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Once again this year FSM will be partnering with Mission M25 to support Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services and the fight against Abortion. Naida and I were honored to lead the March for Life in Dallas (along with other M25 Motorcyclists) this year. Now it is time for all of us to once again step up and help mothers and their unborn children have a future.

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Stand 4 Life

President Trump Names Pro-Life Leaders to Panel Investigating Aborted Baby Part Sales

ACLU Trying to Force Catholic Hospital to Kill Babies in Abortions

Biden and Taxpayer-Funded Abortion | National Review

‘Best Decision I Ever Made’: Abortion Advocate Commemorates 15-Year-Anniversary Of Her Abortion

Health care saves. Abortion kills. No one should ever equate the two.

DC Police Reveal Why They Arrested Teens Writing Pro-Life Messages In Chalk

Chairwoman Of Planned Parenthood Advocates Of Arizona: ‘Policing’ Is A ‘Reproductive Justice’ Issue

In Pro-Life Tweets, Kanye West Says He’s Concerned The World Doesn’t Cry Over Aborted Babies

Congresswoman Files Bill Making Planned Parenthood Return Coronavirus Relief Funds It Took

Democrat Bill Would Force Americans to Pay for Killing Babies in Abortions in Other Countries

UN Panel Exploits COVID-19 Pandemic to Support Abortion Funding

‘Someone here wants you’: Women rescue and sing to newborn left in a dumpster

Biden’s ‘Agenda for Women’: Funding more abortion with taxpayer dollars

Hundreds of Sick Canadians Euthanized over Loneliness | National Review

WATCH: Student arrested for chalking ‘Black Pre-born Lives Matter’ outside DC Planned Parenthood

Dad tells sidewalk counselor outside Illinois Planned Parenthood: ‘You guys changed our mind’

Pro-abortion Nebraska lawmakers block vote on dismemberment abortion ban

Pro-Life News Report
Monday, August 3, 2020

Top Stories
 Joe Biden May Skip Debates With President Trump to Avoid Scrutiny
 Pastor Slams Government Lockdowns: “I Will Go to Jail Before I Close My Church”
 Study Shows COVID-19 Patients Receiving Hydroxychloroquine See Death Rates Cut in Half
 Police Arrest Pro-Life Students for Writing “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” Outside Planned Parenthood

More Pro-Life News
 MSNBC Interviews Andrew Cuomo for 16 Minutes, Never Asks About Killing Nursing Home Residents
 Trump Admin Tells Congress: “There is No Human Right to Abortion”
 University of Notre Dame Names Pro-Abortion Pete Buttigieg as Faculty Fellow
 President Trump Provides Millions to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Struggling During Coronavirus

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Top Stories
 MSNBC Producer Quits Because It’s Liberal Fake News: “We are a Cancer and There is No Cure”
 President Trump Names Pro-Life Leaders to Panel Investigating Aborted Baby Part Sales
 Joe Biden Launches “Believers for Biden” Events Targeting Christians, But He Supports Abortion
 Oprah Launches Campaign to Register Liberal Voters to Try to Defeat President Trump

More Pro-Life News
 Pence Blasts Andrew Cuomo For Killing Nursing Home Residents: 1 in 5 Americans Died in New York
 Actor Eduardo Verástegui Thanks President Trump: “Thank You for Defending the Unborn”
 Abortionist Who Cuts Unborn Babies’ Cords So They Can’t Scream Now Does Abortions in Alabama
 Alveda King Slams Planned Parenthood: “It’s Been Working to Annihilate Blacks for 100 Years”

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