Anti-Federalist warning “… base betrayer of the rights of his country …

American Minute with Bill Federer

Anti-Federalist warning “… the base betrayer of the rights of his country … though he may artfully have obtained an election”-James Warren

Did Anti-Federalists predict the likes of:

  • Castro,
  • Kim Jong-un,
  • King Abdullah,
  • Mugabe,
  • Omar al-Bashir,
  • Idi Amin,
  • Pol Pot,
  • Ho Chi Minh,
  • Stalin, and
  • Mao Zedong?

In spite of these leaders using democratic sounding titles, such as Chairman, Premier, General Secretary, Chancellor, Prime Minister, The Dear Leader, or El Presidente, they were authoritarian.

Anti-Federalists foresaw the danger of power concentrating in a deep state…


Small Town Declares Itself a ‘Constitutional Republic,’ Won’t Follow Blue State’s Tyrannical Mandates

The town of Oroville, California, has declared itself a “constitutional republic” following over a year of restrictive coronavirus lockdowns and mandates in the state.

The bold move comes after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order that will extend parts of his March 4, 2020, emergency proclamation powers until March 31, 2022.

According to the East Bay Times, Oroville responded to the extension by declaring that it will not enforce “any executive orders issued by the state of California or by the United States federal government that are overreaching or clearly violate our constitutionally protected rights.” […]

Source: Small Town Declares Itself a ‘Constitutional Republic,’ Won’t Follow Blue State’s Tyrannical Mandates


America is a Constitutional Republic NOT a democracy. Here is an excerpt1 that explains the difference:

The USA has been a Constitutional Republic since 1789: “A continual republic is a state in which the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people and must govern within an existing constitution. In a constitutional republic, executive, legislative, and judicial powers are separate into distinct branches.”

There is a difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy. A “democracy is run by people and republic is run by the laws of constitution.”


OSHA Announces Vaccine Mandate 

OSHA Announces Vaccine Mandate Affecting 84 Million Workers; First Legal Challenge Filed

OSHA Announces Vaccine Mandate Affecting 84 Million Workers; First Legal Challenge Filed

OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate Overkill 

American Family Association files challenge to Biden’s ‘grotesque abuse of power’

Tailoring Suits to Stop Biden

11 States File Lawsuit Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

And if the hadn’t lied to us enough:

Labor Secretary Insists OSHA COVID-19 Vaccine Rule Is Not a Mandate

OSHA Considering Permanent COVID Vax Rule with 7 Horrifying Requirements for Americans

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a federal rule mandating COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly testing for companies with 100 or more employees while also seeking comments about potential parts of the rule that could force massive government overreach into American lives…

Source: OSHA Considering Permanent COVID Vax Rule with 7 Horrifying Requirements for Americans

Pandemic and Education

Tucker: Armed agents will enforce the left’s ideology

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host discusses the FBI being told to crack down on dissenting parents

Parents respond to DOJ, school boards’ statements: ‘I am what a domestic terrorist looks like?’

School board unanimously ignores parents

School Boards Want FBI Protection from Parents

Why States Should Tune Out Washington’s COVID-19 Noise


The federal government continues to offer garbled COVID-19 messages that undermine its credibility and sow confusion about the pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now thinks there are more infections among the vaccinated than it did previously (35,000 weekly with symptomatic infections) and suggests that vaccinated people are helping spread what President Joe Biden calls a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”…

SOURCE: Why States Should Tune Out Washington’s COVID-19 Noise

Citizen’s Guide: D.C. Statehood Danger

No one should oppose D.C., Guam, or Puerto Rico for that matter from becoming states if they desire through the LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL process.


The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives approved a measure last week that would grant statehood to a renamed Washington, Douglass Commonwealth. This new 51st state would receive one House representative and two U.S. senators. However, this unconstitutional bill would ignore the 23rd Amendment and undermine the very reason our founding fathers established D.C. as an independent federal district free from the influence of any one state. We must protect our constitutional safeguards on federal power. Your voice can make a difference!

Read the Heritage article, D.C. Statehood Requires a Constitutional Amendment, and I’ll Put That on My Yard Sign, and post it on one or more of your social media accounts using the hashtags #DCStatehood and #DC51. If you do not use social media, email the article to 5 of your friends.

Watch Heritage legal expert Zack Smith’s television interview, The Danger of Making D.C. a State. After watching it, share with a like-minded friend.

Write a letter to the editor of a national publication describing your thoughts and perspectives on the proposition of adding D.C. as the 51st state.

Watch Heritage legal expert Zack Smith’s full testimony before Congress, D.C. Statehood Via Simple Legislation Is Unconstitutional and Would Be Bad For Democracy.

The wording of the First Amendment & Who Twisted It

American Minute with Bill Federer

On March 15, 1984, the U.S. Senate voted down children praying in public schools. President Ronald Reagan said: “I am deeply disappointed that, although a majority of the Senate voted for it, the school prayer amendment fell short.”

On September 25, 1982, Reagan said: “Unfortunately, in the last two decades we’ve experienced an onslaught of such twisted logic that if Alice were visiting America, she might think she’d never left Wonderland. We’re told that it somehow violates the rights of others to permit students in a school who desire to pray to do so. Clearly, this infringes on the freedom of those who choose to pray, the freedom taken for granted since the time of our Founding Fathers …”

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