Interesting Reads (plus)- 03/31/2023

Flag at half-staff – Per presidential proclamation, flags are to be flown at half-staff until (today) Friday, March 31, in memory of the victims of the shooting in Nashville, Tenn – When published, White House proclamations may be found at

Covenant School Victim Hailed as Hero for What She Did After First Shot

Pro-lifers “simplistic” defense of unborn babies

Federal Judge Strikes Down Law Criminalizing Pro-life Speech

Violent Antifa Mob Assaults Pro-Life Advocates, Shuts Down Pro-Life Leader’s Speech

Terri Schiavo Case Was a Culture-of-Death Tipping Point

Florida Senate Committee Passes Bill Banning Abortions on Unborn Babies With Beating Hearts

Ignoring Federal Court Rulings, Rep. Cori Bush and Allies Dust Off the Long-Expired “Equal Rights Amendment” as a Political Prop

Pro-abortionists continue their attempts to destroy Pregnancy Help Centers

Police Arrest Man for Firebombing Pro-Life Group’s Office

New Hampshire House Votes to Allow Abortions Up Until Moment of Birth — With Major Assist from Republicans

Idaho Attorney General Issues Legal Analysis Affirming the Prohibition of Chemical Abortion Pills in the State of Idaho

Download the Prayer Force Alert – Global Christian Relief

The Indictment of Donald Trump: The Players and a Timeline

Trump Indictment Brings Us Closer to Becoming a Banana Republic

McCarthy: House Will Hold Bragg Accountable for ‘Abuse of Power’

Democracy in America on life support as President Trump is indicted

Indicting Trump means indicting the Constitution

They’re coming after you, and Trump is just standing in the way

Jonathan Edwards, Revivals, the Founding of Universities & the Battle for Minds of Children

Coolidge warned of Deep-State “Bureaucracy … overwhelms democracy … having authority over everybody and being responsible to nobody” 

A Short History of Slavery

Undistracted by Christian-Consumerism

The Knowledge of God, the Fear of the Lord 

Pastor Issues Powerful Statement After Daughter Murdered in Christian School Shooting

Why Christian Colleges Are Closing, and What We Can Do

University Reimburses Students After Woke Professor Goes Too Far

Parents are fed up with public schools secretly transitioning children

Parents Over Politics or Politics Over Parents?

Jane’s Revenge Vandals Slapped With Lawsuits in Florida, Launching a Trend That May Spread Across the Country

“Signals of Transcendence” in a World of Practical Atheism

Kentucky Governor Vetoes Bill to Protect Children — Legislature May Overturn

DOJ Won’t Say If It Will Investigate Trans Shooter’s Attack On Christian School As Hate Crime, But We Can Guess The Answer

In England, Police Again Arrest Woman for Silent Prayer-What Insanity!

Breakdown of the Family in America

Leftist Rioters Storm Tennessee Capitol

Christopher Wray and the Politicization of the FBI

Defense Department ‘Drastically Shifted Off Course,’ Rep. Mike Waltz Says as Military Readiness Panel Reports

Senator Halts Pentagon Nominees Over Department’s Anti-Life Policies

Biden Earns an ‘F’ on Energy Policies, Lawmaker Says as House OKs GOP Bill to Lower Costs

VICIOUS JOE: Biden Jokes, Laughs When Asked if Christians Were Targeted in Nashville Massacre

Foreign News Says Biden Nearly Senile After Seeing What He Did

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