Kamala Harris’s totalitarian take on the Declaration of Independence

We have noted here many times the lack of fundamental understanding of our nation’s founding documents especially the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. One can expect that from the public school system with its left-leaning agenda, however, it should not be something that ever proceeds from the mouth of one of the highest elected officials in the land.

Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence is one of the towering documents in humankind’s development. Many of us, however, are so used to it as the backdrop of America’s creation that we forget to look at the meaning behind the words…

Source: Kamala Harris’s totalitarian take on the Declaration of Independence


American History Crisis: Most High Schoolers Flunked US Citizenship Test. They’re Now Adults.

DeSantis Exposes Marxist Slant of African American History Course, Demands Rewrite

I fear we are leaving my great-grandchildren and their generation a nation of ruin. Now maybe more than at any time in our nation’s history, we need to humble ourselves before the sovereign God of the universe and PRAY. Pray for America to return to its Judeo-Christian principles upon which we were founded.

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