Poll: Majority of Christians shrug off ‘Way, Truth, and Life’

This is what a water down Gospel gets you, the failure to PREACH from the pulpit has ruined the Biblical understanding of these folks. I have said it many times, Jesus was the most dogmatic person ever, His declaration in John 14:6 makes it plain and clear (backed by the whole of scripture). Those who would deny this are not true believers.

A poll of born-again Christian believers found that an overwhelming major believe all roads lead to Heaven, a belief that Christian thinkers consider unbiblical and terribly illogical…

SOURCE: Poll: Majority of Christians shrug off ‘Way, Truth, and Life’

Pentagon nominee can work ‘side by side’ with people she hates

Pentagon nominee can work 'side by side' with people she hates
Military chaplains could have a new boss at the Pentagon if lesbian activist Brenda Fulton, who has a history of making derogatory remarks about religion and Evangelicals, is approved by the U.S. Senate.

The people being nominated by the Biden administration to oversee powerful positions in America’s federal government represent an eye-opening parade of radical leftists. The latest name at the Pentagon is a Christian-hating, Republican-mocking lesbian whose role would put her in charge of evangelical military chaplains…

SOURCE: Pentagon nominee can work ‘side by side’ with people she hates

Christian apologist accused of denying fundamental truths

Anytime someone who claims to be a Christian but denies the fundamental truths of Biblical doctrine, especially beginning with the the most prominent, that is that God’s Holy Word is true, we are left with no choice but to also deny their true Christianity.

For a long time, a noted Christian apologist has publicly staked out a position that challenges the literal claims in the Book of Genesis but another apologist warns that position is a dangerous denial of truth and scripture…

SOURCE: Christian apologist William Lane Craig accused of denying fundamental truths

House Dems vote to legalize abortion up to birth

Democrats proved once again they are the party of thieves (taxes) and murders (abortion) this week.

On a party-line vote, House Democrats passed legislation Friday that, if passed by the Senate, would nullify most state pro-life laws and legalize abortion up to birth nationwide. But the bill’s 218-211 approval is mostly symbolic, as Republican opposition will doom it in the Senate.

SOURCE: House Dems vote to legalize abortion up to birth

Attorneys: If Biden gets his way on vax mandate, look out

Some attorneys are making the case that there will be no limits on executive power if the Biden administration is permitted to get away with forcing workers in the private sector to get COVID shots or be tested regularly.

SOURCE: Attorneys: If Biden gets his way on vax mandate, look out

A rebellious republic — can bankruptcy be far behind?

Many of our fellow Americans – especially the younger ones, say 30 and under – have little concept of how our country became the envy of the world. And it all stems from our Christian roots…

SOURCE: Tim Wildmon: A rebellious republic — can bankruptcy be far behind?

Texas governor signs new GOP voting integrity protections into law

TYLER, Texas — Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed an elections overhaul into law Tuesday that provides voter integrity protections in the booming state, after Democrats spent months claiming the new measures would weaken minority turnout…

SOURCE: TX governor signs new voting integrity protections into law

Christians must get involved; pay attention + Grow a Spine Conviction

A family activist dedicated to electing conservative candidates to Congress is warning Christians that if they continue to refuse to get involved in politics, then they will be partly responsible when the world sinks “into another dark age.”

SOURCE: Christians must get involved, pay attention

Today on The Sword and The TrowelTom Ascol and Jared Longshore welcome Dr. Everett Piper into the studio to discuss the recent inaugural convocation for The Institute of Public Theology and the need for Christians to grow a spine and step courageously into the public square.

‘Fine print’ in 2,700-page bill worthy of conservatives’ scrutiny

Voters are being reminded that the bipartisan infrastructure bill making its way through Congress isn’t what people typically think it is…

SOURCE: ‘Fine print’ in 2,700-page bill worthy of conservatives’ scrutiny