Friday’s Feature Quote – Plus Other Interesting Reads – 04/28/2023

Many sincere Christians deem that they make no
progress in the divine life, because they do not
attain all that they desire.

( Octavius Winslow , “Help Heavenward”)

In our quote above, Octavius Winslow is pointing out one of two “issues” folks have with desires in this life. The one we have written about many times is the perverted idea that God grants any and all desires of a “believer’s” heart. Folks will usually use the scriptures listed below to justify those claims. However, as the author of the article Scripture about Desire KJV (see below) points out it is ALWAYS about God and NEVER About us.

10 Bible Verses about Desire

Scripture about Desire KJV

Winslow rightly continues to point out that the slightest gain is HUGE compared to our former state.

But one real view of Jesus,
one corruption subdued,
one temptation vanquished,
one worldly fetter broken,
one sunbeam of holy joy shining upon the soul—
is a victory achieved, a spiritual blessing possessed,
more momentous that the taking of a city, and
more enriching that the conquest of a world.

It may be through deep trial, in the face of
powerful opposition and beset by great weakness
—that the advanced step has been made.
Nevertheless, it has brought the heart nearer
to God, has transcribed some lineament of
Jesus on the soul, and is so much actual gain
in the believer’s progress towards, and in his
fitness for heaven.


Americana, Christian Life, Pro-Life, Informed Citizenship, Informed Patriotism, Military/Veterans, You Can’t Make This Up, and more.

We hope you become informed readers and citizens based both Biblically and upon the desires of our founding fathers: Acts 17:10-12, 2 Tim 2:14-16, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Paine.

Dr. Ben Carson Shreds Blue States for ‘Dumbing Down’ Nations’ Schools: Children Are Not Being Educated

 Christian Family to Appeal Judgment over Forced Participation of Four-Year-Old at School Pride Parade

School Allows Reading of LGBT Book to Second Graders Despite State Law Requiring Parental Consent

The Nuclear Family is Key to Democracy

Nashville Christian School holds fast to its convictions and successfully repels an LGBTQ operative

Louisiana Bill Would Ban K-12 Classroom Discussion of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

EXCLUSIVE: Villanova Students Required to Read Graphic Trans Sex Scene Between Minors

Click on the picture above to listen to the program or read the transcript

Monique Duson: ‘Biblically Faithful and Sane Conversations on Race, Justice and Unity’

Evangelicals List Top Threats, Most Urgent Concerns, in D. James Kennedy Ministries Survey

If You Can Choose Your Gender, Can You Choose Your Race?

Is It Biblical to Seek to Influence Culture?

New Kansas bathroom law reflects biological reality

Atlanta Paid $1.2 Million for Axing Christian Fire Chief

Dr. Ben Carson to Newsmax: Dems Use Race, Etc. ‘To Divide Us’

Tucker Carlson is Right: It’s about Evil

Uncle Sam plans to become Big Brother with your paycheck

Louder voices of condemnation needed to slow America’s moral decline

The Border Reinforcement Act of 2023

House to Vote on Border Security Bill Same Week Title 42 Expires

These Senators Have Committed to Back McCarthy’s Debt Limit Package

4 Takeaways as House Looks to Restore Confidence in Elections

We Need a Definition of the Word ‘Freedom’

The Ruling Class’s Stalinist Purge

Volunteer to ‘Carry the Load’ and Honor Veterans, Service Members During ‘Memorial May’

Vet Centers as a mental health solution

Stronger Together | Supporting MST Survivors

Pentagon minions call the U.S. ‘a better country’ now that Tucker Carlson is off the air

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

And in fact, a nationwide study showed that 78% of abortion-minded women who see a sonogram of their unborn baby choose life and reject abortion.

Doctor Asks Democrats: “If Abortion is Health Care, What Disease are You Treating?”

OBGYN Debunks the Lie That the Abortion Pill is Safer Than Tylenol

Hearing on Abortion After Dobbs Shows Democrats’ Extremism

Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor Protecting Infants Born Alive

Nebraska Republican Kills Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts

This South Carolina Republican Just Blocked the Bill to Protect Babies From Abortions

Gov. Tim Walz Signs Bill Making Minnesota a Sanctuary for Killing Babies in Abortions

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