The First Amendment and American Greatness

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The First Amendment, that sacred door to the Bill of Rights and Constitution, is the true source of America’s greatness and genius. The First Amendment contains the seeds that inspire humans to greatness: religion, intellect, and liberty. Our n…

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What are the 27 Things that the Taliban of Afghanistan Really Want?

Contained in this article is a link (about 1/2 way down to A Comparison Table of Shari’ah Law and English Law. A must read for the truth of what the Taliban and all faithful Islamic groups truly want.

It is possible to waste many hours, if not days, reading the world press and listening to pundits go on and on about what it is precisely that the Taliban wants. You will not find the answer listening to those fast-talking, talk show hosts on eit…

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When military leadership loses the respect of the troops….

We are in a serious crisis, one that the corporate media are loath to even hint at.  The reason is obvious: responsibility lies in the hands of President Biden and his leadership team.  Professor Glenn Reynolds, aka, the Instapundit, is una…

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Pro-abortion churches? ‘Reproductive freedom congregations’ attack new Texas law protecting the unborn

They can call themselves ‘Pro-abortion churches‘ or ‘Reproductive freedom congregations’, whatever the case they are completely unbiblical and do not represent the God of the Bible. God hates those who take life [and those sin by advocating for it] and all but the most determined fool/liar agree there is life in the womb.

A growing number of pro-abortion churches in Texas are lining up to fight a new state law that prohibits abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which typically occurs at around six weeks’ gestation. The churches are known as…

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American Education Is Rotten from Top to Bottom

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In the fifteen years since Jill Biden became a “doctor,”… the average school of education has gone from being merely a bad joke to becoming scarily woke…

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Liberalism in the Rearview Mirror

On September 10th, 2001 I was 33 years old. My husband was an NYPD officer and we lived in a co-op that we could not have bought without help from our parents. We were $50,000 in debt from credit cards and I was working as a graphic artist and occasi…

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The Ten Commandments of Critical Race Theory

The values of Cultural Marxists, when you read through their contradictory, dense and boring books and articles are essentially a crude inversion of the pillars of the Judeo Christian tradition…

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Taking back the language around Critical Race Theory

Don’t think of an elephant. You are probably thinking of one right now. But what if you were told “don’t think of an elephant” and you didn’t think of an elephant because the word elephant had been defined out of e…

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Are we helplessly witnessing America’s destruction?

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“In government, the secret is Integrity. Use it, and you’ll be like the polestar: always dwelling in its proper place, and other stars turning reverently about it. “If you use government to show them the Way and punishment to kee…

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No Standard, No Problem

Once upon a time… no I am not going to quote a fairytale but that is all my great grandkids will be left with the fairytale myth of the Gold Standard for freedom and truth, and knowledge; America once stood for if things do not change soon. – Mike

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Equity is equality of outcome among racial and ethnic groups. Recently, the pursuit of equity in education, criminal justice, and in the professions has resulted in an impressive string of victories. In education, equity warriors have been frustra…

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