Devotional -Plus Interesting Reads – 04/08/2023

1 JOHN 1

Chapter CONTEXT and Commentary: MHCC

My Master’s Thesis, CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP AS A REQUIREMENT FOR FULLNESS JOY, is based on 1 John 1:1-4 (you can look at it under the SERMON/TEACHINGS and APOLOGIST TAB). Here John carries the theme further declaring that fellowship, which is the requirement for joy, is only found in those who walk in the light of Christ.

v.7 Commentary John Calvin

Idaho Governor Signs Bill to Stop Trafficking Teens to Other States for Secret Abortions

Lessons for the Pro-Life Movement After Liberal Judge Wins Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Gretchen Whitmer repeals Michigan abortion ban from 1931

Pro-life fights in 3 states: failed petition drive, unwanted abortion clinic, and born-alive bill

Persecution of Virginia Baptists influenced James Madison to Defend Liberty of Conscience – American Minute with Bill Federer

This Is What Happens in Dictatorships

Listen to the episode, “Getting Back to Our Foundational Faith”

Why Public Schools Should Want School Choice

The School Choice Fraud Accountability Myth

“How Texas A&M Went Woke”

Colleges and Universities Are Threatening First Amendment Freedoms

FDA’s Reckless Actions Enable Sex Trafficking

FBI issues warning about emerging danger that targets teens on social media

Supreme Court Tells Maine to Stop Discriminating Against Religious Schools. Maine Does It Anyway.

Not Just Nashville: Attacks Against Churches Nearly Tripled in 2023, Report

Proclaiming Human Dignity with Infectious Joy: Heart by Max

We Need an Educational Revolution in America

Can You Deny the Resurrection and Believe Jesus is Alive? 

Infographic Visually Displays Christ Resurrection Testimonies

Questions about Easter

To Bring New Meaning to Easter, Consider Learning This Hebrew Word

Good Friday Service to be Held at the U.S. Capitol for the First Time in Two Years, After Government Lifts Ban on Peaceful First Amendment Activities

MSNBC Makes Blasphemous Mockery of Good Friday

Brahms’ Requiem

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Church Attendance Habits

Christians Fired and Under Fire: Hope on Trial

A Pastoral Response to Gender Confusion: Caring for Those Caught in the LGBTQ Religion

Female pastor who identifies as ‘trans’ compares Nashville shooter to Jesus

How Johnny Hart Taught Millions About Easter in the Sunday Funny Papers

The Religion of the Left: Greta Thunberg Awarded Honorary Doctor of Theology

Country Star Axes Bud Light, Puts Another Famous Alcohol Brand on Notice

Censored Christian Counselor Asks SCOTUS to Hear His Case

Here’s FBI Glossary for Flagging ‘Violent Extremism’

New DC Law Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote Is ‘Absolutely Insane,’ Former Immigration Judge Says

‘We Are Stronger When We Are Together,’ Taiwanese President Says About America

China issues sanctions over meeting between US lawmakers, House Speaker and Taiwan’s president

Pro-Transgender Protesters Occupy 4 State Capitols in a Week

White House blames Trump for Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal

Canadian Bill Would Criminalize Protests of Drag Shows, Levy $25,000 Fines

Bragg’s Lawfare Tears Apart A Thousand Years of Anglo-American Jurisprudence

Levin: There’s No Underlying Crime Listed on Trump Indictment Because He Didn’t Do Anything

Destroying the Rule of Law

Video: NC state house Democrat switches to Republican Party

Heritage Report Addresses How America Wins New Cold War With China

Department Of Defense official testifies that the military must be a ‘safe space’ for the non-binary

Anything’s PossibleMake the Connection Video

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