What in the World is Constitutional Secularism?

I have L O N G said that America is NOT a Christian nation, in that alone I and the left can usually agree. We quickly depart in matters when they as this article points out desire to wipe out all traces of the “religious” principles (Judeo-Christian) upon which this nation was clearly founded. Their (false) claim is that because the Constitution, unlike the Declaration of Independence, does not directly mention God the founders demanded a Secular Government. It is nothing more than a revisionist vision of history. They fail to take into account all the other documents and letters that went into writing the Constitution and all that happened AFTER it became law. 

President Trump, Mocking the Constitution | Constitutional Accountability  Center

What in the World is ‘Constitutional Secularism’?

On December 17, 2020,  Stand in the Gap Today host Sam Rohrer interviewed Constitutional expert, David New, on a recently released document by the Secular Democrats of America to the Biden/Harris team.  This document is titled, Restoring Constitutional Secularism and Patriotic Pluralism in the White House”.  What is Constitutional Secularism and what does it mean for America? This program explores these themes and more. 

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The Medical Truth about COVID Vaccinations

The Medical Truth about COVID Vaccinations

The Medical Truth about Covid Vaccinations: Hopeful Healer or Camouflaged Killer?

December 10, 2020 • Sam Rohrer • Guest: Dr. Dolores Cahill

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Living the Authentic Christian Life

Living the Authentic Christian Life

On October 12, 2020,  Stand in the Gap Today hosts Isaac Crockett and Sam Rohrer interviewed Shane Pruitt, Director of National Next Generation Evangelism for the North American Mission Board. Shane shared a number of Christian clichés that hinder the gospel witness for Generation Z

      • What level of understanding does Generation Z have concerning Jesus?
      • What are the Dangers of False Christian Theology?
      • What are the differences between Generation Z and Millennials?
      • What is Generation Z searching for?

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God’s Message to America:

I have said it over and over, America is NOT a Christian (Theocracy)  Nation. We were however, CLEARLY founded on Judeo-Christian principles and the further we digress from them the further God’s hand of divine providence is lifted from us. – Mike

God’s Message to America

Wake Up and Return to Me or Perish!

On September 22nd, Stand in the Gap Today hosts, Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler, and Gary Dull interviewed author and speaker, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who discussed his event ‘The Return’ which took place on September 24-26. Cahn is the author of ‘The Harbinger’ and ‘The Harbinger II: The Return’. He also leads Hope of the World Ministry. 



The Deceit of Political Correctness

The Deceit of ‘Political Correctness’:
How Marxism is Destroying America

On July 23th, Stand in the Gap Today hosts, Sam Rohrer and Dr. Joe Green, interviewed Dr. Marlene McMillan about the concepts in her book Mountains of Deceit: How the Dialectic Process has Infected the Culture. Dr. McMillan identifies words that have been redefined by our culture, and explains how these re-definitions are poisoning the hearts and minds of Americans. 

    • Why is it important, especially in these days, to define the terms we use so people understand what we mean? 
    • What is Dr. McMillan’s definition of ‘political correctness’?
    • Who is the originator of the Hegelian Dialect and how does it apply to our current cultural climate?
    • How are Marxists using the Hegelian Dialect to destroy America?
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Your Health Freedom Update:

Your Health Freedom Update:
Testing, Tracking, Vaccinations and False Promises

The Q & A audio clips below highlight a discussion between
Stand in the Gap Today radio hosts and guest,
Twila Brase, President and Co-Founder of the
Citizen’s Council for Health FreedomTwila joined our program to give an update concerning the Coronavirus pandemic.

What is the truth about testing and contact tracing for the Coronavirus?

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Is it a good idea to expedite a vaccine, and if not, why?

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The danger of nursing homes and the loneliness of the elderly during this pandemic.

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Is another Coronavirus outbreak on its way? 

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Watch Twila Brase discuss her new book, Big Brother in the Exam Room.


The Untold Story of the Persecuted Church During the 2020 Pandemic

The Untold Story of the Persecuted Church
During the 2020 Pandemic

The Q & A sessions below highlight a discussion between Stand in the Gap Today radio hosts and guest, Justin Murff, Executive Director of the MENA Collective, a Christian Aid group helping ministries in the Middle East and North Africa.



Learn more about the MENA Collective by watching this video hosted by Justin Murff.

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Regathering the Disassembled Church


Regathering the Disassembled Church

he Q & A audio clips below highlight a discussion between
Stand in the Gap Today radio hosts and guests, Dr. Gary Dull, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Altoona, PA, and Pastor Mike Frazier, Senior Pastor of Canton Baptist Temple in Canton, Ohio. They explore how, when, and why it’s important to begin the process of regathering the church together again.

Why are we calling this a ‘regathering of the church’ instead of a reopening? Listen Here (3:16)>>

What have the weeks been like for Pastors during this COVID-19 crisis? Listen Here (2:01) >>

How are church members feeling about regathering? Listen Here (2:30)>>

How have various churches functioned during the quarantine? Listen Here (1:30)>>

Why is it important to meet in person as a congregation instead of online? Listen Here (3:58)>>

How should churches respond to threats from the civil authority? Listen Here (4:35)>>

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After weeks of being closed due to the Coronavirus, Liberty Counsel and it’s ReOpenChurch.org campaign, has called on the churches to open and believers to start meeting again. Here are some of its resources.


Rights of Churches to Meet for Religious Services – Memo detailing church rights

Church Coronavirus Safety Measures – Suggested worship options and safety precautions

Free COVID-19 Resources for Children – Helpful information and activities for kids

The Real Chronological Facts Leading Up to the Arrest of the Florida Pastor

Resources and Benefits for Churches – Join Liberty Counsel as a Cooperative Church


Watch this conference call with Pennsylvania Pastors and Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel) discussing the biblical and legal foundations for regathering the churches.

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The Word of God Still Works in 2020

The Q & A audio clips below highlight a discussion between Stand in the Gap Today hosts Isaac Crockett, Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, and guests, Pastor Matt Recker, and Micah Johnson. Both guests minister in the heart of New York City and talk about what it’s like to evangelize and make disciples in an urban environment.

Why are young people so accepting of fake news and issues like climate change or socialism? Listen Here (3:23) >>

How can ministry workers apply biblical principals when evangelizing in urban cities? Listen Here (2:28)>>

Practical advice for Pastors on how to speak about the cultural issues of our time.  Listen Here (2:37)>>

Pastor Recker discusses the power of prayer in his ministry. Listen Here (3:36)>>


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Capitalism vs. Socialism: Which Does God Support?

Is God a Capitalist?


American Pastors Network Discusses Capitalism vs. Socialism, as These Economic Issues Become Election Issues

Many on both sides of the political coin have reservations about the talk of socialism creeping into the 2020 presidential election conversations.

As the topic of socialism has become more prevalent in America, the American Pastors Network (APN) has explored the hot-button issue on its popular daily radio program, Stand in the Gap Today,” which airs on over 400 radio stations nationwide; many carry the show live from noon to 1 p.m. ET.

APN President Sam Rohrer says if he made the bold statement, “God is a Capitalist,” how would many react? Agree or disagree? Be indifferent? Have to consider the question further?

“Or how about these questions: ‘Does the Bible teach the tenets of capitalism?’ ‘Does God hate communism and its younger sister socialism?’” Rohrer added. “These issues are confronting the American people and our entire perspective of freedom—Capitalism vs. Socialism—Moral vs. Evil. Many discuss these questions politically, economically and emotionally. But we should be looking at it biblically—from the pages of Scripture—as well.”

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