Devotional -Plus Interesting Reads – 04/19/2023


Read Chapter CONTEXT from Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary.


Worldliness and the Christian Ministry

How To Be Conformed to the World

Conformity To The World

Divine and Worldly Conformity

Faith in the Work: Supreme Court to debate employer accommodations for Workers’ religion

Supreme Court Could Issue Ruling on Texas Chemical Abortion Pill Case on Wednesday, April 19

Life Legal Defense Foundation Secures Victory in Qui Tam Action Against Chemical Abortion Purveyor Danco

Pro-Life Center Attacked, Blasphemous Message Left Behind

Banning Abortion Works

empty tomb®, inc.’s Mission Match® Continues a Tradition of Calling the Church in the U.S. to Accountability

War on Virtue

CHICAGO DOPES! Illinois Dems Say Teen Riots Are a ‘Protest Against Segregation!’

Arkansas Enacts Given Name Act. Here’s What Parents of Schoolchildren There—and Elsewhere—Need to Know.

Faith Communities Unite in Prayer for Abused Children

Florida Governor Signs Heartbeat Bill, Expands Help for Pregnant Mothers

Indiana Public School Officials Admit Lying to Parents About Critical Race Theory

The Stuff of Parents’ Nightmares: Washington State Bill Hides Runaway Kids From Transgender-‘Unsupportive’ Parents

Homeland Security Is Still Engaging in Censorship

44% say America would be ‘worse with out the Bible, but usage has fallen: Survey

Forefathers sacrificed their PROSPERITY for their POSTERITY –the “UNBORN MILLIONS” – American Minute with Bill Federer

Hawaii Great Awakening & Missionaries to the the Marquesas Islands: End of Pele Volcano Worship, Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, & Leprosy – American Minute with Bill Federer

Lexington & Concord, and the Right to Keep & Bear Arms “To Disarm the People is the Best Way to Enslave Them”-George Mason – American Minute with Bill Federer

EXCLUSIVE: 2 FBI Agents Who Knelt at BLM Rally Gained Promotions

Fossil Fuels: The Big Picture

Biden’s EV Quotas Will Take Away Our Freedom and Enrich China 

The False Promise of Drug Legalization Exposed

ObamaCare being rewritten to add illegal aliens

UN Report Calls for Legalizing Sex Between Adults and Children

Important Questions from Evangelicals for ‘LGBT Community’ Leaders

U.S., allies conduct more drills in face of North Korean threat; strikes targets Islamic State senior leader in Syria.


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