Prayer in School…

Do you think society is better off since banning prayer from classrooms 60 years ago? Dennis responds to objections to a PragerU social media post on optional, non-denominational prayer in schools. Hear why Dennis believes this was one of the worst rulings in America’s judicial history. Watch Now

Science and God

Please scroll to the bottom for a free book giveaway Dr. Meyer was recently featured in PragerU’s 5-part series on science and God. Meyer is a Cambridge-trained philosopher of science and New York Times bestselling author of Return of the God Hypothesis. As a leading proponent of intelligent design, he argues that there are specific features … More Science and God

The Book of Exodus

The First Five Books of the Bible are known as the Pentateuch via ecclesiastical Latin from ecclesiastical Greek pentateukhos, from penta- ‘five’ + teukhos ‘implement, book’. Or simply as the Law. Many avoid reading them and including most modern preachers from the pulpit. Yet like all things that need to be built upon a SOILD … More The Book of Exodus

How We Fix America

. Are we just going to give up on the greatest country in the history of the world? Or are we going to fight for freedom and a thriving future? For Dave Rubin, the author of Don’t Burn This Country, the answer is obvious. And, even better, he has a battle plan. Watch Now

Dennis Prager – Just as I Predicted…

“The lockdowns are the greatest mistake in human history.” Dennis was mocked and dismissed for making this statement nearly two years ago. Now “the experts” are coming out of the shadows to report on the damage (mental health, suicide, eating disorders) the lockdowns have had—especially on younger generations. Dennis reads from an article confirming what … More Dennis Prager – Just as I Predicted…

Can We Rely on Wind and Solar?

How Much Energy Will the World Need? Are we heading toward an all-renewable energy future, spearheaded by wind and solar? Or are those energy sources wholly inadequate for the task? Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Cloud Revolution, compares the energy dream to the energy reality. Watch Now

From Bachelorette Contestant to Target of the Woke Mob

Garrett Powell was raised with strong traditional values in Birmingham, Alabama. Appearing on the dating show The Bachelorette, Garrett made national headlines when his common sense, conservative beliefs were deemed “problematic.” This backlash ultimately strengthened his beliefs and he encourages others to stand up for what they believe in… Watch Now