Judicial Activism: Why Justices should NOT Usurp Power & Make Laws

American Minute with Bill Federer

Yale President Ezra Stiles stated in 1783:”Most states of all ages… have been founded in rapacity, usurpation and injustice…

The Nimrods… (were) the first invading tyrants of the ancient ages… The spirit of conquest had changed the first governments…

All succeeding ones have in general proved one continued series of injustice, which has reigned in all countries for almost 4,000 years.”[…]

SOURCE: Judicial Activism

Revivals led to founding of Universities; the enduring influence of preachers like Jonathan Edwards

American Minute with Bill Federer

As I read this, we hope you will too :), the thing noted is that revivals usually took place via open air public preaching. With all the restrictions in place, especially on Christians, today I wonder how a modern revival would look?

Religious revivals have a long history of preaching out of doors.

The great London preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon wrote:
“It would be very easy to prove that revivals of religion have usually been accompanied, if not caused, by a considerable amount of preaching out of doors, or in unusual places.”[…]

SOURCE: Revivals led to founding of Universities…

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George Whitefield & the Great Awakening Revival

George Whitefield & the Great Awakening Revival

American Minute with Bill Federer

I often hear in evangelical circles that we need to pray for revival, I agree, yet if I was a betting man, I would wager greatly that there would be DISAGREEMENT on the nature or means of achieving that revival.

I would suggest it should be done Biblically, like Whitefield (and others of the period) as this quote reminds us:

“It is wonderful to see what a spell he casts over an audience by proclaiming the simplest truths of the Bible

Sarah Edwards, the wife of Jonathan Edwards

George Whitefield had attended Oxford with John and Charles Wesley, who began the Methodist revival movement within the Anglican Church. In 1733, when he finally understood and believed the Gospel, George Whitefield exclaimed: “Joy-joy unspeakable-joy that’s full of, big with glory!” […]

SOURCE: George Whitefield & the Great Awakening Revival

“Tyrants accomplish their purposes…by disarming the people”

American Minute with Bill Federer

Justice Joseph Story appointed to Supreme Court by James Madison

His father was a Boston Tea Party “Indian.” Joseph Story graduated second in his class from Harvard. He was a U.S. Representative, then was elected Massachusetts Speaker of the House.

SOURCE: “Tyrants accomplish their purposes…by disarming the people”

“The Relation of Christianity to Civil Government in the United States”

“Whatever strikes at the root of Christianity, tends manifestly to the dissolution of civil government”

American Minute with Bill Federer

For those who may not read these our posts regularly, I will repeat our contention that America is not a Christian Nation nor was it founded as such. HOWEVER, there can be no doubt it was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

Likewise Christians are commanded to be obedient to civil government (see our 11 part series beginning here: Sunday’s Sermon Series – Civil Government: Part I ) as long as that government uses it’s limited authority in a way that does not break God’s law. Whenever that happens we have a problem.

Chief Justice James Kent explained in People v. Ruggles, 1811, what made OATHS effective:”

In Taylor’s case … the court … said, that Christianity was parcel of the law, and to cast contumelious reproaches upon it, tended to weaken the foundation of moral obligation, and the efficacy (effectiveness) of OATHS.”

SOURCE: “Whatever strikes at the root of Christianity…

America “BEST form of government EVER offered to the WORLD”

American Minute with Bill Federer

The has been a lot of talk recently about how “bad” our country is, how bad our form of government (democratic republic) is and so on. Here is the history of one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and his take on the matter.

He was one of six founding fathers to sign both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

President Washington appointed him to be a Justice on the Supreme Court.

His name was James Wilson...

SOURCE: Justice James Wilson America “BEST form of government EVER offered to the WORLD

Constitution Day –“A Republic, If You Can Keep It!”

American Minute with Bill Federer

“Done … the SEVENTEENTH DAY of SEPTEMBER, in the year of our LORD one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. “This is the last line of the U.S. Constitution...

SOURCE: Constitution Day –“A Republic, If You Can Keep It!”

Deconstructing California: From Churches founding the State to the Governor closing Churches!

American Minute with Bill Federer

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George Orwell wrote in his dystopian novel 1984:“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered

Nothing exists except an endless present in which The Party is always right.”


Maryland’s Christian Founding … And What Happened Since?

American Minute with Bill Federer


On June 20, 1632, King Charles I of England granted a charter for the Colony of Maryland, named for his CATHOLIC wife, Queen Henrietta Maria, whose mother was the Queen of France, Marie de’ Medici, of the powerful Medici Italian banking dynasty…

CONTINUED AT SOURCE: Maryland’s Christian Founding

Irving Berlin & the classic song “God Bless America!”

American Minute with Bill Federer

Irving Berlin was born in Russia, the son of a Jewish rabbi, on MAY 11, 1888. At 4-years-old, he immigrated with his family to New York.

Falling in love with America, he served as a U.S. infantry sergeant in World War I.

SOURCE: https://americanminute.com/blogs/todays-american-minute/irving-berlin-the-classic-song-god-bless-america-american-minute-with-bill-federer