Devotional Thought for Today – 01/24/2023

We continue our “Series in “Genesis



Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: Both the world and the church were now again reduced to a family, the family of Noah, of the affairs of which this chapter gives us an account, of which we are the more concerned to take cognizance because from this family we are all descendants. Here is, I. The covenant of providence settled with Noah and his sons (v. 1-11). In this covenant, 1. God promises them to take care of their lives, so that, (1.) They should replenish the earth (v. 1, 7). (2.) They should be safe from the insults of the brute-creatures, which should stand in awe of them (v. 2). (3.) They should be allowed to eat flesh for the support of their lives; only they must not eat blood (v. 3, 4). (4.) The world should never be drowned again (v. 8-11). 2. God requires of them to take care of one another’s lives, and of their own (v. 5, 6). II. The seal of that covenant, namely, the rainbow (v. 12-17). III. A particular passage of story concerning Noah and his sons, which occasioned some prophecies that related to after-times, 1. Noah’s sin and shame (v. 20, 21). 2. Ham’s impudence and impiety (v. 22). 3. The pious modesty of Shem and Japheth (v. 23). 4. The curse of Canaan, and the blessing of Shem and Japheth (v. 21-27). IV. The age and death of Noah (v. 28, 29).

Genesis chapter 9 Simplified Outline
Ge 9:1-3.God blesses Noah and his sons and grants them flesh for food.
Ge 9:4-7.Blood and murder are forbidden.
Ge 9:8-17.God’s covenant, of which the rainbow constituted a pledge.
Ge 9:18-19.Noah’s family replenishes the world.
Ge 9:20.Noah plants a vineyard.
Ge 9:21-24.Is drunken, and mocked by his son.
Ge 9:25.Curses Canaan.
Ge 9:26.Blesses Shem.
Ge 9:27-29.Prays for Japheth, and dies.


Chapter nine can be divided for study sake into three parts. Verses 1-7 are a recap telling of God’s blessing of Noah and his family after the great flood. Note here the command in v.7 is the same command given to Adam in Gen 1:28. God’s plan from the beginning is and was to have the earth filled with His people.

The next theme or subject outlined in God’s Holy Word is likely the most famous of His covenants, or maybe better put most widely seen. Of course, I am referring to the Noahic Covenant found in v.8-17. One can not over-emphasize the significance of this pledge that God makes to Noah and all mankind. When we look at history since the time of Noah and the pure evil mankind has committed we should have been wiped out many times. Yet God, Jehovah, is a promise keeper. It must be noted that God in keeping this promise, sheds His divine mercy not only upon His elect, but upon those who would deny Him as LORD.

Finally, in v.18-29, we get a glimpse of Noah’s family tree. If we read this carefully it is almost like a modern-day soap opera with drunkenness and infighting. That is what I love about God’s word, it never pulls punches, and we get to read the Good, the bad, and the real UGLY!


Prayer: Genesis 9: 13

God of constancy
We give thanks for your covenant with us
shown forth in the rainbow of hope.
Give us space to reflect
time to learn
and confidence to work
for a juster, fairer time
when the whole world can unite
within your love.
Now and forever

— from the Monthly Prayers page of the Christian Aid website.

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