First Prayer in Congress, September 1774, “Establishment Clause must be interpreted by reference to historical practices & understandings”-Supreme Court, Galloway


The so-called impenetrable wall separating Church and State exists NO-WHERE in our country’s official founding documents. If fact the opposite is true, the men who wrote the Declaration and Constitution came from various denominations but all held basic similar Judeo-Christian beliefs. It is only in the past 40 or so years that our government has systematically attempted to wipe away these truths.

This should be a scary proposition for both the left (liberals) and right (conservatives) in our nation. These principles are the cornerstones that laid the foundation for the founding documents and if they are allowed to be systematically chipped or hammered away at the Republic upon which it was built will eventually fall.

“It was enough to melt a heart of stone,” remarked John Adams after the First Prayer in Congress.



U.S. CONSTITUTION–a Miracle Plan to prevent a Tyrant from Ruling by Mandates & Executive Orders and Weaponizing Law Enforcement Against Political Opponents! 

“‘Wall of Separation,’ a phrase nowhere to be found in the Constitution”-Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart 

Realism, Religion, and the Republic

Why the American Founding Matters for American Conservatism



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