Pro-Life News Updates (Various Sources)

With the apparent loss of the Pro-Life presidency of Donald Trump to the pro-death democratic platform of the Bidden-Harris ticket, I urge everyone to sign the petition below:  FYI: Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Abortion? 

SIGN THE National Petition to Defund Planned Parenthood


Pro-Life News Report

No matter what you think about the election and election fraud, it appears more likely that Joe Biden will become the next president. And, if he does become president, Americans are in store for perhaps the most pro-abortion presidential administration in history.

If you want an idea of what Joe Biden would do as president, look no further than his running mate Kamala Harris. Not only does she support abortion on demand like Joe Biden, but she literally voted for infanticide and against a law to protect babies who survive abortions.

A Biden-Harris administration would push Big Abortions global agenda from day 1 Here is what you can expect.

On their first week in office, Biden and Harris would overturn a pro-life rule President Trump put in place and force Americans to fund the International Planned Parenthood abortion business and its global abortion agenda. That means your tax dollars will pay for promoting and performing abortions around the world -- killing babies in nations across the globe.

Meanwhile, Biden, Harris and Nancy Pelosi are already working on legislation to force Americans to pay directly for abortions across America. Just as we're finally saving more babies from abortions than ever before, their abortion agenda could result in forcing you to pay for hundreds of thousands of abortions every single year.

They want to restore all the various funding cuts President Trump made to Planned Parenthood's taxpayer funding.

They want to force Christians, churches and Catholic nuns to pay for abortions in our health care plans.

They want to overturn every single pro-life law nationwide.

They want to make Roe v. Wade a federal law that would implement abortions up to birth in all 50 states.

And they want to make abortion a worldwide human rights -- making killing babies legal in every country worldwide.

LifeNews and the pro-life movement will have our work cut out for us the next four years. We will do EVERYTHING possible to stop as much of their radical abortion agenda as we can, but we can't stop Joe Biden and Kamala Harris without your financial support.

Top Stories
 Vatican Says Coronavirus Vaccines “Morally Acceptable” Even if Made Using Cells From Aborted Babies
 Trump Campaign Files Supreme Court Appeal Challenging Pennsylvania Election Results
 Congressman Matt Gaetz Will Join Republicans Challenging Electoral College Vote
 Joe Biden Says He’s a “Great Admirer” of Pope Francis, But He Supports Killing Babies in Abortions

More Pro-Life News
 Senator Ted Cruz: “Prosecute and Put in Jail” Anyone Involved in Voter Fraud
 President Trump Files UN Decoration Saying “There is No International Right to Abortion”
 MSNBC Trashes President Trump as “Sociopath” Who Wants People to Die From Coronavirus
 Pro-Life People Share Christ, Sing Christmas Carols Outside Local Abortion Business
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CDC says child abuse hospitalizations ‘increased significantly’ during pandemic, despite emergency room visits plunging

Planned Parenthood Bid to Kill Hyde Amendment to Face Pro-Life Pushback

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