a remnant, (v. 13). And it was as to an evangelical prophet that these things were shown him and said to him.

Y’all might be thinking I have lost it, trying to compare Isaiah 6 with that oof a modern soldier. But trust me as we work this out that it is not too far a stretch.

The key to America’s modern military strength is its all-volunteer force. Whether it is Air Force, Army, Navy Marines, or Coast Guard every member is a volunteer. Each of these volunteers signs answering the call of duty with “Here I AM” and receives a lawful order (commission) just as Isaiah did. Those answering that call amount to less than one percent of the US population in any given year.

So while their actual commissions may differ, the answering of the call has not changed since 1973, it is for a select few only. Therefore we (True Christians) must never confuse Missionary works and Military actions. God expects every Christian Soldier to be just that, individuals called to service of their country without losing their faith. Not a group of believers called to soldiers for their country. I hope you can see the difference. President Biden famously confused the two in the video linked here:

April Training Tuesday {25th} discussion: suicide prevention

DIE Means the Death of Military Professionalism

April is Children & Youth Month: read how this Legion Family supports the fourth pillar

Make fixes first, then proceed with the rollout, Legion recommends

DAV Resolution No. 016, DAV supports H.R. 542, the Elizabeth Dole Home Care Act

Processing Pain After Military Sexual Trauma

World War I: Middle East Oil, Lusitania, Spanish Flu, & the Story of Sergeant York – American Minute with Bill Federer

‘Leading the Way’: Mississippi Governor Signs 8 Pro-Life Measures Into Law

Joe Biden Will Launch National Abortion Hotline to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

Trump Says Abortion Should be Decided Only at State Level, Pro-Life Group Calls That “Unacceptable”

Democrats Block Republican Effort to Prevent Taxpayer Money from Funding Abortion at the VA

CVS Fired Nurse Practitioner Because of Her Religious Beliefs

Abortion Survivors Network Honored with Pro-Life Impact Award at National Prayer Luncheon for Life

Support from parents is major factor in teens’ decision to reject abortion

Rosaria Butterfield: ‘My Use of Transgendered Pronouns Was Not a Mistake; It Was Sin.’

How Should the Church Approach Science?

The View’ Guest Compares ‘Christian-Right’ to Brutal Murderers

ICYMI: Man Walks off Reality Show – ‘I’m a Man of God, I Can’t Do This’

On April 4, Stand in the Gap Today host, Dr. Jamie Mitchell, interviewed Attorney Jeff Childers on the topic of “The Credibility Crisis: Will it Ever Get Restored?” His blogCoffee & Covid, has chronicled the Covid inconsistencies, lies, and false narratives since 2019 and has now expanded to cover current news and events with common sense and candor.

 To READ the transcript, click HERE

Two Jackson ministers are facing repercussions after marrying a non-binary couple

Question: “Since God withholds forgiveness, can we?”

The Bible speaks a great deal about forgiveness, both God’s forgiveness of sinful human beings and the forgiveness that human beings should have for each other. But they are not two separate, unrelated issues of forgiveness; rather, they are vitally linked. Intimacy with God and day-to-day cleansing are dependent on our forgiveness of others (Matthew 6:12), and our forgiveness of others is to be patterned on and an example of God’s forgiveness of us (Ephesians 4:32; Colossians 3:13). So, this question is an important one.

Even in conservative states, your kids’ school may be uber-woke

ICYMI: Win for the Patriarchy: Not 1 Democrat Votes to Protect Girls’ Sports

Florida education board approves expanding Parental Rights law through 12th grade

Pride Night coming to Disneyland this June {FAMILIES BEWARE}

Education Reform Group, Communism Watchdog Receive Heritage Foundation Innovation Prizes, Among Others

Democrats Continue to War on School Choice

Writer for Intelligencer declares ‘parental rights’ a system of human ownership

NRA convention for the ‘entire family’ triggers leftist zealots

School District Enacts Massive Safety Measure in Wake of Nashville: Teachers Can Now Carry Guns

Biden emerges as the ‘Fagin’ for exploited migrant children

Most of the media, entertainers, educators, and other Democrats only pretend to care about children, the poor, and the middle class

‘They Should Be Worried:’ Teachers Union Attempts to Fight Moms Over Parental Rights Advocacy 

Tim Scott Exposes Left’s ‘Blueprint of How to Ruin America.’

Biden administration hiking mortgage fees for Americans with good credit to subsidize home buyers with bad credit

The following is directed at my fellow voters in Mississippi, but being an Informed Voter is applicable everywhere.

The more government there is, the more problems we have – This is interesting considering the US constitution was designed as a document propagating “LIMITED GOVERNMENT “

BIDEN BOMBSHELL: Ex-CIA Chief Says Joe’s Campaign ‘Orchestrated’ Intel Letter to Dismiss Hunter Laptop Story

Biden Creates New Woke Federal Agency Via Executive Order

GOP Ill-Equipped to Combat Cultural Marxism, Sen. Josh Hawley Warns

Liberals’ Real Grievance Against Clarence Thomas

Both American Political Parties Have Adopted Lenin’s Strategy for the Destruction of Capitalism

Federal Judge Smacks Down Alvin Bragg in Key Ruling

House Republicans approve bill to protect girls and women’s teams

Here’s How You Can Help a Future Conservative President Take Down the Deep State

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