News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Today’s Headlines (my interpretation):  Kenosha shooting and Riots; Portland Riots; George Floyd; Biden/Harris; Cancel Culture; Socialism vs. Republic; Re-writing American Heritage; Hate and Racism; 1619 Project; Peace Accord; Facts before Acts; Fake News


As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Kyle Rittenhouse attorneys break silence, give key details in Kenosha shooting: ‘Kyle did nothing wrong’

Kenosha activist declares open season on white people: ‘It’s time for us to kill one of yours’

Kenosha activist declares open season on white people: ‘It’s time for us to kill one of yours’

Kenosha police union reveal key details in Jacob Blake shooting to correct ‘misleading narrative’

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Joe Biden shift blame to President Trump for violence leading to deadly Portland shooting

New footage from Portland shooting suggests victim was targeted: ‘We got a couple right here!’

Black Lives Matter protesters chain themselves together in lobby of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo, riots erupt in Portland

US Marshals rescue 25 missing children from Ohio; many are victims of human trafficking or prostitution

Bill Maher reveals why he is ‘very nervous’ that Joe Biden will lose, President Trump will win again

Michael Moore admits President Trump is on course for sweeping November win after correctly predicting 2016 win

Mother of woman harassed by Black Lives Matter protesters says daughter refused to cave to mob pressure in raising clenched fist

Kelley Paul delivers blunt message to media for calling ‘bloodthirsty mob’ peaceful protesters

VIDEO: Driver attacks NYPD traffic cops after being asked to move car away from fire hydrant

Horrifying video shows man attempting to rape women in broad daylight in NYC, bystanders don’t intervene

Sexual assault criminal complaint against Jacob Blake emerges in its entirety — and it is horrific

Bombshell Medical Reports Throw Entire George Floyd Case Into Question

Public Schools To Revamp History Curriculum To Fit Teachers’ Political Agendas

Democrats Sweep Biden’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations Under the Rug

Liberal Woman’s Heartbreaking Call About Riots Explains Why Trump Will Win

Obama Slips, Admits Disturbing Truth About Biden

Kamala Harris Takes Page From Hillary Clinton’s Failed Playbook

Liberal Reporter Demonstrates Why Mainstream Media Is America’s Enemy No.1

Conservative Freedom Network

Captain David Dorn’s Widow Emotionally Recounts Her Husband’s Death

Kenosha Court Documents Suggest Shooting Was Self-Defense

Glenn Beck Issues Heartfelt Apology To President Trump

Mob Accosting Rand Paul Demanded He Acknowledge Breonna Taylor

Black Man Yelled ‘BLM’ While Allegedly Stabbing White Man

Egyptian Immigrant Wanted For Murdering Two Daughters In ‘Honor Killing’

Chelsea Clinton: I Want ‘White Children Of Privilege’

Chicago Teachers Union Tweets Out Praise For Guillotine Protest

‘This Is The America Democrats Are Fighting For’

BLM 101: Career Politicians Who Create Systemic Unfairness

Michael Moore Warns Dems:

74 People Facing Federal Charges During Portland Demonstrations

BREAKING: New Poll Shows Trump Crushing Biden in Swing States

VA Senate Candidate Daniel Gade Calls Out/Criticizes Opponent Senator Warner and His Colleagues for Proposing a Bill to Defund the Police VIDEO

BREAKING: 2 Officers Shot in St. Louis One Critically Injured

Democrat Senator says Trump Is ‘Deliberately Killing People’ Everytime He Holds Rallies

Report: Look Who Met With Trump-Hating Lebron James and Other NBA Players to Advise Them On Boycott To Support Marxist BLM

Video: Chelsea Clinton Says She Believes “White Children of Privilege” Should “Erode” Their Privilege Over Time

Video: BLM Harasses Walmart Shoppers Screaming and Yelling: “Black Lives Matter!”

Video: Senate Majority Leader’s Campaign Hires Nicholas Sandmann

BLM Comes for Pandering Portland Mayor Ted

Wheeler: Chain Themselves Together in Wheeler’s Condo Lobby

Which America Will You Choose?

University Shouldn’t Punish Me for Not Addressing Male Student as ‘Ms.’

Why Arizona Looks Like Ground Zero in Battle Over Election Integrity

Media Largely Ignores Trump’s Historic Middle East Peace Deal

Virginia Republicans Sign ‘Police Pledge’ to Back the Blue

Inner-City LA Nonprofit Turns Parking Lot Into Classroom for Online Learning

The Radical Left’s Ideas Could Destroy America for Generations

ICYMI: ‘Nice White Parents’ Responsible for Failing Public Schools, New York Times Says

Emergency Funding Won’t Fix the Postal Service

A National Mask Mandate Would Be Overkill, but a New COVID-19 Treatment May…


Is Feudalism Our Future?

It’s Trump’s Republican Party Now

Kyle Rittenhouse and The Law of the Pursuer

Trump and The Fight for Conservatism

It seems that the Wuhan virus’s risks have been grossly exaggerated

Yes, Joe Biden Is a Catholic in Name Only

When Democrats Say ‘the People,’ They Mean ‘the Government’

Who is Behind the 1619 Project?

How a ‘Discussion on Race’ Looks in 2020

New CH-53K Helicopter for Marines Costs a King Stallion’s Ransom

I sure hope Adam Schiff follows through on his threat to subpoena DNI Ratcliffe over congressional briefings

Joe and Kamala are already campaigning at cross purposes

First Israeli commercial flight to UAE today signals vastly enhanced access to Asia and Australasia

Mobs’ depravity downplayed by MSM

From ‘I love New York’ to ‘I leave New York’

Silence Is OK

It’s time for the ‘Silent Majority’ to stop being silent

America wanted to see the Republicans, not the Democrats

Pernicious incitement to looting being pushed by NPR

NPR’s racial grievance site promotes hardcore Marxism

Those ‘faith leaders’ who endorse Biden and Harris reveal their moral laziness

Media hope to gain a November victory for Democrats through fear


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