Devotional Thought for Today – 08/23/2022

I started this last Saturday but have been under the weather as they say and am just getting to posting it today.


In last Friday’s devotional, we looked at equality and the great equalizer’s death. I noted the Founding Fathers of the USA, were adamant that all men were created equal in the sense that they were equally capable of life liberty, and pursuing happiness. Not explicitly written but assumed in the Declaration and Constitution is a sense of Pride in this new Nation and its founding Judeo-Christian principles.

Biblically there are two types of pride noted in the bible, one that is self-centered, arrogant, and loathing, this God Hates. The other is pride in loved ones’ accomplishments or a job well done giving God the glory.

So the question arises should “Christians” be proud of their countries, the nations they live in, were born in, etc? My answer is yes. Patriotism is a good thing. Standing for the National Anthem, the passing of the Flag, or honoring our veterans are all part of this. Here are some Bible verses that deal with patriotism:

  • God establishes all nations for His purpose
  • Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord
  • Only a righteous nation is exalted
  • All nations will bow before the Lord
  • We owe loyalty to God first and then to those He appoints (ALL leaders) over us
  • God alone determines when all nations will cease

Nationalism on the other hand is dangerous, it implies exclusivity at the expense of all others. I am firmly convinced the USA is the greatest nation on earth, however, I am not willing to destroy another country or individual to keep it so.

What happens however when our own citizens have no pride in America, despise the Constitution, and want to destroy the process of being equally capable of life liberty and pursuing happiness. This is the process going on in America today.

Think I am joking watch the video below and PRAY!, PRAY!, PRAY!

Fox News host Pete Hegseth calls out Democrats for looking down on the U.S. Constitution on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

Pete Hegseth: The Left has been rooting for a national divorce


Pray for the Nations of the World and for your Own Nation

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