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With the apparent loss of the Pro-Life presidency of Donald Trump to the pro-death democratic platform of the Bidden-Harris ticket, I urge everyone to sign the petition below:  FYI: Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Abortion? 

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Pro-Life News Report

No matter what you think about the election and election fraud, it appears more likely that Joe Biden will become the next president. And, if he does become president, Americans are in store for perhaps the most pro-abortion presidential administration in history.

If you want an idea of what Joe Biden would do as president, look no further than his running mate Kamala Harris. Not only does she support abortion on demand like Joe Biden, but she literally voted for infanticide and against a law to protect babies who survive abortions.

A Biden-Harris administration would push Big Abortions global agenda from day 1 Here is what you can expect.

On their first week in office, Biden and Harris would overturn a pro-life rule President Trump put in place and force Americans to fund the International Planned Parenthood abortion business and its global abortion agenda. That means your tax dollars will pay for promoting and performing abortions around the world -- killing babies in nations across the globe.

Meanwhile, Biden, Harris and Nancy Pelosi are already working on legislation to force Americans to pay directly for abortions across America. Just as we're finally saving more babies from abortions than ever before, their abortion agenda could result in forcing you to pay for hundreds of thousands of abortions every single year.

They want to restore all the various funding cuts President Trump made to Planned Parenthood's taxpayer funding.

They want to force Christians, churches and Catholic nuns to pay for abortions in our health care plans.

They want to overturn every single pro-life law nationwide.

They want to make Roe v. Wade a federal law that would implement abortions up to birth in all 50 states.

And they want to make abortion a worldwide human rights -- making killing babies legal in every country worldwide.

LifeNews and the pro-life movement will have our work cut out for us the next four years. We will do EVERYTHING possible to stop as much of their radical abortion agenda as we can, but we can't stop Joe Biden and Kamala Harris without your financial support.

Top Stories
 Vatican Says Coronavirus Vaccines “Morally Acceptable” Even if Made Using Cells From Aborted Babies
 Trump Campaign Files Supreme Court Appeal Challenging Pennsylvania Election Results
 Congressman Matt Gaetz Will Join Republicans Challenging Electoral College Vote
 Joe Biden Says He’s a “Great Admirer” of Pope Francis, But He Supports Killing Babies in Abortions

More Pro-Life News
 Senator Ted Cruz: “Prosecute and Put in Jail” Anyone Involved in Voter Fraud
 President Trump Files UN Decoration Saying “There is No International Right to Abortion”
 MSNBC Trashes President Trump as “Sociopath” Who Wants People to Die From Coronavirus
 Pro-Life People Share Christ, Sing Christmas Carols Outside Local Abortion Business
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Stand 4 Life

Medical Ethicist: Elderly Shouldn’t Get Vaccines First Because They’re Too White | National Review

Trump Administration Announces Funding Cut to California Over Abortion Insurance Requirement

Ohio bill banning telemedicine abortions heads to governor’s desk

UPDATED: Tulsi Gabbard introduces bills to protect abortion survivors and pain-capable unborn children

CDC says child abuse hospitalizations ‘increased significantly’ during pandemic, despite emergency room visits plunging

Planned Parenthood Bid to Kill Hyde Amendment to Face Pro-Life Pushback

News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Today’s Headlines (my interpretation): SCOTUS,  President Trump and COVID-19, ELECTIONS, NBA, VOTER FRAUD, MEDIA BIAS,  Celebrity Empathy, The Holocaust 

TOP STORY: white supremacists behind riots, or black anarchists.

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

VIDEO: Huge rallies in DC to show support for Trump after COVID-19 diagnosis; BLM protesters clash at ‘WalkAway’ event

Pope Francis slams trickle-down economics, advocates for redistribution of wealth: ‘For the good of all’

Jake Tapper takes aim at Trump over COVID infection: ‘You have become a symbol of your own failures’

Top Republican: Pelosi refused to implement COVID testing as Senate Dems use COVID to delay Barrett hearings

Chris Wallace and Trump campaign adviser lock horns over first family not wearing masks at the debate

Worrying percentage of college students support violence to stop campus speech; worst colleges for free speech named

Video: Senator Bernie Sanders Campaigns for Biden by Pushing the Biden/Sanders Radical Far-Left Agenda

SNL: Chris Rock and Jim Carrey mock Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis; push leftist agenda throughout comedy show

Major Liberal Media Outlet’s Sinister Link To China Exposed

Washington Collusion Revealed – Guess Who?

Dr. Phil And Dr. Oz Under Attack From Big Pharma

Identity Of Trump Convention Imposter Revealed — And It’s Insane

NBA Quickly Learns What Leftist Pandering Does To Ratings

Conservative Freedom Network

Pelosi Scolds Trump For Positive Covid-19 Test

In Final Jobs Report Before Election

The Presidential Debate Commission

New Ad Busts Biden’s Claim

Media Figures Mock Trump For Getting Covid-19

The Democrats’ Long Temper Tantrum Will Reelect Trump

Is the United States in the Midst of an Insurgency?

To Squash Civil Unrest, the USA Must Remember Its Virtuous Roots

Down Goes Biden

Thoughts on Belief and Religion

The Blame Game: Presidential debate edition

Holocaust Knowledge Keeps Dwindling  😦 

Could It Happen Here? The Parallels Between Soviet Bloc and Modern US

We Need Commonsense Protections to Safeguard Women’s Sports

Reforming Regulation to Spur Economic Growth

How Trump Impeachment ‘Knocked Gun Control in the Head’

We Hear You: Why America Is Exceptional

Here’s a List of Liberals Who Have Attacked Amy Coney Barrett for Her Faith



Tom Fitton’s Weekly Update: Clinton-Obamagate-Russiagate Conspiracy EXPOSED

Chris Farrell: Anti-Police Violence by Radical Left is “Domestic Terrorism!”

Judicial Watch has filed an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics about Rep. Ilhan Omar potential violations of law.

Flynn Update: New FBI Texts Expose The FBI’s Political Targeting

Judicial Watch: Pennsylvania Counties Admit They Gave Incorrect Voter Roll Information to Federal Government – Disclose Conflicting Numbers of Inactive Voters to Court

VOTER FRAUD CAUGHT ON TAPE? #CashforBallots–Tom Fitton w/ James O’Keefe

VIDEO: Huge rallies in DC to show support for Trump after COVID-19 diagnosis; BLM protesters clash at ‘WalkAway’ event

Trump speaks message of hope after confusion surrounds his health: ‘I’m going to beat this’

Married Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham admits to sexting married strategist, won’t drop out of race

‘Inject bleach’: Liberals celebrate Kellyanne Conway’s COVID diagnosis with vile comments

Bi-racial woman said four white males lit her on fire in racist attack — prosecutors found no evidence that it happened

Schumer rages after McConnell moves to halt Senate activity — but allow Amy Coney Barrett confirmation to proceed

Photojournalist went undercover to expose white supremacists at riots, but found black bloc anarchists instead

Why American Exceptionalism Is Different From Other Countries’ ‘Nationalisms’

With all the “hate” for America being spewed from the likes of Antifa, the so called ‘woke folks’ and many on the far left I often wonder what keeps them from just leaving; do they need help packing? 

America may have it’s issues but they care far fewer than most countries. If we could get past the past, the rhetoric of the socialists and the hype of the media maybe, just maybe we could see America for what it is, an exceptional (actually the greatest) country  to be blessed and privileged to live in.  – Mike

Why American Exceptionalism Is Different From Other Countries’ ‘Nationalisms’

Why American Exceptionalism Is Different From Other Countries’ ‘Nationalisms’

Kim Holmes @kimsmithholmes / 

Mobs are toppling statues of American heroes. America and America’s past are on trial. People are protesting and rioting over the very ideas of what America stands for.

The future of the country depends on what Americans do next.

It depends on how Americans answer some direct, but not so simple, questions: Who are we as Americans? What does it mean to be American?

The Meaning of the American Founding

To answer these questions, we have to start with the American founding. It gave America its ethos, its characteristic spirit and culture…


Uncovering the Origins of Identity Politics

Uncovering the Origins of Identity Politics


By Mike Gonzalez

Activ­ists of earlier decades sought to move the United States away from its limited-government traditions inherited from the Anglo-Scottish Enlightenment toward the centralized state planning drawn from the Continental Kantian, Hegelian, and Marxian worldviews…

Read More

NEWS to PONDER (Various Sources)

Driving Conservatives Underground

It Doesn’t Matter Who Did or Did Not Own Slaves

By Destroying History, Liberals Make an Example of Themselves

The War for Free Speech Is Here

Who’s the Real Party of the Rich?

Joe Biden – There’s no fool like an old fool

How the man who eradicated smallpox would have handled coronavirus


Make Patriotism Viral Again

Mob Violence Must Not Be Tolerated

Equipping Medical Providers to Cope With the Next Pandemic


Pelosi Spreads Vicious Lie That President Trump Is Being Blackmailed

Famous Cardiologist Changes Lives With Amazing No-Surgery “Fix”

Biden Mocked After His ‘Diverse’ Staff Member Numbers Surface

NYPD Detective Slams Liberal Mayor’s Agenda, Gives Inside Peek At Crime Wave

New Report Claims Trump’s Tulsa Rally Sabotaged By Unexpected Source

AP: Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic law

Soccer team ditches national anthem for Guthrie folk tune

More death and violence in Seattle ‘occupied’ zone

China forces birth control to suppress minorities

NYC mayor announces $1 billion cut in police budget

Utah Officials: Fireworks spark fire, evacuations

Intelligence Community Launches Nasty Attack On President Trump

Lingering CHOP Anarchists Make Final Demand To Seattle

VP Pence Enrages Media After Calling Out Black Lives Matter Propaganda

Trump Expects Full Ban On His Social Media Accounts Any Day Now

Media Silent As Mass Crowds Gather For Democrat-Approved Pride Rally


Five Justices vs. The People

A Sharpe Contrast on Religion


Pro-Life News Report

Top Stories
• Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion
• Pro-Life Groups Slam Chief Justice John Roberts for Selling Out Unborn Babies
• Trump’s Supreme Court Judges Both Voted to Uphold Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion
• Justice Clarence Thomas: Abortion is “Without a Shred of Support From the Constitution’s Text”

More Pro-Life News
• Joe Biden Celebrates Abortion, Calls Killing Babies in Abortions a “Constitutional Right”
• Planned Parenthood Celebrates Supreme Court Decision, Says Pro-Life Abortion Laws are “Racist”
• Vice President Mike Pence Slams Abortion: “All Lives Matter, Born and Unborn”
• Legislator Who Sponsored Pro-Life Law Slams SCOTUS: They Care More About Abortion Than Women

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Historians Doomed to Repeat Themselves

Historians Doomed to Repeat Themselves

April 28, 2020 By Tony Perkins

The public schools might be closed, but based on the country’s latest history marks, some kids aren’t missing much! In the “Nation’s Report Card” from the Department of Education, U.S. scores took another big dive in subjects like history, part of an alarming trend that’s prompted the Trump administration to call for “fundamentally rethink[ing] education in America.” And the sooner the better, most people say. At the rate things are going, the only civics our kids will know are the Hondas parked out back.

Calling it “disturbing” and “pervasive,” federal officials tried to come up with some explanation for the across-the-board failure in most eighth-grade classrooms. Except for the “top performing students,” scores in U.S. history were down four points from an already embarrassing mark in 2014. Now, less than a quarter of our country’s eighth graders are considered “proficient” in any social science discipline — and only 15 percent of those can make the grade in U.S. history. We’re talking about students who don’t know about the Lincoln-Douglas debates, the Bill of Rights, or basic global geography, the Washington Examiner laments.

But could these results be coming at the perfect time? Heritage Foundation’s Jonathan Butcher believes so. On “Washington Watch” with Sarah Perry, he pointed out that as discouraging as these numbers are, the coronavirus has actually given parents an opportunity to do something about them. For one, he explains, with more students at home, distance-learning, parents are catching on to what their kids are — and in many cases, aren’t — being taught. By the time children do go back to school in the fall, moms and dads will be a lot more knowledgeable about the gaps in textbooks and classroom lessons. And they’ll be able to bring up those issues and concerns with school administrators. “It’s one thing to be upset about what you read in the news when you hear about what’s being taught in schools. It’s another thing to sit at home with your child [and see it for yourself].”

This pandemic has opened the eyes of a lot of parents, especially when it comes to the impact of Common Core and the rampant “teaching-to-the-test” that’s overtaken education. And unfortunately, the cycle of underperformance and failure has gone on for so long that we’ve raised generations of Americans who lack basic knowledge about the country they’re living in. Is it any wonder that they don’t understand the dangers of socialism or the importance of a constitutional republic? How can they appreciate American exceptionalism if they don’t understand where it came from?

And the surveys of current adults, Jonathan says, only shows where these shortcomings lead. The University of Pennsylvania does one, and in it, they ask people what they know about U.S. government. “It turns out that just under half of respondents… cannot name any branch of government… So that’s troubling. And it certainly puts in perspective these eighth-grade results, which certainly we would hope would be improved through high school.”

Hopefully, as Sarah pointed out, this convergence of at-home learning and these pitiful test scores will force a major change in the public-school landscape. Because, as they both agreed, we need to be able to reach all kids, not just the ones who can afford to find a better option. “There are a lot of kids in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, D.C… [whose] neighborhoods may not be safe. They may be coming from single parent homes. They may not have access to computers.” For their sake, Jonathan insists, “we, as thought leaders and advocates [for education], and believers in the ability of every child to have [the same opportunity], need to be talking — come summer, come fall — about how we make the experience for those kids just as good as the ones who are attending private schools and charter schools and using K-12 scholarship.” At the very least, they deserve a choice — and a chance.

A Plan to Reopen America


Apr 13, 2020

Good morning. To those who celebrated Passover and Easter in the last few days, I hope your celebrations were blessed and peaceful. So many people are eager to get back to work. At Heritage, we launched the National Coronavirus Recovery Commission, which released a five-phase plan for reopening America. You can read more about the plan below. Americans across the country are wondering if the measures we are taking to fight coronavirus are not worth the economic costs. Heritage President Kay C. James explains that this isn’t the right way to look at the matter: saving lives and livelihoods must be a two-fold goal. Read her latest op-ed. Meanwhile, the Left is attempting to use this opportunity to change the voting process to their advantage. Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky explains why we must be vigilant to protect election integrity. Here in D.C., Heritage headquarters is still closed, but social distancing isn’t stopping us from hosting great events that you can “attend” online! Check out our list of upcoming webinars to find an event that interests you. Lastly, don’t forget that you can find a full collection of Heritage’s research on the coronavirus here:

sunrise flag (1).jpg

National Coronavirus Recovery Commission Announces Plan to Reopen America

The National Coronavirus Recovery Commission held its first meeting Thursday, bringing together 17 experts whose mission is “save lives and livelihoods.” At the conclusion of Thursday’s meeting, the commission announced a five-phase plan for when and how to begin to get Americans’ lives “back to normal” again. Commission Chairwoman Kay C. James, president of The Heritage Foundation, said we must prioritize getting people back to work, but only as soon as it is safe enough to do so. “Americans want to ensure their families are kept safe and healthy,” James said. “The commission agrees that it is critically important to build the American people’s confidence that we can safely return to some semblance of normal soon. The way to build that confidence is to adopt a phased approach that mitigates the spread of the coronavirus, vastly improves testing, expands our capabilities to quickly find treatments and possibly a cure, and ensures we are better prepared to confront future pandemics.” Read more to find out the details of the commission’s five-phase plan and stay up to date by visiting