News to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Video: CNN’s Don Lemon Argues with April Ryan Over Whether Kamala Harris is Truly African-American [Video]

US Air Force Helicopter Assigned To President Trump’s Support Detail Shot At From The Ground During Training Mission In VA…One Air Crew Member Injured

VIDEO: Bad News for Dems…MSNBC Reports Young Voters Disappointed In Biden’s Kamala Harris Pick

Video: Coaching Legend Lou Holtz Just Destroyed the Liberal Narrative to Not Play College Football

Video of the Moment Tulsi Gabbard Killed Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign

CNN Analysis: Kamala Harris will be “Ready to Step in, If and When Biden Decides to Step Aside”

3 Key Concepts That Woke ‘Anti-Racists’ Believe

A Defense of Our Founding Ideas

Payroll Tax Suspension Executive Order Is Legally Dubious, Economically Unnecessary

‘Do I Seem Rattled?’: Trump Calmly Describes Shooting Near White House

Border Chief Rips Media, Oregon Politicians for Anti-Law Enforcement Rhetoric

Parents, Beware: The Global Assault on the Health and Innocence of Children

After Losing Both Her In-Laws to COVID-19, Janice Dean Is Calling for an Investigation of New York

4 Things to Know About the Prosecutor Who’s Probing ‘Obamagate’

Why Reagan’s Call to Conservatism Needs to Be Heard Again Today

Parents, Educators, Doctors Join Trump in New Push to Reopen Schools

Problematic Women: Her Leftist College Tried to Reeducate Her. Now She’s Speaking Up.


CBP Chief Blames Agent COVID-19 Deaths on Illegal Aliens, Ignores Mad Legal Border Traffic

Judicial Watch Sues DC Government for ‘Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police’ Street Painting Records

FARRELL: China Is Exploiting America’s Universities To Steal Vital Research

VIDEO: Did Sally Yates Blame James Comey & the FBI for Illicit #Obamagate Targeting of Gen. Flynn?

VIDEO: Why is Big Tech Dictating What #COVID19 Treatments You Can Take?


Votes are in: A Biden-Harris ticket proves Dems committed to far left

Columnist Ben Shapiro: Joe Biden’s awful vice presidential pick

Hey parents, did you know you’re a ‘dangerous’ outsider?

Pastor says lockdown fight involves more than Sunday mornings

University’s hand in abortion won’t be ignored

Trump’s choice true advocate of civil rights

Hundreds of thousands without power days after Midwest storm

Companies test antibody drugs to treat COVID-19

Sheriff: 1 dead, 1 injured after ‘ambush’ on deputies

Dems continue support for far-left candidates

Interest in homeschooling has ‘exploded’ amid pandemic

New low: Chicago looters attacked a charity house for sick kids and their families

Cop says protester pointed loaded rifle at him, had over 100 rounds of ammo — and one bullet in chamber

Air Force helicopter hit by gunfire while flying over Virginia, forced to make emergency landing

Video shows mob of women attacking 17-year-old Chili’s hostess allegedly over social distancing guidelines

More COVID-19 facts the media does NOT want you to know

George Soros says there is an ‘international conspiracy’ working against him, calls Trump a ‘confidence trickster’

‘Y’all don’t come out when a kid gets shot!’ — R​esidents of Chicago neighborhood drive out protesters who only come for anti-cop protests



Biden’s VP Pick Has Deep Ties With The Radical Far-Left

DHS Secretary Provides ‘Reality Check’ To Media After Feds Blamed For Riots

Ron Paul Blows Lid Off The Worldwide Coronavirus Scam

Trump Issues The Perfect 5-Word Response To NFL’s New Woke Policies

Pro-Cop Groups Stick It To Hypocritical Far-Left Mayor

State Issues Mask Mandate — For People Inside Their Own Homes


The Real Kamala Harris

What is George Will’s Problem?

The Tides Foundation and BLM

Et Tu, Falwell? The Left’s Playbook at Liberty U

Must We Fight Cancel Culture with Cancel Culture?

Nuclear to Replace Wind and Solar

The message in Willie Brown’s advice to Kamala

California is on the verge of driving out another business

Biden-Harris ticket is a real stunner

Black Lives Matter terrorized families at the Chicago Ronald McDonald House

So why did the DNC give AOC that tiny, token, DNC speaking slot?

WaPo discovers incipient fascism in Jamaica

Joe Biden, the segregationists’ friend, keeps playing the race card against Trump

Biden minion high-fives reporters covering campaign: ‘We did it, guys’

Colombia and COVID-19

The last Belorussian front

Kamala Harris and the Dems’ identity politics bingo

A $65-million publishing contract and Obama can’t make a deadline?

She wanted to be a Kardashian-like ‘influencer.’ Then her Antifa booking photo got out

Hillary Recrudescence? Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris represents return of Democrats’ Hillary wing

Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top

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