Trust God

Truth for Real Life

Trust is something that is built, and it becomes stronger as we see faithfulness time, and time again. It’s not always easy to learn to trust God, because it involves humility, and the relinquishing of our own will.

When people have violated our trust, it’s easy to put God in the same category as those who have damaged our heart. Yet, God is not like any of those people.

Sometimes, it’s our flesh that gets in the way, and makes it hard to trust God. When we’re filled with pride we want to do things the way “we” think is best, instead of consulting with God, and trusting Him.

I’m not sure what you’re facing today, but I do know, God already knows the outcome, and He can be trusted. He has more integrity than the most righteous trustworthy person we can think of. He Loves us, and cares about…

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