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July 16, 2020 by directorfsm

Stand 4 Life

The promotion of do-it-yourself abortions proves abortion isn’t ‘health care’

Planned Parenthood Wants to Overturn Utah Late-Term Abortion Ban, OK Killing Babies Up to Birth

Georgia Gov Will Challenge Ruling Overturning Abortion Ban: “We Will Keep Fighting for the Unborn”

Missing the Point on the Little Sisters Case | National Review

Bill to Increase Penalties for Some Assisted Suicides Passes Pennsylvania House | National Review



Next week, the House of Representatives will begin debating 12 different appropriations bills that dictate how your hard-earned tax dollars are spent.

Democrats want to spend your money on efforts promoting abortion, harming women, harming children, and discriminating against religious organizations!

Just this week Democrats have called for the repeal of the bipartisan Hyde Amendment which bans taxpayer funding for abortions:

LOOK FOR Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Testimony at the 3:23:19 Mark

Please urge your Congressman to respond, be bold, and to speak out in defense of life, family, and religious liberty on the House Floor during these debates!

Democrat-led bills being debated next week would block many of the Trump administration’s good policies currently in place:

  • Preventing domestic and international funding of abortion;
  • Ensuring the conscience rights of health care workers;
  • Ensuring that birth mothers in crisis and children in the foster care system have access to faith-based resources to assist them;
  • Ensuring that battered women shelters remain a safe place for women to heal physically and emotionally from their trauma without fearing invasion of their private spaces by men;
  • Ensuring free speech and the ability to pray in school;
  • Ensuring that religious organizations are free of government discrimination because of their beliefs about marriage and human sexuality;
  • Ensuring a biological and scientific definition of sex in health care;
  • Ensuring school choice;
  • And more!

Representatives must be bold and vocal during the debate on the House Floor and defend our values! Many issues compete for their attention, and they need us to remind them that we put them in Washington to defend life, family, and religious freedom! Please join us in making sure they stand strong for our values in our nation’s capitol!


Travis Weber
Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs
Family Research Council


Pro-Life News Report 

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