Is the Trans Agenda Destroying Western Culture? (Plus More)

Exclusive Interview with Matt Walsh

Is Western culture allowing itself to be destroyed in the name of “tolerance”? The objective truths that society has relied on for thousands of years are being questioned into obscurity. The real-world consequences have been devastating. Children are being surgically mutilated under the guise of “gender-affirming care.” PragerU personality Aldo Buttazzoni sits with Matt Walsh, host of “The Matt Walsh Show” and the filmmaker behind the hit documentary “What Is a Woman?” to discuss.

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EXCLUSIVE: Medical Group Pokes Holes in ‘Fatally Flawed’ Study Claiming to Prove Kids Benefit From Transgender Hormones

If atheists care about school board elections, shouldn’t you?

‘Woke’ policies are failing public schools

Anti-religious bigotry’: Nebraska Dem’s bill would ban kids from vacation Bible schools, church youth groups

Teachers do not have the right to choose a child’s gender

Trump Unveils Plan To Protect Children From ‘Left-Wing Gender Insanity’

Mother Whose Four-Year-Old Compelled to Take Part in LGBT Pride Parade to Have Legal Case Heard

Grotesque, Woke Art in Public Spaces Is Next Phase in War on History, Culture

Mother Tells How Daughter Fell Victim to Trafficking After School Hid Her Gender Identity. New Bill Aims to Prevent Such Tragedy.

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