Latest DOJ Pro-Life Target Update (++MORE)


Targeting of Peaceful Pro-Life Advocate is a Politically-Motivated Abuse of Federal Law

Congressman Chip Roy Slams FBI Raid on Pro-Life Advocate: “This is a Brazen Abuse of Power”

Mark Houck’s Family Raises $250,000 for Legal Defense Against Joe Biden’s Persecution

Mark Houck Pleads Not Guilty to Bogus Charges From Biden Administration

GOP Sen. Demands AG Garland Answer 3 Questions After ‘Shocking’ Raid on Pro-Life Home 

Sen. Hawley Demands Answers From Garland Over Extraordinary Force Used by FBI to Arrest Pro-Life Activist 

No arrest made yet after pro-life volunteer shot

Article 22 Would Make Vermont a Home for Abortions Up to Birth

Biden’s Position On Abortion Is So Extreme, The White House Won’t Even Say It Out Loud

Facebook, Instagram Censor Truth That Margaret Sanger Was a Eugenicist

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