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Stand 4 Life

Church Holds Worship Services Outside Its Abortion Center and Planned Parenthood is Not Happy

Planned Parenthood Fires Top Exec Over Allegations Of Racism

OB-GYN Supports Requiring Hospital-Admitting Privileges for Abortionists

Trump signs executive order expanding HHS efforts to help foster children

COVID-19 will lead to a ‘baby bust.’ Here’s why you should care about a falling birthrate

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 Chris Cuomo Defends His Brother, Blames Nursing Homes for Killing Thousands of Patients

 Black Pastor: Abortion is Racism, Black Babies are Being “Lynched in the Womb”

 President Trump Has Kept His Pro-Life Commitments on Abortion and Judges 

 Hillary Clinton Will Hold Virtual Rally for Pro-Abortion Joe Biden

 Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Encourages Snitching on Churchgoers Over Coronavirus

 Pro-Lifers Charged With Praying at Abortion Clinic, Charges Against Black Lives Matter Protesters Dropped

 His Mother Tried Four Times to Kill Him in an Abortion, But He Survived

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