Devotional -Plus Interesting Reads – 04/08/2023

1 JOHN 1 Chapter CONTEXT and Commentary: MHCC My Master’s Thesis, CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP AS A REQUIREMENT FOR FULLNESS JOY, is based on 1 John 1:1-4 (you can look at it under the SERMON/TEACHINGS and APOLOGIST TAB). Here John carries the theme further declaring that fellowship, which is the requirement for joy, is only found in … More Devotional -Plus Interesting Reads – 04/08/2023

The COVID Narrative is Falling Apart

Joe Biden claims this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and wants everyone in the world vaxxed with the “safe and effective” vaccines. In addition, he plans to distribute millions of “effective” N-95 masks… READ MORE: The COVID Narrative is Falling Apart RELATED: COVID and cultism House Oversight Republicans give HHS a Feb. 16 deadline to … More The COVID Narrative is Falling Apart


With the new “omicron” variant that everyone (on the left) is freaky out about we thought it appropriate to weight in with hopefully some factual news so you can make and informed opinion on your own. Omicron and Other Coronavirus Variants: What You Need to Know What you need to know about the coronavirus variants … More VAX AND COVID UPDATE

COVID-19 and the Law: Vaccinations, Masking and Consent

Stand in the Gap Radio Update On Feb. 5, 2021,  Stand in the Gap Today hosts Sam Rohrer and Dr. Gary Dull interviewed Mat Staver, Senior Pastor, Attorney, Founder, and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. They discussed the legality of mask mandates and the COVID vaccine issues.  •Are mandated vaccinations lawful, Constitutional, or moral? •Does signing the vaccination … More COVID-19 and the Law: Vaccinations, Masking and Consent