Devotional Thought for Today – 07/15/21

today’s drawing near devotional

Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch Run

Mike “Hardcase” Poirier will be on the road once again (God willing*) beginning 03 July and returning to the Jackson area around the second week of August.

He will be participating as Chaplain and Medic with the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial Ride 2021 from Eugene, OR across the northern US the Northeast, and down into Arlington, VA.

Each summer all riders across the United States are invited to gather in Eugene, Oregon to participate in our annual Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch Motorcycle Ride.

This is our annual ( cross country ) tribute ride in which we escort the ‘Fallen Soldiers Memorial Flame’ from Eugene to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. to honor and pay tribute to America’s fallen service members.

TFS Website

For more information see the link HERE.


DEPARTS EUGENE, OREGON; Saturday, July 10, 2021


  • 17 States Traveled
  • 75 Fallen Service Members Honored
  • A Ride of Honor You Won’t Forget!
  • Join Us!

Mike’s route to Eugene can be seen here. If you are located along either route please contact Mike and make arrangements to say hello.

Also, if you, your group, or association would like to sponsor a fuel stop, snacks or hydration for the riders they would certainly appreciate it.

The nightly stops are scheduled for:

(*) Mike bike is still in the shop from the HHT trip awaiting parts. We are praying they arrive in time for his scheduled departure.

“Woke military” not sitting well with many

The Lies Weource: Pay For

The Department of Veterans Affairs hasn’t wasted this many taxpayer dollars since the Obama administration. On Saturday, Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough announced the VA would start the regulatory ball rolling on conducting transgender surgeries for veterans in their taxpayer-funded hospitals. The announcement was an early Father’s Day gift for the transgender lobby — although they probably are working to have the holiday renamed Happy Care-giver 1 or 2 Day…

Source: The Lies We Pay For

Critical Race Theory Will Destroy Our Military

What if the black Marines judged the white Marines from the perspective of oppressed and oppressor? How could this group of Marines have operated as a team, especially when stressed in a combat situation?


Celebrating the 246th Birthday of America’s Army

Collectibles US ARMY RETIRED 3x4 ft Flag STILL SERVING Official Military  Flag Nylon USA Made Flags & Banners

When the Second Continental Congress delegates voted for a resolution on June 14, 1775, they had no idea they also founded America’s Army. On Monday, June 14, that Army turns 246…

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Guide to 10 military museums and historic locations across the U.S.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

While in no means complete, this (sourced edited) list from a recent VA email gives a good start to some interesting stops. I have added some of my own with links and hope you will do the same in the comments.

  1. The National World War II Museum in New Orleans:
  2. Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor National Memorial:
  3. The National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City:
  4. Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum in Charleston:
  5. Boston’s Black Heritage Trail:
  6. Vicksburg National Military Park:
  7. Gettysburg National Military Park:
  8. Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution:
  9. The San Diego Air & Space Museum :
  10. Explore Revolutionary War History in charming Castine, Maine:

Here are are a few of my favorites:


A D-Day epiphany

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They gave us our world.”

So said President Bill Clinton on June 6, 1994, at the 50th anniversary observance of the Allied landings on the Normandy beaches of France.


D-Day landing on June 6, 1944

The world in 1994—as now—had forgotten the immense peril threatening the nations in the person of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis…


Veterans must come together to combat Critical Race Theory

America’s military veterans can no longer sit on the sidelines when there is a well funded, ongoing cultural and political war being waged to turn America into a Marxist, communist totalitarian state.  It truly is time for America’s…

Source: Veterans must come together to combat Critical Race Theory

Military Drafted into Biden’s LGBT Parade


Forget the screaming children on the Rio Grande, the cyber attacks on our meat plants and pipelines. Don’t worry about the overseas unrest or the price hikes on gas and food. The serious issues will have to wait. Because there’s only one thing on the president’s mind right now — and that’s Pride month.