Isn’t It Time to Stop Blaming God for Tragedies?

I personally have had numerous folks over the many years of working in disaster relief (usually for a Christian Group) ask where is your God in all this. These folks are devastated not thinking straight and looking for someone, anyone to blame. When no one person appears the mind easily wanders to the highest power they can think of God.

While I actually haven’t personally heard anyone blame God when they lost a close one in a tragedy, it’s a timeworn message in fiction novels. The protagonist wails against God when tragedy occurs or sometimes we read the words of an atheist shouting, “Where was God when the tsunami (earthquake, cyclone, hurricane, mass shooting, etc.) killed thousands? If there was a God, wouldn’t He have stopped this?”

Continued @ Source: Isn’t It Time to Stop Blaming God for Tragedies?

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