News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Today’s Headlines (my interpretation): CA Exodus, Packing SCOTUS, Kamala Art, Education & Marxism, Communism vs. Christianity, A new Declaration of Independence, SCOTUS Hearings, 

TOP STORY:  Biden still confused as ever.

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

VIDEO: Student gets assaulted and spit on for supporting Trump — but refuses to give up his MAGA hat

Staten Island GOP hoodwinks Trump rally saboteurs into donating thousands to Republican Party

Jake Tapper schools top Biden official with constitutional lesson for defending false claim from Biden

Amy Coney Barrett’s opening statement is out, and liberals are already outraged

Top WHO official to world leaders: ‘Stop using lockdowns’ to control COVID; ‘Terrible, ghastly, global catastrophe’

Critical swing voters in battleground state reveal why Kamala Harris helps Trump’s re-election chances

Woman says Southwest Airlines staff refused to board her over ‘lewd, obscene, and offensive’ shirt that exposed much of her chest

(UPDATED) 1 dead, man in custody after fatal shooting in Denver near ‘Patriot Rally’ and ‘BLM-Antifa’ counter-protest

Biden snaps over court-packing question, says voters don’t deserve know his stance on packing Supreme Court

Chris Christie released from hospital following COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment with remdesivir

Washington AG fires investigator who stiffed a waitress on a tip for wearing a Black Lives Matter pin

North Korea reportedly flaunts new ‘monster’ ICBM at showy military parade — and some analysts believe it could be one of the world’s largest ballistic missiles

Bill Maher confronts Adam Schiff about mass exodus from California, cites Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro


Conservative Freedom Network

NYT Reporter: Kamala Harris Told Me She was open to packing SCOTUS

Celebrities Get Naked To Tell People To Vote

When Being Pro-Trump Is Worse

Biden Tweets Debunked Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax

State Senator To Introduce Legislation for safe injection sites

Lori Lightfoot On Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Trump Confirms: Democrat Party Facing Fiery End

Deep State Blocks Russia Hoax Oversight — But Didn’t Expect This

Leftists Are Desperate To Discredit Trump’s Life-Saving COVID Treatment

Kamala-Inspired Art Is Going Viral — And She’s Furious

Lift up the Rocks and See the Snakes

Cancel Culture in Bayonne, New Jersey

Corey Lewandowski on Donald Trump

France Cracks Down on Everyone to Avoid Singling Out Islamic Terrorism

How Modern Education Makes Good Little Marxists

Strangers in our Homeland

Why Communism is Compelled to Destroy Christianity

Looking beyond the polls, there continue to be signs that Trump will win

Biden: Voters have no right to know his position on court-packing

San Francisco reminds us why we have anti-drug laws

Sen. Lee reminds us: this is a Republic, not a democracy

Towards a new kind of declaration of independence

Breaking: Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris Push Demands Before Amy Coney Barrett Hearings

ABC Anchor Questions Biden Campaign Co-Chair on Biden Raising Taxes: “In fact, middle income earners…will see an increase” in their taxes under Biden

Former Dem Leo Terrell Calls Out Biased Fox News Anchor Arthel Neville: “I suggest you hide your Democratic support for Joe Biden while broadcasting on Fox News”

Local News ‘Bodyguard’ Shoots and Kills Denver Pro-Police “Patriot Rally” Attendee

Video: Joe Biden on Telling Voters his Position on Court Packing: “No, they don’t deserve” to know

Tucker Carlson Warns About Biden/Harris Plan to “Completely Change Our American form of Government”

Wife Of Deceased Never-Trump Senator Who Passed Fake Russian Dossier To FBI, Endorses Joe Biden

Joe Biden Endorsed Democrat Gov John Carney (DE) Pardoned Career Criminal Behind Alleged Plot To Kidnap MI Gov Whitmer In 2019

Confused Joe Biden Tells Small Crowd He Wants A “$15 MILLION dollar…$15 thousand dollar…$15 dollar minimum wage…I’m dreaming here!” [VIDEO]


News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Today’s Headlines (my interpretation): SCOTUS,  President Trump and COVID-19, ELECTIONS, NBA, VOTER FRAUD, MEDIA BIAS,  Celebrity Empathy, The Holocaust 

TOP STORY: white supremacists behind riots, or black anarchists.

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

VIDEO: Huge rallies in DC to show support for Trump after COVID-19 diagnosis; BLM protesters clash at ‘WalkAway’ event

Pope Francis slams trickle-down economics, advocates for redistribution of wealth: ‘For the good of all’

Jake Tapper takes aim at Trump over COVID infection: ‘You have become a symbol of your own failures’

Top Republican: Pelosi refused to implement COVID testing as Senate Dems use COVID to delay Barrett hearings

Chris Wallace and Trump campaign adviser lock horns over first family not wearing masks at the debate

Worrying percentage of college students support violence to stop campus speech; worst colleges for free speech named

Video: Senator Bernie Sanders Campaigns for Biden by Pushing the Biden/Sanders Radical Far-Left Agenda

SNL: Chris Rock and Jim Carrey mock Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis; push leftist agenda throughout comedy show

Major Liberal Media Outlet’s Sinister Link To China Exposed

Washington Collusion Revealed – Guess Who?

Dr. Phil And Dr. Oz Under Attack From Big Pharma

Identity Of Trump Convention Imposter Revealed — And It’s Insane

NBA Quickly Learns What Leftist Pandering Does To Ratings

Conservative Freedom Network

Pelosi Scolds Trump For Positive Covid-19 Test

In Final Jobs Report Before Election

The Presidential Debate Commission

New Ad Busts Biden’s Claim

Media Figures Mock Trump For Getting Covid-19

The Democrats’ Long Temper Tantrum Will Reelect Trump

Is the United States in the Midst of an Insurgency?

To Squash Civil Unrest, the USA Must Remember Its Virtuous Roots

Down Goes Biden

Thoughts on Belief and Religion

The Blame Game: Presidential debate edition

Holocaust Knowledge Keeps Dwindling  😦 

Could It Happen Here? The Parallels Between Soviet Bloc and Modern US

We Need Commonsense Protections to Safeguard Women’s Sports

Reforming Regulation to Spur Economic Growth

How Trump Impeachment ‘Knocked Gun Control in the Head’

We Hear You: Why America Is Exceptional

Here’s a List of Liberals Who Have Attacked Amy Coney Barrett for Her Faith



Tom Fitton’s Weekly Update: Clinton-Obamagate-Russiagate Conspiracy EXPOSED

Chris Farrell: Anti-Police Violence by Radical Left is “Domestic Terrorism!”

Judicial Watch has filed an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics about Rep. Ilhan Omar potential violations of law.

Flynn Update: New FBI Texts Expose The FBI’s Political Targeting

Judicial Watch: Pennsylvania Counties Admit They Gave Incorrect Voter Roll Information to Federal Government – Disclose Conflicting Numbers of Inactive Voters to Court

VOTER FRAUD CAUGHT ON TAPE? #CashforBallots–Tom Fitton w/ James O’Keefe

VIDEO: Huge rallies in DC to show support for Trump after COVID-19 diagnosis; BLM protesters clash at ‘WalkAway’ event

Trump speaks message of hope after confusion surrounds his health: ‘I’m going to beat this’

Married Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham admits to sexting married strategist, won’t drop out of race

‘Inject bleach’: Liberals celebrate Kellyanne Conway’s COVID diagnosis with vile comments

Bi-racial woman said four white males lit her on fire in racist attack — prosecutors found no evidence that it happened

Schumer rages after McConnell moves to halt Senate activity — but allow Amy Coney Barrett confirmation to proceed

Photojournalist went undercover to expose white supremacists at riots, but found black bloc anarchists instead

News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Today’s Headlines (my interpretation): SCOTUS,  COVID-19, ELECTIONS, MEDIA BIAS, IMIGRATION, FBI, BLM, ANTIFA,  TOP STORY:  $500B plan to boost black communities 

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

In Amy Coney Barrett, Trump Picks an Exacting Scholar for Supreme Court

Heritage Foundation Launches Campaign for Barrett’s Confirmation

Dirty Attacks Against Amy Coney Barrett Begin Early

Amy Coney Barrett, in Her Own Words

How Black Lives Matter Is Being Used to Further a Communist Agenda

Fear Not the Catholic Justice

Countering Threats From Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Radical Islamist Terrorists

How Our Suburbs Are Under Attack From Illegal Immigrant ‘Sanctuary’ Laws

3 Arguments on How the Constitution Treated Slavery

‘An Outstanding Choice for the Supreme Court’

Ben Shapiro Turns to Heritage for Supreme Court Analysis

‘Stop spreading fear’: Kristi Noem slaps down Rachel Maddow over social distancing hunting video

Insane video shows huge police presence during unauthorized beach car rally event as one rallygoer assaults group of officers

Report: Obama once tried to persuade Ginsburg to retire before crucial election, but she refused

FBI arrests Black Lives Matter activist, accused of spending $200K in donations on tailored suits and property

Liberal law prof shreds Bill Maher for personally attacking Amy Coney Barrett’s faith: ‘A f***ing nut’

Former Dem senator warns how gross attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s faith may badly backfire

The backlash is intense after left-wing author suggests Amy Coney Barrett adopted Haitian children to shield herself from accusations of racism

Amy Coney Barrett receives endorsement from very unlikely source: ‘Highly qualified to serve’

Woman charged with attempted murder after plowing through crowd of Trump supporters with car

Delaware State University says Biden was never a student after he claimed starting academic career at historically black school

‘Illegitimate’: Democrats swiftly move to delegitimize Amy Coney Barrett with organized talking points

Joe Montana and wife thwart kidnapping of 9-month-old grandchild from their home

Gov. Newsom signs law allowing transgender inmates to be placed in prison by their gender identity, officers required to use preferred pronouns

‘Excellent idea!’: Ted Cruz responds to Dem senator’s threat to boycott Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation

Courting Trouble

Media’s Wuhan Lies Lengthen, Deepen

The Four Young Men Who May Help Carry Our Nation through These Tough Times

The Canonization of Saint Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Music on Hold

The Promise of Freeports

The University as Madrasah

Biden continues to spout nonsense and forget things

Seth Rich: The Murder Washington Doesn’t Want Solved

It’s a COVID Casedemic, not a Pandemic

Amy Coney Barrett and the Zealots

The Upside-Down World of the Woke

Joe Biden’s History Of Race Baiting

How the 2014 Midterms Wrecked the Democrats’ Supreme Court Hopes

Six Strategies for Trump to Make Education Great Again and Woo Back Suburban Voters

Omar political machine linked to ballot-harvesting, stuffed ballot boxes, and cash-for-votes in Minnesota -Project Veritas

Conservative Freedom Network

‘It’s A Madhouse’: FBI Texts Show Crossfire Hurricane Agents

US Marshals Service Reveals Majority Of Rescued Sex-Trafficked Children

Charles Barkley Blasts ‘Fools’ Pushing ‘Defund The Police’

FBI Official On Mueller Team: Flynn Prosecution Had ‘Get Trump’ Attitude

Sarah Palin Threatens To Primary Lisa Murkowski Over SCOTUS Vote

Dem Strategist Slammed Over Questions Regarding Amy Coney Barrett

The Grand Jury Made The Right Decision In The Breonna Taylor Case

Bill Maher Attacks Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

‘Self-Hating Hypocrites’: Black Trump Supporter

Purple State Dems Are Angry At Biden Over Pandemic Restrictions

Video: Rally Crowd Goes Wild When Trump Dances to ‘YMCA’

Breaking: Biden Calls On Senate Democrats To ‘Stand strong for our democracy’ and Delay SCOTUS Vote

Video: Jill Biden’s Feathers Ruffled…Refuses to Discuss Joe Biden’s Gaffes ‘You Can’t Even Go There’

Delaware State Faculty Member Refutes Biden’s Previous Claim of Attending the University

Video: MSNBC Anchor Silent When Biden Calls Trump Like Notorious Nazi

Kenosha County Sheriff Endorses Trump In Op-ed: “President Donald Trump is the only one who will do what is right for the American people”

Breaking: Car Plows Through Group of Trump Supporters in California

Rep Pressley on America: “Everything Is On The Table….We can pull these ills up from the root and we can reconstruct the new world”

Presidential Debate Moderator Shows His Bias — Over And Over Again

Trump Record-Breaking Win Could Hand Him 2020

What Border Agents Found On Trump’s Wall Proves It Works

Liberal Media Is Desperate To Hide Latest Polling Results

The Washington Examiner

Trump unveiling $500B plan to boost black communities and classify KKK and antifa as terrorist organizations

News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Today’s Headlines (my interpretation): BLM, Anti-American Rhetoric, Election 2020, Candice Owens, COVID-19, Education, Riots, Pro-Athletes, Opinions vs. Morals, America’s Founding Principles,  FEATURE STORY: The Coming Coup?

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

BLM ‘Karen’ Lectures on How to Shut Down Roads: “Scoot your car butt over into the lane”

Video: Candace Owens Slams Joe Biden for Pandering to Blacks Via “Ignorant” Rapper Cardi B

Radical Rep. Ilhan Omar Looks Like A Hostage Reading A Script In Her Virtual Town Hall…Rips Racist and Oppressive America…Warns Of Uprising [VIDEO]

Bill Clinton Mocked Mercilessly for Video with Hillary: “Forced quarantining with Satan’s bride”

Savage Ad GOP Should Run Over and Over: “Meet Joe Biden Supporters”

Charles Barkley Sounds Off Against ESPN Anchor’s Claims of “White Privilege” in Hiring of Head Coach for Nets

Conservative, Anti-Radical Islam, Niece Of Osama Bin Laden Warns Another 9-11 May Be Around The Corner If Biden Wins Election

Video: Armed Militia at Kentucky Derby Try to Stop BLM Protesters from Disrupting Race

Breaking: Trump Orders Immediate End to Taxpayer-Funded Cult-Like Indoctrination by Feds Teaching Anti-American “Critical Race Theory”

Video: Chaos in Rochester, NY as BLM/Antifa Rioters Rip Tables from Restaurant Diners Who Flee The Area

LOW-CONFIDENCE JOE Already Laying Out Possibility Of Losing Election [VIDEO]

DISGUSTING: Assistant High School Principal Videotapes Himself At BLM Riots Shouting Vulgarities At Rochester Police [VIDEO]

Video: Bill O’Reilly Calls Out George Soros for His Destruction of America’s Judicial System…Lists Shocking Donations

Breaking: Trump Calls on Dept of Education to Stop Anti-American Indoctrination in Schools

Governor Could Face Prison After Threatening Trump

Governor Offers Salon Owner Sweet Deal After Pelosi Scandal

You Won’t Believe How Inaccurate COVID Death Rates Actually Are

Mastermind Behind Veteran Group Launches Powerful Attack Ads Against Biden

Trump Says This Indoctrination Tactic Will Cost Schools Big Time

Team Biden Under Fire After Outrageous Statement Backing Rioters Goes Viral

San Francisco Mayor Flustered By Pelosi’s Nightmare — See What She Says

[VIDEO] Black Lives Matter Riot Turns Into Giant MAGA Celebration

Mass outrage erupts at Hobby Lobby after blatant pro-Trump message appears on a store display

New Jersey is taking down US flags from bridges installed after the 9/11 attacks, and residents are outraged

BLM protesters harass and assault McDonald’s manager at Pittsburgh protests, and it’s all caught on video

‘Antiracist Baby’ causes an uproar on social media as it encourages babies and toddlers to confess to their inherent racism

US Marshals rescue 8 ‘highly endangered’ missing children in Indiana during ‘Operation Homecoming’

From his hospital bed, Jacob Blake pleads ‘Change y’all lives … we can stick together, make some money, make everything easier for our people out here’

Watch: Protesters in Pittsburgh descend on elderly diners, drink their beer, scream obscenities: ‘F*** the white people’

Chicago thieves realize they carjacked the wrong vehicle when off-duty corrections officer thwarts armed hold-up by returning gunfire

NYC: Teens rob, punch 74-year-old woman in broad daylight

‘Full of crap’: Charles Barkley scorches ESPN’s Stephen Smith for injecting race into hiring of white coach

San Fran keeps private gyms closed, but has reopened city-owned gyms. Furious owners call out city leaders.

Israeli archaeologists uncover rare, ‘magnificent’ pieces of Biblical-era royal structure

Portland protester catches on fire after rioters throw Molotov cocktails and launch fireworks at police

The Left’s Dangerous Delegitimization of the Election

The Difference Between Plurality of Opinions and Plurality of Values

Retail and America’s Road to Economic Recovery

How American Civil Society Depends on Marriage, Family

In Foreboding Ruling, Appeals Court Says Transgender Students May Use Restroom of Choice

31 Times the Media Justified or Explained Away Rioting and Looting After George Floyd’s Death

Pro Athletes Ignore Facts, Stats, and Data When Denouncing ‘Systemic Police Brutality’

Iraq War Veteran Likens Portland to Living in a War Zone

39 Photos Capture America’s Summer of Riots, Arson, and Looting

NBA’s New Social Justice Coalition Silent on China’s Voter Suppression

The Lesson Behind Falwell’s Fall

ICYMI: The Deeply Pessimistic Intellectual Roots of Black Lives Matter, 1619 Project, and Much Else in Woke America

The Citizens’ Pledge to Support Police Gains Momentum

The Citizens’ Pledge to Support Police Gains Momentum

Cancel Culture Comes for the Washington Monument 

Desperately Derailing Donald

After Trump Loss, ‘Deplorables’ Will Be the Dems’ First Target

The Parents Are Not All Right: Parenting During a Pandemic

The Little Cards That Tell Police ‘Let’s Forget This Happened’

The Revolution Is Upon Us

Conservative Freedom Network

Trump Came To Dover After My Wife Was Killed Fighting ISIS

SF Mayor Defends Nancy Defying Covid Orders

BLM Rioter Arrested For Rampage

Columnist Warns: ‘You Ain’t Seen Anything Yet’

Atlantic Owner Is Biden Megadonor, Close To Author

Grenell Rips Reporters Deflecting From Historic Serbia-Kosovo Agreement

Cops Find Machete, Mortar, Hatchet, Spike Strips

What People Are Ignoring

‘Relax It’s Just A Meme’ GOP Candidate Fires Back

Geraldo Rivera: ‘Chicken S— Trump Haters’:

Ascent of the Yard Sign Prophets

Joe Biden Tries to Cancel Thomas Edison

Hey BLM/AntiFa: What About the Workers?

A Criminal Enterprise, a.k.a. the Democratic Party

Why do You Support Joe Biden?

Frack-Checking Joe Biden

President Trump Makes One Sorry Fascist

The Black Lives Matter Movement and America’s Founding Principles

Kenosha Prosecutor Proves Kyle Rittenhouse’s Case

The True Cost of Riots

Dismal Liberal Diversity

Democrats Destroy America, Blame Trump

How the Progressive Left Ruined Education

The Dems Plan to Steal the Presidency



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The Coming Coup?

News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Today’s Headlines (my interpretation):  Kenosha shooting and Riots; Portland Riots; George Floyd; Biden/Harris; Cancel Culture; Socialism vs. Republic; Re-writing American Heritage; Hate and Racism; 1619 Project; Peace Accord; Facts before Acts; Fake News


As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Kyle Rittenhouse attorneys break silence, give key details in Kenosha shooting: ‘Kyle did nothing wrong’

Kenosha activist declares open season on white people: ‘It’s time for us to kill one of yours’

Kenosha activist declares open season on white people: ‘It’s time for us to kill one of yours’

Kenosha police union reveal key details in Jacob Blake shooting to correct ‘misleading narrative’

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Joe Biden shift blame to President Trump for violence leading to deadly Portland shooting

New footage from Portland shooting suggests victim was targeted: ‘We got a couple right here!’

Black Lives Matter protesters chain themselves together in lobby of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo, riots erupt in Portland

US Marshals rescue 25 missing children from Ohio; many are victims of human trafficking or prostitution

Bill Maher reveals why he is ‘very nervous’ that Joe Biden will lose, President Trump will win again

Michael Moore admits President Trump is on course for sweeping November win after correctly predicting 2016 win

Mother of woman harassed by Black Lives Matter protesters says daughter refused to cave to mob pressure in raising clenched fist

Kelley Paul delivers blunt message to media for calling ‘bloodthirsty mob’ peaceful protesters

VIDEO: Driver attacks NYPD traffic cops after being asked to move car away from fire hydrant

Horrifying video shows man attempting to rape women in broad daylight in NYC, bystanders don’t intervene

Sexual assault criminal complaint against Jacob Blake emerges in its entirety — and it is horrific

Bombshell Medical Reports Throw Entire George Floyd Case Into Question

Public Schools To Revamp History Curriculum To Fit Teachers’ Political Agendas

Democrats Sweep Biden’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations Under the Rug

Liberal Woman’s Heartbreaking Call About Riots Explains Why Trump Will Win

Obama Slips, Admits Disturbing Truth About Biden

Kamala Harris Takes Page From Hillary Clinton’s Failed Playbook

Liberal Reporter Demonstrates Why Mainstream Media Is America’s Enemy No.1

Conservative Freedom Network

Captain David Dorn’s Widow Emotionally Recounts Her Husband’s Death

Kenosha Court Documents Suggest Shooting Was Self-Defense

Glenn Beck Issues Heartfelt Apology To President Trump

Mob Accosting Rand Paul Demanded He Acknowledge Breonna Taylor

Black Man Yelled ‘BLM’ While Allegedly Stabbing White Man

Egyptian Immigrant Wanted For Murdering Two Daughters In ‘Honor Killing’

Chelsea Clinton: I Want ‘White Children Of Privilege’

Chicago Teachers Union Tweets Out Praise For Guillotine Protest

‘This Is The America Democrats Are Fighting For’

BLM 101: Career Politicians Who Create Systemic Unfairness

Michael Moore Warns Dems:

74 People Facing Federal Charges During Portland Demonstrations

BREAKING: New Poll Shows Trump Crushing Biden in Swing States

VA Senate Candidate Daniel Gade Calls Out/Criticizes Opponent Senator Warner and His Colleagues for Proposing a Bill to Defund the Police VIDEO

BREAKING: 2 Officers Shot in St. Louis One Critically Injured

Democrat Senator says Trump Is ‘Deliberately Killing People’ Everytime He Holds Rallies

Report: Look Who Met With Trump-Hating Lebron James and Other NBA Players to Advise Them On Boycott To Support Marxist BLM

Video: Chelsea Clinton Says She Believes “White Children of Privilege” Should “Erode” Their Privilege Over Time

Video: BLM Harasses Walmart Shoppers Screaming and Yelling: “Black Lives Matter!”

Video: Senate Majority Leader’s Campaign Hires Nicholas Sandmann

BLM Comes for Pandering Portland Mayor Ted

Wheeler: Chain Themselves Together in Wheeler’s Condo Lobby

Which America Will You Choose?

University Shouldn’t Punish Me for Not Addressing Male Student as ‘Ms.’

Why Arizona Looks Like Ground Zero in Battle Over Election Integrity

Media Largely Ignores Trump’s Historic Middle East Peace Deal

Virginia Republicans Sign ‘Police Pledge’ to Back the Blue

Inner-City LA Nonprofit Turns Parking Lot Into Classroom for Online Learning

The Radical Left’s Ideas Could Destroy America for Generations

ICYMI: ‘Nice White Parents’ Responsible for Failing Public Schools, New York Times Says

Emergency Funding Won’t Fix the Postal Service

A National Mask Mandate Would Be Overkill, but a New COVID-19 Treatment May…


Is Feudalism Our Future?

It’s Trump’s Republican Party Now

Kyle Rittenhouse and The Law of the Pursuer

Trump and The Fight for Conservatism

It seems that the Wuhan virus’s risks have been grossly exaggerated

Yes, Joe Biden Is a Catholic in Name Only

When Democrats Say ‘the People,’ They Mean ‘the Government’

Who is Behind the 1619 Project?

How a ‘Discussion on Race’ Looks in 2020

New CH-53K Helicopter for Marines Costs a King Stallion’s Ransom

I sure hope Adam Schiff follows through on his threat to subpoena DNI Ratcliffe over congressional briefings

Joe and Kamala are already campaigning at cross purposes

First Israeli commercial flight to UAE today signals vastly enhanced access to Asia and Australasia

Mobs’ depravity downplayed by MSM

From ‘I love New York’ to ‘I leave New York’

Silence Is OK

It’s time for the ‘Silent Majority’ to stop being silent

America wanted to see the Republicans, not the Democrats

Pernicious incitement to looting being pushed by NPR

NPR’s racial grievance site promotes hardcore Marxism

Those ‘faith leaders’ who endorse Biden and Harris reveal their moral laziness

Media hope to gain a November victory for Democrats through fear


News to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Are you voting for manners … or for what matters?

Prediction: Many will answer for politics behind HCQ hatred

Poll: Democratic convention benefited President Trump

A campaign to move country back to freedom?

Opinion: False perceptions, real consequences of COVID-19

Dobson rips CA bill funding sex changes

Prof’s proposed ‘Dept. of Anti-racism’ panned

More female athletes braving backlash over ‘trans’ issue

Trump officially accepts GOP’s nomination for a 2nd term

Postmaster General urges voters to return ballots early

Top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway to leave White House

Trump announces plasma treatment authorized for COVID-19

Wisconsin governor under fire for condemning police

Rapper interview exception to ‘Hidin’ Biden’ strategy

Ben Shapiro: The remaking of the Middle East

Latest anti-police idea: Misdemeanor to assault a cop

Detractors: Dem deleted deity deliberately

Training the ‘last line of defense’

FAIR: ‘Citizenship clause’ needs to be court-tested

Barr: ‘Operation Legend’ has led to almost 1,500 arrests

WH defends Trump’s call for boycott of Goodyear

Ex-FBI lawyer admits to false statement during Russia probe

New election ordered in race marred by voter fraud charges

US won’t seek death penalty against pair of Islamic terrorists

What Will Replace the Police? Ten Historical Examples

The DNC Tsunami of Schmaltz and Mendacity

Efforts to Tie Trump to Q Intensify as Questions Mount on China, COVID, and the Democrats

Dem Convention Offered a Terrifying Re-run

The Neglected Matter of Reality

A Revolution in Sensibility — and What to Do About It

From top to bottom, Dems’ principal 2020 strategy is fraud

Biden Sorta Pretends to be a Nationalist

Skepticism about the Bannon Indictment

What Ed Buck’s Pseudo-Sexual House of Horrors Says about Collectivism

A Pandemic of Socialism

Democrats ‘Go Postal’ over Mail-in Ballots

The Breathtaking Ignorance and Gullibility of America’s Elites

The Story Behind Bannon’s Arrest

COVID’s Gonna Do What Viruses Do

Notorious Washington Conspiracy Theorists Bemoan “Q”spiracy

How Marx Failed

BLM Activist Sends Message to Chicagoans Upset About Looting: “Y’all are mad about looting Mag Mile? Get over it!”

Video: Mark Levin Warns ALL Americans About the Joe Biden/Bernie Sanders Radical Plan for America

Video: Violence and Chaos Continues in Portland…Antifa Rolls Out Guillotine…Cheer as They Burn American Flags

Video: BLM Chicago Crowd Beat, Burn Symbolic ‘Police’ Pig: “Throw those pigs in the well”

Senate Leader McConnell Shuts Down Grandstanding Pelosi on $25B USPS ‘Emergency’ Funding

Video: Mass Brawl Breaks Out in Portland After Antifa Crashes Pro-Police Rally

Former Army Green Beret Arrested and Charged with Spying for Russia.

Video: Nancy Pelosi Tries to Stir Up Fear and Division by Falsely Claiming Trump Wants to “Suppress the Vote”

MUST WATCH: Rep. Jim Jordan Blasts Anti-Trumper Neil Cavuto Over Dem’s Garbage Claims That Trump Is Defunding USPS [VIDEO]

Obama’s White House Doctor Drops Bombshell About Biden’s Health

Far-Left Governor Commits Ultimate Act Of Greed — Breaks Promise To State Workers

Complete Destruction Of America: Now Entering Phase 2

Gravely Injured Police Officer Reveals Disturbing Reports Of Violent Rioters

Biden Is Compromised And Weak On America’s Greatest Enemy

President Trump: We Have a Groundbreaking Coronavirus Update

Obama Slips, Admits Disturbing Truth About Biden’s Agenda

Media Silent After Massive Polling Fraud Uncovered

Liberal Attacks 7-Year-Old MAGA Supporter — Here’s What Happened Next

Trump’s Hilarious Troll Against The Liberal Media Is Going Viral

Famous Rapper Blasts Democrats For Taking Advantage Of Blacks For Too Long

Nancy Pelosi calls Republicans ‘domestic enemies’ and ‘enemies of the state’ and stuns MSNBC host

Texas school district blasted for cartoon comparing police to KKK, slave owners that was part of student assignment

CNN’s Don Lemon says ‘cultist’ Trump supporters need to be ‘deprogrammed’ before voting​

VIDEO: Mob cheers when cop gets ‘bricked’ in head, falls face-first on Kenosha street amid violent outrage over police shooting

Thugs with rifles, handguns stare down sheriff’s vehicle during Kenosha rioting — then run for cover after tear gas greeting

New York exempts celebrities from forced mandatory quarantine — which normal people could be jailed for violating

Pool boy claims he had an affair with Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife — and that Falwell would watch

Black ESPN host tears into NBA star who targeted white player with racial slur: ‘B**** a** white boy’

Liberals attack Melania Trump with hate over Rose Garden renovation: ‘The worst first lady in history’

Portland erupts in violence as left-wing and right-wing protesters clash in all-out brawls

Rioters calling themselves heroes take to Portland’s streets with ‘bloody’ guillotine, flaming American flags: ‘Get in the f***ing streets!’

Married Florida former tax collector accused of child sex trafficking in disturbing case

Tennessee puts violent protesters on notice with new law that significantly increases criminal punishments

Alyssa Milano gets torched by Hollywood star after claiming Dem Party has made ‘the world a better place’

Conservative Freedom Network

Postmaster General Eviscerates Dems Conspiracy Theories

BLM Activist Warns: ‘You Can Listen To Us Or You Can Get Ran Over’

Pelosi Rips Trump For Trying To ‘Scare’ Voters:

States Failure To Accurately Count Ballots During Primary

American Journalist Abducted In Syria

De Blasio Admits ‘We Do Not Have A Plan’:

Anti-Police Protesters Burn US Flag

As The Minutes Pass It’s Clear John Brennan Is In A World Of Trouble

ICE Cube Blasts DNC: ‘What’s In It For The Black Community?’

Busted: Biden Delivered The Same Speech in 2008

‘Biggest Scandal In Europe Since WWII’

4 Big Moments From the House’s Postal Service Hearing

Can We Be Forced to Say Something We Don’t Believe? Ask This Teacher

Can We Be Forced to Say Something We Don’t Believe? Ask This Teacher

Back to College, Back to Academic Brainwashing

Nurses Rally Against Unionization as Law Muzzles Hospital Management

How San Francisco’s Progressive Policies Made the Homelessness Crisis Worse

White House Correspondent Probes Facts Behind Trump’s Impeachment

Supreme Court Could See At Least 4 Vacancies in 4 Years, Trump Says

Trump Suggests a Presidential Election Redo. Is That Possible?

Should America Be Guided by ‘Narratives’ or Truth?

Fact Check: Debunking 10 Myths About the Postal Service

There Has Never Been a Better Time for School Choice in America

A Clear, Unified Policy Vision for the Next Congress and the White House




News to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Justice for Cannon Hinnant GoFundMe campaign exceeds half a million dollars

Aerial battle between $950 government drone and bald eagle ends with drone sinking to the bottom of Lake Michigan

Pandemic analyst finds herd immunity could be slowing COVID spread — yet Dr. Fauci still warns against it

Judge hands California church major legal victory after pastor defiantly restarts indoor gatherings

Washington state to provide $40 million in COVID-19 relief for illegal immigrants

VIDEO: Bloody brawls break out in Stone Mountain between armed rival protester groups

‘WrongTrump’ trends on social media as leftists wish death on President Trump — but the blowback is fierce

FLASHBACK: Thousands of USPS mailboxes removed during Obama-Biden administration

Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley calls for ‘unrest in the streets,’ targets Trump’s allies

Chris Wallace calls out Joe Biden for employing ‘basement strategy’: ‘The damnedest thing I’ve ever seen’

17 Chicago police officers injured, video shows cop beaten with a skateboard; Mayor Lightfoot says vast majority of protests are ‘peaceful’


Conservative Freedom Network

Obama Doubts Joe Biden’s 2020 Chances In Private

L.A. Judge Tosses Restraining Order Against Pastor John MacArthur

Pam Bondi Touts Pro-Trump Boat Parade

Graham On Ex-FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea In Durham Probe

Biden Refuses To Answer Reporter’s Questions

Barr: Our Public Education System Is A Racist System

Oregon State Police Pull Out Of Protecting Portland Courthouse

Big Tech Joins Chamber Of Commerce Lawsuit

Dolly Parton Weighs In On Black Lives Matter:

National Security Adviser: China ‘Trying To Elect Biden

As De Blasio’s NYC Dumps 9/11 Towers Of Light Memorial

Report: CDC Chief Of Staff And Deputy Chief Of Staff 



Kamala Harris’ Disturbing Link To Jeffery Epstein Just Exposed

Liberal Actress Pushes Outrageous Conspiracy About Trump Supporters

President Trump: Mail-In Voting Is Just The Start Of Rigged Election

DOJ Investigation Uncovers Top Ivy League College Discriminates Against White, Asian Applicants

Biden and Harris Stumble Through Awkward First Event

Fed Up Americans Admit Left-Wing Violence Has Serious Impact On Their Vote

The Kamala Harris Tweet That Didn’t Age Well: “This is an attempted modern-day lynching”

The Joe Biden Video Every American Should See: “We have no choice but to take them out of society”

Breaking: Robert Trump, The Younger Brother of President Trump, has Passed Away…”Not only was he my brother, he was my best friend”

Video: Seattle Liberals Fed Up With Rioting Democrats, Plan to Vote TRUMP in November

Breaking: Trump Slams Democrats…”I want to put money in the people’s hands; they want to put money into politicians’ hands”

Democrat Ayanna Pressley Calls for “Unrest in the Streets” [Video]

FBI Heads To Beirut To Help Investigate Massive Chemical Blast, Lebanese Officials Call Independent Probe ‘Waste Of Time’

Twin Beam Display For 9/11 Anniversary Canceled ‘Due To Health And Safety Concerns’, Tunnel2Towers Vows To Hold Own Version

Breaking: After Huge Backlash, NYC 9/11 ‘Tribute in Lights’ is Back On

BREAKING: LA Pastor Sues CA Over Banning Church Services, Judge Allows Indoor Services With No Attendance Limits

Radical Leftist Accused Of Assaulting UC Berkeley Conservative Arrested For Stabbing Bicyclist

President Trump Accepts NYC Police Officers Union Endorsement In White House Ceremony [VIDEO]

Radical Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Calls NYPD Union Endorsement Of Trump “Inappropriate”

JUST IN: Sec Pompeo Signs Defense Pact Boosting Number Of US Troops Stationed In Poland

Chicago Store Owner Spends $300,000 To Reopen Destroyed Business After Riots…Only To Be Struck Again By Vandals

Pres Trump Donates $100K Of Salary To National Park Service To ‘Restore And Repair’ Monuments Damaged By Riots

BREAKING: Islamic Terrorist Leader Suspected Of Beheading Hostages Surrenders After Arm Gets Cut Off


I’m a Former Teacher. Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated by Leftist Ideology.

A Welcome Conclusion That Yale Discriminates Against Asians, Whites

What’s Next After Trump Administration Brokers Israel-UAE Peace Pact

Trump Considers a Cut in the Capital Gains Tax

How the United Nations Promotes an Anti-Family Agenda

Vice President Pence Kicks Off New ‘Fight for America’ Campaign

Our Future Success Depends on American Exceptionalism

Why Reagan’s Call to Action Needs to be Heard Again Today


Some Matters Domestic and Foreign

When ‘Woke Muscles’ Meet Men Who Fight

Stacey Abrams: The Perfect Democrat

Only Reagan and Trump Understand America

Conservative Institution-Building Threatened if Dems Win

The Ritual Masking of America

What mail-in voting crisis? Nobody has to vote by mail

Google suppresses American Thinker results on its search engine

COVID and Climate Policy Following the Same Playbook

It’s Time to Roll Back the Mask Mandates, Not Ramp Them Up Ridiculously

Kamala Harris: Mike Nifong in a Dress

Stockman Conviction a Roadmap for Biden/Harris to Jail Conservative Activists

A Historic Agreement Peace in the Middle East

No Such Thing as a Totally Safe School

Millie Weaver faces her first court hearing this morning after being arrested and jailed last Friday

How to shock your woke kin out of Marxism

The Democrats’ fake narrative about the United States Postal Service

The media are dangerously misleading the electorate

USPS trashes vote-by-mail

News to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Video: CNN’s Don Lemon Argues with April Ryan Over Whether Kamala Harris is Truly African-American [Video]

US Air Force Helicopter Assigned To President Trump’s Support Detail Shot At From The Ground During Training Mission In VA…One Air Crew Member Injured

VIDEO: Bad News for Dems…MSNBC Reports Young Voters Disappointed In Biden’s Kamala Harris Pick

Video: Coaching Legend Lou Holtz Just Destroyed the Liberal Narrative to Not Play College Football

Video of the Moment Tulsi Gabbard Killed Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign

CNN Analysis: Kamala Harris will be “Ready to Step in, If and When Biden Decides to Step Aside”

3 Key Concepts That Woke ‘Anti-Racists’ Believe

A Defense of Our Founding Ideas

Payroll Tax Suspension Executive Order Is Legally Dubious, Economically Unnecessary

‘Do I Seem Rattled?’: Trump Calmly Describes Shooting Near White House

Border Chief Rips Media, Oregon Politicians for Anti-Law Enforcement Rhetoric

Parents, Beware: The Global Assault on the Health and Innocence of Children

After Losing Both Her In-Laws to COVID-19, Janice Dean Is Calling for an Investigation of New York

4 Things to Know About the Prosecutor Who’s Probing ‘Obamagate’

Why Reagan’s Call to Conservatism Needs to Be Heard Again Today

Parents, Educators, Doctors Join Trump in New Push to Reopen Schools

Problematic Women: Her Leftist College Tried to Reeducate Her. Now She’s Speaking Up.


CBP Chief Blames Agent COVID-19 Deaths on Illegal Aliens, Ignores Mad Legal Border Traffic

Judicial Watch Sues DC Government for ‘Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police’ Street Painting Records

FARRELL: China Is Exploiting America’s Universities To Steal Vital Research

VIDEO: Did Sally Yates Blame James Comey & the FBI for Illicit #Obamagate Targeting of Gen. Flynn?

VIDEO: Why is Big Tech Dictating What #COVID19 Treatments You Can Take?


Votes are in: A Biden-Harris ticket proves Dems committed to far left

Columnist Ben Shapiro: Joe Biden’s awful vice presidential pick

Hey parents, did you know you’re a ‘dangerous’ outsider?

Pastor says lockdown fight involves more than Sunday mornings

University’s hand in abortion won’t be ignored

Trump’s choice true advocate of civil rights

Hundreds of thousands without power days after Midwest storm

Companies test antibody drugs to treat COVID-19

Sheriff: 1 dead, 1 injured after ‘ambush’ on deputies

Dems continue support for far-left candidates

Interest in homeschooling has ‘exploded’ amid pandemic

New low: Chicago looters attacked a charity house for sick kids and their families

Cop says protester pointed loaded rifle at him, had over 100 rounds of ammo — and one bullet in chamber

Air Force helicopter hit by gunfire while flying over Virginia, forced to make emergency landing

Video shows mob of women attacking 17-year-old Chili’s hostess allegedly over social distancing guidelines

More COVID-19 facts the media does NOT want you to know

George Soros says there is an ‘international conspiracy’ working against him, calls Trump a ‘confidence trickster’

‘Y’all don’t come out when a kid gets shot!’ — R​esidents of Chicago neighborhood drive out protesters who only come for anti-cop protests



Biden’s VP Pick Has Deep Ties With The Radical Far-Left

DHS Secretary Provides ‘Reality Check’ To Media After Feds Blamed For Riots

Ron Paul Blows Lid Off The Worldwide Coronavirus Scam

Trump Issues The Perfect 5-Word Response To NFL’s New Woke Policies

Pro-Cop Groups Stick It To Hypocritical Far-Left Mayor

State Issues Mask Mandate — For People Inside Their Own Homes


The Real Kamala Harris

What is George Will’s Problem?

The Tides Foundation and BLM

Et Tu, Falwell? The Left’s Playbook at Liberty U

Must We Fight Cancel Culture with Cancel Culture?

Nuclear to Replace Wind and Solar

The message in Willie Brown’s advice to Kamala

California is on the verge of driving out another business

Biden-Harris ticket is a real stunner

Black Lives Matter terrorized families at the Chicago Ronald McDonald House

So why did the DNC give AOC that tiny, token, DNC speaking slot?

WaPo discovers incipient fascism in Jamaica

Joe Biden, the segregationists’ friend, keeps playing the race card against Trump

Biden minion high-fives reporters covering campaign: ‘We did it, guys’

Colombia and COVID-19

The last Belorussian front

Kamala Harris and the Dems’ identity politics bingo

A $65-million publishing contract and Obama can’t make a deadline?

She wanted to be a Kardashian-like ‘influencer.’ Then her Antifa booking photo got out

Hillary Recrudescence? Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris represents return of Democrats’ Hillary wing

Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top

New to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!) 

Billionaire media maven Oprah encourages white people to admit that they are racist in bizarre video

Rioters splash paint on elderly woman, get in her face when she stands up to their police precinct attack: ‘This isn’t your world anymore!’

14-year-old steals family car and goes on a joyride — so his parents give away all his stuff as punishment

Dr. Birx fires back at Nancy Pelosi after Pelosi trash talks behind closed doors, lodges accusations

Hundreds gather in Beverly Hills for pro-Trump ‘Rescue America’ rally, encouraging Californians to walk away from Democratic party

New Jersey student faces harsh disciplinary action for having Trump background on Zoom conference

BLM protesters intimidate diners, yell homophobic slurs and wake up liberal neighborhood in middle of the night

Top state official caught using ‘doctored’ chart, data to push face mask mandate

Nearly 20,000 fake US driver’s licenses from China and other countries seized at Chicago airport

Robin Williams’ decade-old comedy bit about ‘rambling’ Joe Biden goes viral after Democratic candidate’s gaffes

Chris Wallace confronts Pelosi for holding hostage COVID relief: ‘Didn’t you mess this one up?’

Tucker Carlson: America was a VERY Different Country 7 Months Ago…Are We Becoming China?

Nancy Pelosi Crows: “China would prefer Joe Biden” [Video] DUH!!!!

Video of Robin Williams Torching “Rambling” Joe Biden Goes Viral

Video: Silent Majority Shows Up in Liberal Beverly Hills to Support Pro-Trump #WalkAway Campaign

NASA to Remove “Offensive Nicknames” from Planets and Galaxies in the Name of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”

Breaking Video: President Trump Destroys Dems…Signs Exec Order for Stimulus After Dems “Stonewalled Efforts to Extend This Relief”

Video: South Dakota Gov All-In on Sturgis Motorcycle Rally of 250k: “I trusted my people and they trusted me”

Video: Brave Senior Women Speak Out After Being Confronted by Violent Rioters in Portland

Heroic Portland Police Speak Out on Riots: “The most horrific displays of hate I’ve ever seen” [Video]

A Solution for This Week’s Mystery Announcement

Where Is Joe Biden’s Brain?

How Therapists Became gods

Human Resources and Cancel Culture

ViacomCBS is Meddling in the Presidential Election

Mark Kelly: Maybe a Good Astronaut, but Would Be a Terrible Senator

Swirling corruption in Illinois, the state that brought us Obama

Teen Vogue calls for the abolishment of private property, capitalism

A Christian’s defense of President Trump is well worth reading

Joe Biden – The Cardboard Cutout Candidate

Lockdowns Never Again: Sweden Was Right, and We Were Wrong

Remember When Obama Scolded Cuomo Over Ebola?

How to Stop Children Intent on Destruction

Jews Transcending Adversity

More evidence that Americans are fighting back

Bezos discovers that $17 million doesn’t buy much protection from the mobs

Trump boxes Democrats into a corner on help for the unemployed

A conversation about Black Lives Matter with a Black cop in San Diego

NPR station boots weatherman off-air for comparing Seattle riots to Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany on his personal blog

Sweden shows how to flatten the Wuhan virus curve

Reports Reveal Gruesome Obama-Era Abortion Scandal Hidden By Media

Hillary Clinton Eerily Hints At ‘Sabotage’ Of 2020 Election

FBI Denies Conservative Journalist His Right To Bear Arms

WATCH] Corporate Media Has Become a Menace To American Society

Conservative Freedom Network

Christians Sidestep Coronavirus Restrictions

Susan Rice Sells Netflix Stock Worth More Than 300k

NBA’s Van Gundy: Stop Ripping China

Hasbro Puts Out Troll Doll That ‘Gasps And Giggles’

Democrat Mayor Dubs De Blasio ‘Worst Mayor’ In US History

Teen Vogue Op-Ed Calls For Ending Property Rights

Without Proper Context, Leaked COVID-19 Data Is Worse Than Misleading

4 Points in Understanding China’s Goal for Meddling in US Election

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt Explains Fight to Preserve America’s History

White House Weighs Bill in Response to Tech Companies on Free Speech

How Attacks on Faith, Family, and Conscience Threaten All Our Freedoms

The Washington Post’s ‘Fact Checker,’ Not Pence, Deserves the 4 Lying ‘Pinocchios’

We Hear You: A Vice President, a Constitution, and a Time for Adults

Vice President Pence Helps Heritage Kick Off New ‘Fight for America’ Campaign

A 14-Point Action Plan to Stop Targeted Violence in America’s Cities

What Are ‘Education Pods’ and How Will They Reshape K-12 Schools?


New to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!) 

Opinion! = Yesterday I was in a discussion over a social media post (go figure) entitled De Blasio’s Wife Can Not Explain Where The $850 Million Went one individual commented ‘thieves, daughter is looter rioter’ another responded ‘she’s not a looter, maybe a rioter yes. Fighting for Black Lives That Matter. Trying to help to make a change’ to which I responded BLM is a joke, they of course stermly (all BOLD) disagreed, and I responded, “get educated and read the manifesto. Originally organized by socialist borderline communists. Now locking arms with Antifa. Belong in jail nowhere else. No respect” They ended withI’m speaking in terms of lives, nothing more, nothing less, no need to be educated. Life, Not an organization.”

My point for this is simple there is always a need to be effectively educated otherwise we make statements like BLM is good because we have been fed the liberal propaganda hook, line and sinker. Do black lives matter, DUH! but does the organization BLM really care about Black Live?  Not that I can see, if they did why are they not peacefully protesting the thousands of Black Babies MURDERED in abortion mills each year. Why are they not out peacefully protesting the hundreds of black children MURDERED in senseless drive by shootings each years. Why are they not peacefully organizing and working for change? Because they really do not care; read their manifesto and get educated.    


Conservative Freedom Network

AG Barr Defends Sending Federal Agents To Portland:

Suspected Antifa Member Charged

Dems Bring Virus Relief Package To Screeching Halt:

Breaking: Over 100 Police Agencies Pull Out Of Agreements

Parents On Online-Only School This Fall:

Corporate Media Is Ignoring Broadest Riots In U.S. History

Sierra Club, NYTs Have Decided

DC Teachers Line Up ‘Body Bags’ Outside School Offices

Barr Shreds Dems During Hostile Questioning:

Detroit Police Chief: We Kept Peace During Protests

Just Under 12k Troops Being Pulled From Germany

Chicago Deputy Police Chief Dies After Shooting Himself In The Chest…Second Police Officer Suicide In Past Couple Of Days In Violent City Run By Democrats

BREAKING: Conservative Giant Herman Cain Dies After Being Hospitalized For COVID

Biden Heinously Vows To Undo Trump-Era Pro-Life Policies If Elected President

Report: Vatican Hacked By China Ahead Of Talks About Status Of The Church In Country

First Item On Sleepy Joe Biden’s Notes…’Do Not Hold Grudges’ With Kamala Harris

BANNED: Former Democratic Party State Committeeman Upset With Party Arrested For DNC Office Fire In Phoenix

Rep. Jim Jordan Asks Google CEO To Promise They Won’t Repeat Election Interference As They Did In 2016 For Hillary: “Is Google going to tailor its features to help Joe Biden in the 2020 election?” [VIDEO]

VIDEO: Sleepy Joe Biden Escorted Like A Child, Staffers Attempt To Keep Him Away From Media

MI Bed and Breakfast Forced To Remove Norwegian Flag From Front Porch After Liberals Confuse It For Confederate Flag



Trump’s Latest Move Solidifies America’s Energy Dominance

Surprising Poll Says One Candidate Already Won 2020

Biden’s Statement On ‘Anarchists and Arsonists’ Sends Democrats Into Panic

Google CEO Shockingly Admits What Conservatives Knew All Along

[Photos] Far-Left Teachers Line Up ‘Body Bags’ To Protest School Reopening


NEW #ObamaGate LAWSUIT Filed on Anti-Trump Dossier & Targeting of Gen. Mike Flynn!

Judicial Watch–NOT the DOJ–Has Done the Heavy Lifting on Clean Elections!

Pastor John MacArthur is right to resist, says attorney

Fact vs. fear in the back-to-school debate

Dems reaping consequences of their ‘anti-cop mood’

Seattle: No need for jail cells if no more criminals

Twitter challenged: ‘So calling for genocide is okay?’

Hezbollah’s use of ‘human shields’ vs. Israel’s respect for civilians

Abducted, imprisoned Christian girl in Pakistan now expecting

House GOP leader understands Trump concerns over mass mail-in balloting

Trump meets with family of slain TX soldier at White House

US economy shrank at record-breaking 33% rate last quarter

NASA launches Mars rover to look for signs of ancient life

Panel approves model of Billy Graham statue for US Capitol

Herman Cain, 74, dead following battle with coronavirus

Woman who went viral for trashing face masks at Target reveals she was institutionalized and her husband filed for divorce afterward

‘What I discovered was absolutely shocking’: Doctor reveals the REAL reason for anti-hydroxychloroquine hype

Ohio’s medical board banned hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment — then the governor stepped in

Fisherman saves four children from submerged car after their mother was shot and killed

Oregon’s chief federal law enforcement officer shreds media for not condemning riots as criminal — and it was all caught on camera

Obama turned John Lewis’s funeral into a sleazy political event

Biden’s Civil War

Tick, Tick, Boom, Boom, Time’s Up, Obama Goons?

The Immigration Problem Is Worse Than You Think

Reciprocity Can Cure Our Ills with China

The Purpose of Government

Jews Need to Jexit from Democrat-Left Racist Poison

A few thoughts about AG Barr at the House

The Washington Post slanders a sheriff who opposes Black Lives Matter

Hydroxy Hysteria Reaching a Fever Pitch

The Riots in Portland Started in Public School

The Leftist/Violence Nexus

The Slow and Ugly Implosion of South Africa Continues

A Sword Over the Nile: New Book Exposes 14 Centuries of Christian Persecution

About those ‘peaceful protests’…

Teachers’ unions are upping their demands before they’ll agree to teach

Lockdown exposes the chasm between the left and right

Who are the quacks spreading misinformation about COVID-19?

What’s Really Going on in Portland, Explained

Are Lockdowns Necessary? What Data From 10 Countries Show

Herman Cain, Business Executive and Conservative Favorite, Felled by COVID-19

What Precedent and the Constitution Say About Postponing an Election

Even With Removing Margaret Sanger’s Name, Planned Parenthood Is Still Influenced by Racist Founder

ICYMI: The Left’s Willingness to Tolerate Violence Should Frighten All Americans

The Heritage Foundation Releases Its 39th Annual ‘Mandate for Leadership’