Data Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe and Effective

So much has been put out about Coronavirus that folks just don’t seem to trust anyone anymore. I live in the “Deep South” one of the two least vaccinated states in the country. You would think from all the media hoopla that the crisis was overwhelming our hospitals total capacities, only that is a half truth. In Jackson for example there are nearly 1000 vacant beds because there are no staff to service them. Somehow that has been conveniently left out of all the mainstream media.

Should you get vaccinated is a personal decision, we my wife and I did and would get the booster shot if need be. I have seen the effects of COVID-19 first hand it is no joke, no government conspiracy and anything I can do to mitigate it’s effects on myself, my family and others I believe is my Christian duty.

Data Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe, Effective

Mixed messages about COVID-19 from the media, politicians, and public heath officials have left many Americans questioning what information they can trust

Vaccination data tells a positive story and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should relay all the facts to Americans, says Kevin Dayaratna, who is principal statistician, data scientist, and research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, parent organization of The Daily Signal…

SOURCE: Data Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe and Effective

For Dems, It’s Only a Matter of Crime


Now that America’s crime wave is coming home to roost, the Left is pumping out ridiculous excuses faster than you can say “defund the police.” It’s Republicans’ fault, the White House insists! It’s the cops’ fault, the media says! Or, it’s no one’s fault — the violence isn’t real! But the people’s choice award had to go to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who compared the whole crisis to Shark Week. Because apparently, homicide and summer go together like Jaws and Richard Dreyfus…

SOURCE: For Dems, It’s Only a Matter of Crime

Maryland’s Christian Founding … And What Happened Since?

American Minute with Bill Federer


On June 20, 1632, King Charles I of England granted a charter for the Colony of Maryland, named for his CATHOLIC wife, Queen Henrietta Maria, whose mother was the Queen of France, Marie de’ Medici, of the powerful Medici Italian banking dynasty…

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“Woke military” not sitting well with many

What You Need to Know About Supreme Court Rulings on Faith-Based Foster Care, Student Speech, and More

The Supreme Court has issued significant rulings this term that affect everything from collegiate athletics to adoption agencies…

SOURCE: What You Need to Know About Supreme Court Rulings on Faith-Based Foster Care, Student Speech, and More

Cancelling Stonewall Jackson

Does “inclusive” history have to be sanitized history?

What do we do when great people do bad things, hold bad beliefs, or support bad causes? (Cancel them?) Across America, communities are arguing over what to do with statues of and memorials to great figures in American history, whose actions or belief…

Source: Cancelling Stonewall Jackson

Veterans must come together to combat Critical Race Theory

America’s military veterans can no longer sit on the sidelines when there is a well funded, ongoing cultural and political war being waged to turn America into a Marxist, communist totalitarian state.  It truly is time for America’s…

Source: Veterans must come together to combat Critical Race Theory

Devotional Thought for Today – 05/15/2021

1 Peter 2

As I have been riding across the US I see signs of COVID restrictions lifting in some areas and not so much in others. Mainly I am speaking of wearing a mask, some fuel stops and store have signs that say “Mask Required” other have none. The other thing I found interesting was the level of folks so willing to ignore these business owner’s practices yet demand to be served.

On at least two occasions when clerks asked someone to “please mask up” because it was local policy” they were met with a flurry of curse words. One such individual had a little fish symbol on the back of their truck as they sped away.

Christian behavior, I think not, I personally HATE these mask mandates, I think they are stupid and science does not support them. That being said, nothing that these local stores are doing goes against the Word of God, and as our text above notes, my job is quite simple. Follow the rules or go somewhere else.

Submission to authority is a hard pill for many “Christians” to swallow these days, but it one that the Bible is quite clear we must until it violates the law of God.

So how do we express our displeasure with the current mask mandates and other seemingly totalitarian government rules? John MacArthur’s Devotional for today has an answer:

The world doesn’t need another opinion—it needs God’s absolute and authoritative Word!

Speaking the Truth in Love (John)

The twelve apostles included “John” (Matt. 10:2).

Seek to maintain a proper balance between truth and love

Some people picture John as overly sentimental and egotistical, lying with his head on Jesus’ shoulder and constantly referring to himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved. But that’s not an accurate characterization of one of the “Son of thunder”! He loved Jesus deeply and was amazed that Jesus loved him—especially after he wanted to burn up the Samaritans and then secure a prominent place for himself in Christ’s kingdom. Calling himself “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (e.g., John 21:20) was simply his way of marvelling over God’s grace in his life.

As much as he loved Jesus, John never allowed his love to deteriorate into mere sentimentalism. In fact, the proper balance between truth and love is the hallmark of his ministry. In his writings we find the word love more than eighty times and witness nearly seventy times. His profound love for Christ compelled him to be a teacher of love and a witness to the truth. To him, obedience to the truth was the highest expression of love. As 1 John 2:5 says, “Whoever keeps [God’s] word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected.”

John’s greatest joy was to know that his spiritual children were walking in the truth (3 John 4). He firmly denounced anyone who attempted to divert them from that goal by denying or distorting God’s Word.

Today, media talk shows and other influences have blurred the lines between opinion and truth. One man’s opinion is purported to be as good as the next, and there’s little talk about what’s right or wrong.

Truth suffers even within the church because many Christians are willing to compromise it to avoid upsetting people. They forget that true love flourishes only in the atmosphere of biblical truth (Phil. 1:9).

Amid such confusion, God calls you to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15). The world doesn’t need another opinion—it needs God’s absolute and authoritative Word!

Suggestions for Prayer

Thank God for the gift of His love and the power of His truth. Ask Him to make you a person of ever-increasing biblical integrity.

For Further Study

Read Revelation 2:1-7.

  • What strengths did the church at Ephesus have?
  • What did it lack?
  • What did Jesus require of it?

From Drawing Near by John MacArthur Copyright © 1993. Used by permission of Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishers, Wheaton, IL 60187,

Planned Parenthood’s Partnership with China

New Exposé and Documentary Video: ‘Planned Parenthood’s Partnership with China – Does it Cross the Line to Treason?’

WICHITA, Kan., April 30, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Today, Operation Rescue released a special investigative report along with a related 20-minute video documentary that explores the partnership between Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Chinese Communist Party.

The exposé is titled “Planned Parenthood’s Partnership with China – Does it Cross the Line to Treason?”

SOURCE: New Exposé and Documentary Video: ‘Planned Parenthood’s Partnership with China – Does it Cross the Line to Treason?’

Citizen’s Guide: D.C. Statehood Danger

No one should oppose D.C., Guam, or Puerto Rico for that matter from becoming states if they desire through the LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL process.


The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives approved a measure last week that would grant statehood to a renamed Washington, Douglass Commonwealth. This new 51st state would receive one House representative and two U.S. senators. However, this unconstitutional bill would ignore the 23rd Amendment and undermine the very reason our founding fathers established D.C. as an independent federal district free from the influence of any one state. We must protect our constitutional safeguards on federal power. Your voice can make a difference!

Read the Heritage article, D.C. Statehood Requires a Constitutional Amendment, and I’ll Put That on My Yard Sign, and post it on one or more of your social media accounts using the hashtags #DCStatehood and #DC51. If you do not use social media, email the article to 5 of your friends.

Watch Heritage legal expert Zack Smith’s television interview, The Danger of Making D.C. a State. After watching it, share with a like-minded friend.

Write a letter to the editor of a national publication describing your thoughts and perspectives on the proposition of adding D.C. as the 51st state.

Watch Heritage legal expert Zack Smith’s full testimony before Congress, D.C. Statehood Via Simple Legislation Is Unconstitutional and Would Be Bad For Democracy.