Hey Joe Biden, If Life Doesn’t Begin at Conception When Does it Begin?

Biden is if nothing else a consummate politician, one whose views change with the wind (or perceived popular views of his constituents.) Unfortunately, it makes him look a fool, Proverbs 12:15.

Stand 4 Life

“Life begins at conception, that’s the Church’s judgment. I accept it in my personal life.” That is what Vice President Joe Biden said in 2012, echoing what he said in 2008. “I respect those who believe life begins at the moment of conception. I don’t agree, but I respect that.” That is what President Biden […]

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Texas governor signs new GOP voting integrity protections into law

TYLER, Texas — Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed an elections overhaul into law Tuesday that provides voter integrity protections in the booming state, after Democrats spent months claiming the new measures would weaken minority turnout…

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Opinion: America is leaving thousands of people behind in Afghanistan. This is a moral disaster.

Washington Post's new "Democracy Dies in Darkness" slogan: a trademark case  study | Erik M Pelton & Associates, PLLC

Enormous as it is, the number of people evacuated by air from Kabul since the end of July — about 122,000 — is not large enough. Thankfully, many thousands of American citizens, third-country nationals and Afghans who worked directly for U.S. and allied military forces or embassies made it out. But many thousands of people did not, including former U.S. interpreters and their families, and Afghans classified by President Biden and his administration as “vulnerable…

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Fact-Checking 9 Major Biden Claims About Retreat From Afghanistan

Exclusive: In secret texts, U.S. military officials lamented leaving Americans behind in Kabul

Pentagon admits that Americans are ‘stranded’ in Afghanistan after U.S. withdrawal

Nearly 90 retired generals and admirals call on Gen. Milley and Gen. Austin to resign over Afghanistan disaster

Blaze Media

A group of nearly 90 retired generals and admirals called for the resignations of the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff over the disaster of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan…

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Call Afghanistan What It Is… Also Pray for Afghanistan

As many as 80,000 desperate people still need to be evacuated from behind enemy lines—thousands of U.S. citizens and tens of thousands of Afghans who risked their lives for years to help U.S. troops.

Call Afghanistan What It Is: The Worst Hostage Crisis in American History

On Nov. 4, 1979, militants seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking more than 60 American hostages. It was hell for the captured Americans, and Jimmy Carter’s inability to extricate them helped doom him to a one-term presidency.

The way things are shaping up in Kabul, that national humiliation is being recreated on a far, far bigger scale—it is no hyperbole to say that it is starting to look like America’s worst hostage crisis…

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Praying for Afghanistan – Family Research Council


Today, as we write this, our hearts are heavy. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is producing untold human tragedies. Desperate scenes at the Kabul airport — and the violence erupting across Afghanistan that Western media does not see — portray an international tragedy of immense proportion.

And for some 10,000 to 12,000 Afghan Christians, whose numbers have grown as they’ve worshipped in small, underground groups, this is a life-and-death emergency. They are being specifically and openly targeted by the Taliban.

These troubling events are a call to prayer. Family Research Council has been tracking the situation in Afghanistan, and we ask you to join us as we intercede for our endangered sisters and brothers there. For more on what’s happening and how you can pray, please see the following resources:

The sobering religious freedom lesson of Afghanistan by Tony Perkins and Travis Weber

Afghan Christians Are Facing a Taliban Reign of Terror by Lela Gilbert

Explainer: What the Taliban Takeover Means for Afghan Believers by Arielle Del Turco and Tyler Watt

“They Need a Miracle”: Pray for the People of Afghanistan by Arielle Del Turco

5 Ways to Pray for the People of Afghanistan by Arielle Del Turco

General Jerry Boykin Discusses the Fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban

How Will Biden Handle His Next 3 Afghan Crises?

There is every expectation that Afghanistan will again become a sanctuary for terrorists. After all, the Taliban controls more territory, more weapons, and more money than it did on 9/11…

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Biden’s Afghanistan Exit Ignores Lessons From Iraq

What a Retired General Who Served 10 Tours in Afghanistan Has to Say

No Standard, No Problem

Once upon a time… no I am not going to quote a fairytale but that is all my great grandkids will be left with the fairytale myth of the Gold Standard for freedom and truth, and knowledge; America once stood for if things do not change soon. – Mike

American Thinker

Equity is equality of outcome among racial and ethnic groups. Recently, the pursuit of equity in education, criminal justice, and in the professions has resulted in an impressive string of victories. In education, equity warriors have been frustra…

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10 reflections on the Afghan disaster

By Michael Brown, CP Op-Ed Contributor| Tuesday, August 17,

The story of almost 20 years of American involvement in Afghanistan has ended in unmitigated disaster. In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a worst-case scenario than the present one. But for now, here are 10 immediate reflections…

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Seeking Understanding in a Confusing World

The World” would have us believe that truth is relative and the proper understanding of truth certainly has no place in society. This article demonstrates just how far we as a nation have fallen.

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Why We Can Know Things and Why that Matters

We live in a confused and confusing age. Things once considered obviously true are now rejected. Things once considered unthinkable are now thought to be unquestionable. How should a Christian think?

In the state of Oregon, high school graduates will now no longer have to demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, or arithmetic. The logic behind the suspension of the state standards, according to the governor, has to do with equity…

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Why States Should Tune Out Washington’s COVID-19 Noise


The federal government continues to offer garbled COVID-19 messages that undermine its credibility and sow confusion about the pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now thinks there are more infections among the vaccinated than it did previously (35,000 weekly with symptomatic infections) and suggests that vaccinated people are helping spread what President Joe Biden calls a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”…

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