Pro-Life Updates (Various Sources)

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Once again this year FSM will be partnering with Mission M25 to support Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services and the fight against Abortion. Naida and I were honored to lead the March for Life in Dallas (along with other M25 Motorcyclists) this year. Now it is time for all of us to once again step up and help mothers and their unborn children have a future.

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Stand 4 Life

Micropreemie twins overcome the obstacles: ‘Miracles still happen’

‘Let Me Be Clear’: Nurse Says Trump’s Coronavirus Leadership Saved ‘Thousands Of Lives’

UN Special Rapporteur says opposition to abortion is a ‘religious belief.’ There’s a problem with that.

The New York Times, Also Factually Deficient on Abortion | National Review

President Trump Has Made Pro-Life Values a Cornerstone of His Administration

Video: Planned Parenthood Staff Admit To Performing Illegal Abortions

Police Arrest Man For Pulling Gun On Pro-Life Activists Outside Planned Parenthood

‘I Wish I Had A Mom’: Teen In Foster Care Demonstrates Incredible Hope And Resilience

Catholic priest prays for God to ‘open our hearts’ to unborn children in DNC closing prayer

GOP Congressmen Write to DOJ over Arrest of Pro-Life Demonstrators | National Review

Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy: If you believe the Bible, you cannot support abortion

Three Reasons the Democratic Convention Downplayed Abortion | National Review

Judge allows online and pharmacy dispensing of abortion pill during COVID-19

A Biden Administration Would Erase Progress on Pro-Life Policies | National Review

Schumer Might Scrap Filibuster to Advance Biden’s Abortion Agenda: “We’ll Do Whatever It Takes”

College Professor Threatens to Dismiss From Pro-Life Students From Her Class

DC Police Reveal Why They Arrested Teens Writing Pro-Life Messages In Chalk

New Pro-Life Map Shows Which States Force Residents to Fund Abortion, Planned Parenthood

The Supreme Court’s Abortion-Affirming Decisions Aren’t ‘Settled’

Abortion Pills Are So Dangerous To Women, The FDA Should Ban Them

Democrat Party Approves Platform Supporting Abortions Up to Birth at Taxpayer Expense

Chris Cuomo Makes Fun of Christians: You Stupidly Think We Want to “Kill All the Babies”

Planned Parenthood Withdraws Lawsuit against Indiana Ultrasound Law | National Review

SIGN THE National Petition to Defund Planned Parenthood


Pro-Life News Report


Top Stories
 Kamala Harris: “We Must Keep Fighting to Defend” Killing Babies in Abortions Up to Birth
 Republicans Officially Nominate Pro-Life President Donald Trump for Re-Election
 New Biden Ad Calls for “Healing America.” You Can’t Heal America by Killing Babies
 Planned Parenthood Leaders Admit Under Oath to Killing Babies in Illegal Partial-Birth Abortions

 CNN: Republicans are Racists. Tim Scott, Nikki Haley Just Tokens for Racist White People
 Cardinal Dolan Opens GOP Convention Boldly Proclaiming: “In God We Trust”
 Liberals Trash Herschel Walker With Racial Slurs After Football Star Endorses President Trump
 Joe Biden Will Force Christians to Fund Killing 60,000 Babies Every Year in Abortions

More Pro-Life News
 You Can’t Call Joe Biden a “Devout Catholic” When He Supports Abortions Up to Birth
 Kamala Harris: It’s a “Distraction” to Point Out My Previous Attacks on Joe Biden
 ABC Trashes Pro-Life Teen Nicholas Sandmann Before He Speaks at Republican Convention
 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the Most Anti-Catholic Ticket in History

 Kamala Harris Tried to Put Pro-Lifer in Jail Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts
 Nurse Says President Trump’s Leadership on Coronavirus Saved “Thousands Of Lives”
 GOP Convention Gets Five Times More Views on First Night Than Democrat Convention
 President Trump Has Made Pro-Life Values a Cornerstone of His Administration

Read these news stories and more,

Unless you are heartless, Abby Johnson’s speech last night at the RNC was one that should convince all but the die-hard abortion advocates (those blinded by greed and evil lies) that this is ethically and morally wrong. 

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