News to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Are you voting for manners … or for what matters?

Prediction: Many will answer for politics behind HCQ hatred

Poll: Democratic convention benefited President Trump

A campaign to move country back to freedom?

Opinion: False perceptions, real consequences of COVID-19

Dobson rips CA bill funding sex changes

Prof’s proposed ‘Dept. of Anti-racism’ panned

More female athletes braving backlash over ‘trans’ issue

Trump officially accepts GOP’s nomination for a 2nd term

Postmaster General urges voters to return ballots early

Top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway to leave White House

Trump announces plasma treatment authorized for COVID-19

Wisconsin governor under fire for condemning police

Rapper interview exception to ‘Hidin’ Biden’ strategy

Ben Shapiro: The remaking of the Middle East

Latest anti-police idea: Misdemeanor to assault a cop

Detractors: Dem deleted deity deliberately

Training the ‘last line of defense’

FAIR: ‘Citizenship clause’ needs to be court-tested

Barr: ‘Operation Legend’ has led to almost 1,500 arrests

WH defends Trump’s call for boycott of Goodyear

Ex-FBI lawyer admits to false statement during Russia probe

New election ordered in race marred by voter fraud charges

US won’t seek death penalty against pair of Islamic terrorists

What Will Replace the Police? Ten Historical Examples

The DNC Tsunami of Schmaltz and Mendacity

Efforts to Tie Trump to Q Intensify as Questions Mount on China, COVID, and the Democrats

Dem Convention Offered a Terrifying Re-run

The Neglected Matter of Reality

A Revolution in Sensibility — and What to Do About It

From top to bottom, Dems’ principal 2020 strategy is fraud

Biden Sorta Pretends to be a Nationalist

Skepticism about the Bannon Indictment

What Ed Buck’s Pseudo-Sexual House of Horrors Says about Collectivism

A Pandemic of Socialism

Democrats ‘Go Postal’ over Mail-in Ballots

The Breathtaking Ignorance and Gullibility of America’s Elites

The Story Behind Bannon’s Arrest

COVID’s Gonna Do What Viruses Do

Notorious Washington Conspiracy Theorists Bemoan “Q”spiracy

How Marx Failed

BLM Activist Sends Message to Chicagoans Upset About Looting: “Y’all are mad about looting Mag Mile? Get over it!”

Video: Mark Levin Warns ALL Americans About the Joe Biden/Bernie Sanders Radical Plan for America

Video: Violence and Chaos Continues in Portland…Antifa Rolls Out Guillotine…Cheer as They Burn American Flags

Video: BLM Chicago Crowd Beat, Burn Symbolic ‘Police’ Pig: “Throw those pigs in the well”

Senate Leader McConnell Shuts Down Grandstanding Pelosi on $25B USPS ‘Emergency’ Funding

Video: Mass Brawl Breaks Out in Portland After Antifa Crashes Pro-Police Rally

Former Army Green Beret Arrested and Charged with Spying for Russia.

Video: Nancy Pelosi Tries to Stir Up Fear and Division by Falsely Claiming Trump Wants to “Suppress the Vote”

MUST WATCH: Rep. Jim Jordan Blasts Anti-Trumper Neil Cavuto Over Dem’s Garbage Claims That Trump Is Defunding USPS [VIDEO]

Obama’s White House Doctor Drops Bombshell About Biden’s Health

Far-Left Governor Commits Ultimate Act Of Greed — Breaks Promise To State Workers

Complete Destruction Of America: Now Entering Phase 2

Gravely Injured Police Officer Reveals Disturbing Reports Of Violent Rioters

Biden Is Compromised And Weak On America’s Greatest Enemy

President Trump: We Have a Groundbreaking Coronavirus Update

Obama Slips, Admits Disturbing Truth About Biden’s Agenda

Media Silent After Massive Polling Fraud Uncovered

Liberal Attacks 7-Year-Old MAGA Supporter — Here’s What Happened Next

Trump’s Hilarious Troll Against The Liberal Media Is Going Viral

Famous Rapper Blasts Democrats For Taking Advantage Of Blacks For Too Long

Nancy Pelosi calls Republicans ‘domestic enemies’ and ‘enemies of the state’ and stuns MSNBC host

Texas school district blasted for cartoon comparing police to KKK, slave owners that was part of student assignment

CNN’s Don Lemon says ‘cultist’ Trump supporters need to be ‘deprogrammed’ before voting​

VIDEO: Mob cheers when cop gets ‘bricked’ in head, falls face-first on Kenosha street amid violent outrage over police shooting

Thugs with rifles, handguns stare down sheriff’s vehicle during Kenosha rioting — then run for cover after tear gas greeting

New York exempts celebrities from forced mandatory quarantine — which normal people could be jailed for violating

Pool boy claims he had an affair with Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife — and that Falwell would watch

Black ESPN host tears into NBA star who targeted white player with racial slur: ‘B**** a** white boy’

Liberals attack Melania Trump with hate over Rose Garden renovation: ‘The worst first lady in history’

Portland erupts in violence as left-wing and right-wing protesters clash in all-out brawls

Rioters calling themselves heroes take to Portland’s streets with ‘bloody’ guillotine, flaming American flags: ‘Get in the f***ing streets!’

Married Florida former tax collector accused of child sex trafficking in disturbing case

Tennessee puts violent protesters on notice with new law that significantly increases criminal punishments

Alyssa Milano gets torched by Hollywood star after claiming Dem Party has made ‘the world a better place’

Conservative Freedom Network

Postmaster General Eviscerates Dems Conspiracy Theories

BLM Activist Warns: ‘You Can Listen To Us Or You Can Get Ran Over’

Pelosi Rips Trump For Trying To ‘Scare’ Voters:

States Failure To Accurately Count Ballots During Primary

American Journalist Abducted In Syria

De Blasio Admits ‘We Do Not Have A Plan’:

Anti-Police Protesters Burn US Flag

As The Minutes Pass It’s Clear John Brennan Is In A World Of Trouble

ICE Cube Blasts DNC: ‘What’s In It For The Black Community?’

Busted: Biden Delivered The Same Speech in 2008

‘Biggest Scandal In Europe Since WWII’

4 Big Moments From the House’s Postal Service Hearing

Can We Be Forced to Say Something We Don’t Believe? Ask This Teacher

Can We Be Forced to Say Something We Don’t Believe? Ask This Teacher

Back to College, Back to Academic Brainwashing

Nurses Rally Against Unionization as Law Muzzles Hospital Management

How San Francisco’s Progressive Policies Made the Homelessness Crisis Worse

White House Correspondent Probes Facts Behind Trump’s Impeachment

Supreme Court Could See At Least 4 Vacancies in 4 Years, Trump Says

Trump Suggests a Presidential Election Redo. Is That Possible?

Should America Be Guided by ‘Narratives’ or Truth?

Fact Check: Debunking 10 Myths About the Postal Service

There Has Never Been a Better Time for School Choice in America

A Clear, Unified Policy Vision for the Next Congress and the White House




News to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Justice for Cannon Hinnant GoFundMe campaign exceeds half a million dollars

Aerial battle between $950 government drone and bald eagle ends with drone sinking to the bottom of Lake Michigan

Pandemic analyst finds herd immunity could be slowing COVID spread — yet Dr. Fauci still warns against it

Judge hands California church major legal victory after pastor defiantly restarts indoor gatherings

Washington state to provide $40 million in COVID-19 relief for illegal immigrants

VIDEO: Bloody brawls break out in Stone Mountain between armed rival protester groups

‘WrongTrump’ trends on social media as leftists wish death on President Trump — but the blowback is fierce

FLASHBACK: Thousands of USPS mailboxes removed during Obama-Biden administration

Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley calls for ‘unrest in the streets,’ targets Trump’s allies

Chris Wallace calls out Joe Biden for employing ‘basement strategy’: ‘The damnedest thing I’ve ever seen’

17 Chicago police officers injured, video shows cop beaten with a skateboard; Mayor Lightfoot says vast majority of protests are ‘peaceful’


Conservative Freedom Network

Obama Doubts Joe Biden’s 2020 Chances In Private

L.A. Judge Tosses Restraining Order Against Pastor John MacArthur

Pam Bondi Touts Pro-Trump Boat Parade

Graham On Ex-FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea In Durham Probe

Biden Refuses To Answer Reporter’s Questions

Barr: Our Public Education System Is A Racist System

Oregon State Police Pull Out Of Protecting Portland Courthouse

Big Tech Joins Chamber Of Commerce Lawsuit

Dolly Parton Weighs In On Black Lives Matter:

National Security Adviser: China ‘Trying To Elect Biden

As De Blasio’s NYC Dumps 9/11 Towers Of Light Memorial

Report: CDC Chief Of Staff And Deputy Chief Of Staff 



Kamala Harris’ Disturbing Link To Jeffery Epstein Just Exposed

Liberal Actress Pushes Outrageous Conspiracy About Trump Supporters

President Trump: Mail-In Voting Is Just The Start Of Rigged Election

DOJ Investigation Uncovers Top Ivy League College Discriminates Against White, Asian Applicants

Biden and Harris Stumble Through Awkward First Event

Fed Up Americans Admit Left-Wing Violence Has Serious Impact On Their Vote

The Kamala Harris Tweet That Didn’t Age Well: “This is an attempted modern-day lynching”

The Joe Biden Video Every American Should See: “We have no choice but to take them out of society”

Breaking: Robert Trump, The Younger Brother of President Trump, has Passed Away…”Not only was he my brother, he was my best friend”

Video: Seattle Liberals Fed Up With Rioting Democrats, Plan to Vote TRUMP in November

Breaking: Trump Slams Democrats…”I want to put money in the people’s hands; they want to put money into politicians’ hands”

Democrat Ayanna Pressley Calls for “Unrest in the Streets” [Video]

FBI Heads To Beirut To Help Investigate Massive Chemical Blast, Lebanese Officials Call Independent Probe ‘Waste Of Time’

Twin Beam Display For 9/11 Anniversary Canceled ‘Due To Health And Safety Concerns’, Tunnel2Towers Vows To Hold Own Version

Breaking: After Huge Backlash, NYC 9/11 ‘Tribute in Lights’ is Back On

BREAKING: LA Pastor Sues CA Over Banning Church Services, Judge Allows Indoor Services With No Attendance Limits

Radical Leftist Accused Of Assaulting UC Berkeley Conservative Arrested For Stabbing Bicyclist

President Trump Accepts NYC Police Officers Union Endorsement In White House Ceremony [VIDEO]

Radical Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Calls NYPD Union Endorsement Of Trump “Inappropriate”

JUST IN: Sec Pompeo Signs Defense Pact Boosting Number Of US Troops Stationed In Poland

Chicago Store Owner Spends $300,000 To Reopen Destroyed Business After Riots…Only To Be Struck Again By Vandals

Pres Trump Donates $100K Of Salary To National Park Service To ‘Restore And Repair’ Monuments Damaged By Riots

BREAKING: Islamic Terrorist Leader Suspected Of Beheading Hostages Surrenders After Arm Gets Cut Off


I’m a Former Teacher. Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated by Leftist Ideology.

A Welcome Conclusion That Yale Discriminates Against Asians, Whites

What’s Next After Trump Administration Brokers Israel-UAE Peace Pact

Trump Considers a Cut in the Capital Gains Tax

How the United Nations Promotes an Anti-Family Agenda

Vice President Pence Kicks Off New ‘Fight for America’ Campaign

Our Future Success Depends on American Exceptionalism

Why Reagan’s Call to Action Needs to be Heard Again Today


Some Matters Domestic and Foreign

When ‘Woke Muscles’ Meet Men Who Fight

Stacey Abrams: The Perfect Democrat

Only Reagan and Trump Understand America

Conservative Institution-Building Threatened if Dems Win

The Ritual Masking of America

What mail-in voting crisis? Nobody has to vote by mail

Google suppresses American Thinker results on its search engine

COVID and Climate Policy Following the Same Playbook

It’s Time to Roll Back the Mask Mandates, Not Ramp Them Up Ridiculously

Kamala Harris: Mike Nifong in a Dress

Stockman Conviction a Roadmap for Biden/Harris to Jail Conservative Activists

A Historic Agreement Peace in the Middle East

No Such Thing as a Totally Safe School

Millie Weaver faces her first court hearing this morning after being arrested and jailed last Friday

How to shock your woke kin out of Marxism

The Democrats’ fake narrative about the United States Postal Service

The media are dangerously misleading the electorate

USPS trashes vote-by-mail

News to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!)

Video: CNN’s Don Lemon Argues with April Ryan Over Whether Kamala Harris is Truly African-American [Video]

US Air Force Helicopter Assigned To President Trump’s Support Detail Shot At From The Ground During Training Mission In VA…One Air Crew Member Injured

VIDEO: Bad News for Dems…MSNBC Reports Young Voters Disappointed In Biden’s Kamala Harris Pick

Video: Coaching Legend Lou Holtz Just Destroyed the Liberal Narrative to Not Play College Football

Video of the Moment Tulsi Gabbard Killed Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign

CNN Analysis: Kamala Harris will be “Ready to Step in, If and When Biden Decides to Step Aside”

3 Key Concepts That Woke ‘Anti-Racists’ Believe

A Defense of Our Founding Ideas

Payroll Tax Suspension Executive Order Is Legally Dubious, Economically Unnecessary

‘Do I Seem Rattled?’: Trump Calmly Describes Shooting Near White House

Border Chief Rips Media, Oregon Politicians for Anti-Law Enforcement Rhetoric

Parents, Beware: The Global Assault on the Health and Innocence of Children

After Losing Both Her In-Laws to COVID-19, Janice Dean Is Calling for an Investigation of New York

4 Things to Know About the Prosecutor Who’s Probing ‘Obamagate’

Why Reagan’s Call to Conservatism Needs to Be Heard Again Today

Parents, Educators, Doctors Join Trump in New Push to Reopen Schools

Problematic Women: Her Leftist College Tried to Reeducate Her. Now She’s Speaking Up.


CBP Chief Blames Agent COVID-19 Deaths on Illegal Aliens, Ignores Mad Legal Border Traffic

Judicial Watch Sues DC Government for ‘Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police’ Street Painting Records

FARRELL: China Is Exploiting America’s Universities To Steal Vital Research

VIDEO: Did Sally Yates Blame James Comey & the FBI for Illicit #Obamagate Targeting of Gen. Flynn?

VIDEO: Why is Big Tech Dictating What #COVID19 Treatments You Can Take?


Votes are in: A Biden-Harris ticket proves Dems committed to far left

Columnist Ben Shapiro: Joe Biden’s awful vice presidential pick

Hey parents, did you know you’re a ‘dangerous’ outsider?

Pastor says lockdown fight involves more than Sunday mornings

University’s hand in abortion won’t be ignored

Trump’s choice true advocate of civil rights

Hundreds of thousands without power days after Midwest storm

Companies test antibody drugs to treat COVID-19

Sheriff: 1 dead, 1 injured after ‘ambush’ on deputies

Dems continue support for far-left candidates

Interest in homeschooling has ‘exploded’ amid pandemic

New low: Chicago looters attacked a charity house for sick kids and their families

Cop says protester pointed loaded rifle at him, had over 100 rounds of ammo — and one bullet in chamber

Air Force helicopter hit by gunfire while flying over Virginia, forced to make emergency landing

Video shows mob of women attacking 17-year-old Chili’s hostess allegedly over social distancing guidelines

More COVID-19 facts the media does NOT want you to know

George Soros says there is an ‘international conspiracy’ working against him, calls Trump a ‘confidence trickster’

‘Y’all don’t come out when a kid gets shot!’ — R​esidents of Chicago neighborhood drive out protesters who only come for anti-cop protests



Biden’s VP Pick Has Deep Ties With The Radical Far-Left

DHS Secretary Provides ‘Reality Check’ To Media After Feds Blamed For Riots

Ron Paul Blows Lid Off The Worldwide Coronavirus Scam

Trump Issues The Perfect 5-Word Response To NFL’s New Woke Policies

Pro-Cop Groups Stick It To Hypocritical Far-Left Mayor

State Issues Mask Mandate — For People Inside Their Own Homes


The Real Kamala Harris

What is George Will’s Problem?

The Tides Foundation and BLM

Et Tu, Falwell? The Left’s Playbook at Liberty U

Must We Fight Cancel Culture with Cancel Culture?

Nuclear to Replace Wind and Solar

The message in Willie Brown’s advice to Kamala

California is on the verge of driving out another business

Biden-Harris ticket is a real stunner

Black Lives Matter terrorized families at the Chicago Ronald McDonald House

So why did the DNC give AOC that tiny, token, DNC speaking slot?

WaPo discovers incipient fascism in Jamaica

Joe Biden, the segregationists’ friend, keeps playing the race card against Trump

Biden minion high-fives reporters covering campaign: ‘We did it, guys’

Colombia and COVID-19

The last Belorussian front

Kamala Harris and the Dems’ identity politics bingo

A $65-million publishing contract and Obama can’t make a deadline?

She wanted to be a Kardashian-like ‘influencer.’ Then her Antifa booking photo got out

Hillary Recrudescence? Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris represents return of Democrats’ Hillary wing

Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top

NEWS TO PONDER (various sources)

AP: Supreme Court denies Trump right to end Obama’s DACA program

Michael Brown: We cannot put our trust in the Supreme Court — and here’s why

Msg to justices: If you’re a constitutionalist, act like it

Carson: Stop ‘being offended by everything’

Media gets ‘A’ for effort, ‘P’ for pandering, over push for ‘Black’

For 11th straight week, feds report drop in workers seeking jobless aid

Portland rejects ‘autonomous zone’ effort

Michigan pro-life group gets second chance on vote

Injunction extended against removing Lee statue in Virginia


Pro-Life News Report
Thursday, June 18, 2020

Top Stories

 Planned Parenthood President: “We Have to Do Everything We Can to Get Trump Out of Office”
 Facebook Censors Trump Campaign Ads Condemning Antifa, Calls the Ads “Organized Hate”
 Tennessee House Passes Pro-Life Bill Banning All Abortions Killing Unborn Babies
 George Soros Backs $59 Million Push for Mail-In Voting to Help Pro-Abortion Candidates

More Pro-Life News

 President Trump Will Release New List of Possible Conservative Supreme Court Nominees
 Senate Confirms Trump-Appointed Judge Who Stood Up for Religious Freedom for Christians
 Abortionist Botched Two Late-Term Abortions So Badly He Left Parts of the Baby Inside the Mothers
 Catholic Priest: Joe Biden “Claims to be a Catholic But Throws the Teachings Out the Window”

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Blaze News

DA says Rayshard Brooks was not a threat when he shot Taser at police, charges cop with murder. But 2 weeks ago he said ‘a Taser is considered a deadly weapon.’

‘Far-right protester’ nearly gets stomped during demonstration. But Black Lives Matter activist picks him up and carries him to safety.

State trooper secretly pays for elderly woman’s tires. Here is the incredible moment she gets to thank him.

African Christian University Dean: ‘Black people in America are the FREEST and MOST PROSPEROUS black people in the world’

Gov. Gavin Newsom just issued a mandatory mask order for all Californians

Leah Remini warns Danny Masterson rape charges are ‘just the beginning’ of a reckoning for the Church of Scientology


Conservative Freedom Network

Without Freedom Of Speech To Speak Truth…

Corporate Americas Mob Appeasement Will Destroy It

Black Conservative Leaders Speak Out About The Left’s Victim Narrative

As Advertisers Leave, Tucker Carlson’s Show Takes Off

Once Again Europe Is Meddling In Our Elections


The Polls Put Democrats in a Trap of Their Own Making

How to Say Black Lives Matter without Burning Down Cities

The Haredim and Anti-Semitism

Free Speech is Under Full Assault

Vote by Mail: Turning the Clock Backwards

Fauci falls, fumbles forbidding football

Are we watching the collapse of the blue city?

There is no longer any doubt, the left cares nothing about character


NEWS TO PONDER (various sources) Pro-Life News Report
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Top Stories
• Actor Kevin Bacon: “Old White Guys” Should Just Shut Up, Quit Talking About Politics
• Black Man Silences #BlackLivesMatter Protesters By Asking: “Do Aborted Black Babies Matter?”
• 13 Pro-Life Decisions President Trump Has Made to Save Babies From Abortion
• Black Pro-Lifer Tells Antifa: If Black Lives Mattered, You’d Protest Planned Parenthood

More Pro-Life News
• Planned Parenthood: Women Should Not be Able to See Ultrasound of Their Baby Before Abortion
• Governor Ralph Northam Wants “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions Added to the Constitution
• ABC Interviews Andrew Cuomo, Doesn’t Ask Him About Killing 5,000 Nursing Home Residents
• Mississippi Senate Passes Bill Banning Abortions Done Specifically to Kill Black Babies 

To read the news, visit


Every Drop of Blood Jun 17, 2020 01:00 am
America’s sin debt for slavery was paid for long ago. Read More…

Marx and the Rioters Jun 17, 2020 01:00 am
You can see revolutionary Marxism made real in the violence and destructiveness of these “protests”, and you can see the narcissism and nihilism being expressed in the self-justificatory rhetoric of the participants and the demonizing of anyone the mob decides ought to be hated and destroyed. Read More…

Our Forefathers Condemned as Immoral by the Worst Among Us Jun 17, 2020 01:00 am
I say to these civilization destroyers: Who the heck are you, you two-bit degenerates, to look down your noses morally at Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Christopher Columbus or, for that matter, the Founding Fathers? Read More…


To no one’s surprise, abortion giant backs Joe Biden

Principled principal targeted for urging peaceful protests

Senate GOP offer policing changes in ‘Justice Act’

Atlanta police officer formally charged with murder

Vandals tear down another Richmond statue and no one arrested

No more Aunt Jemima



Gorsuch Takes the Road Less Gaveled

The Platform, Transformed?


Conservative Freedom Network

Schumer Reads Trump’s Mind, Says He Doesn’t Care If His Supporters Get Covid

‘Systemic Racism’ Is A Partisan Issue, The Facts On Why It’s Democrat Driven

Teaching Americans To Hate America, Anti-American Teachers Are Indoctrinating Our Youth



U.S. Medical Research Agency Fires Dozens of Scientists with Financial Ties to China

The Politics of Defunding the Police and the Leftist Insurrection


Blaze News

Black woman leaves white woman speechless, explains why she won’t vote for Joe Biden: ‘These Democrats … they hate black people’

VIDEO: ‘Devastated’ black mother cries because she can’t feed her kids after looters ransacked a local grocery store

‘They hate Trump, but they really want to kill Washington and Jefferson’

Video shows Black Lives Matter protester freak out when her baby stops breathing — then run to a cop for help

Dem Sen. Dick Durbin calls GOP Sen. Tim Scott’s police reform bill ‘token.’ Scott drops the hammer in response.

‘Noose’ seen in Harlem park has Gov. Cuomo ripping ‘evil icon of our nation’s racist past.’ Then the truth comes out.


Eyewitness to Rodney King riots now watching D.C. burn

I too was an first an eye witness, then a soldier patrolling the streets of LA in 1992. One would think we would learn from the past BUT are our youth even being taught the lessons from history?

Eyewitness to Rodney King riots now watching D.C. burn


D.C. Floyd protest

From nighttime curfews in Los Angeles to military Humvees encircling the White House, the United States appears to be a country on fire 10 days after a Minneapolis police officer appeared to kill George Floyd, an unarmed black man, during an arrest.

The family of Floyd, after witnessing a weekend of both peaceful protests and lawless rioting, stood at a makeshift memorial June 1 where Floyd lay on the ground with the officer’s knee on his neck. 

“It’s okay to be angry,” Terrence Floyd told ABC News, “but channel your anger to do something positive or make a change another way because we’ve been down this road already.”


‘Sensational’ hearing coming over Flynn judge

“It’s starting to sound a little bit like a bad joke, like, ‘How many lawyers does it take to dismiss a case,’… 

Flynn freed (with attorney)

The legal battle involving former Trump adviser Michael Flynn continues to leave people scratching their heads, and not because of Michael Flynn.


Continued at Source: ‘Sensational’ hearing coming over Flynn judge

In The News

After praising Third World dictators and communist regimes, Sen. Bernie Sanders has finally found a group he opposes: Israel-supporting American Jews.

RELATED: Ben Shapiro: Bernie worshiping dictators, not Denmark​

Southern exposure: No need to take history, civics to graduate​

A new report indicates that some of Mississippi’s eight publicly funded colleges and universities are failing when it comes to the number of students graduating.

Pro-lifers essential to ethical human research​

A leading spokesperson for life says pro-lifers have an obligation to influence the federal government as it ponders research using tissue from aborted babies.

church pews

Church-hopping practice sign of the times​

How important is church attendance in American society and culture? The Barna Group crunched the numbers and found out.


What? 47% of mainline pastors support same-sex marriage​

Results from a nationwide survey reveal that nearly half (a whopping 47%) of mainline pastors approve of and “see nothing wrong” with same-sex marriage.



The Death of Born-Alive

He was just a first-year pediatric resident when a hospital housekeeper came to him, panicked. “There’s a baby,” she said, “crying on the garbage can of the treatment room.” Wide-eyed, Dr. Rocco Pascucci opened the door and saw him — wrapped in a hospital blanket, wailing. Without a second thought, he reached out for the newborn boy and rushed him to a warmer, starting oxygen and an artery line. Dr. Pascucci never stopped to think why the baby had been left there. He just did what anyone would. Anyone, it turns out, except 41 members of the U.S. Senate. READ MORE 

Trans Reading Day and All That Jazz

It started as just one rogue Wisconsin school, showing their LGBT pride. Now, five years later, it’s a national public-school movement — and most parents have no idea it’s happening. READ MORE


Eight Days helps flood victims in own backyard

Jackson, Miss. flooding

Mississippi’s capital city is surrounded by flood waters, displacing thousands, but a ministry is already on the scene and readying for volunteers.

As of this morning, we’ve identified about 600 to 700 families who have some type of water in their house,” reports Eight Days of Hope leader Steve Tybor. “So our leaders and our equipment are being readied as we speak.”

Relentless winter rains have swollen the Pearl River around Jackson, and more rains are forecast for later in the week and will likely break more records.

Eight Days of Hope (logo)Eight Days, which traces its disaster relief ministry to  Hurricane Katrina, currently includes a Rapid Response team that was created after tornadoes touched down in Tupelo, Miss., the hometown of Eight Days.

The ministry’s Rapid Response leaders are assessing Jackson’s flood damage and predicting 1,500 homes will be affected before the waters recede.

Tybor tells OneNewsNow the ministry is looking for volunteers to be part of the “rapid response” effort that will begin Friday, February 21 and continue for about three weeks.

The sign-up for the Jackson clean-up can be found here.

“Our rapid response team will help these families salvage what they can salvage, gut out wet drywall and flooring, and help these families start into recovery,” he says.

As with other recovery efforts, Eight Days will have more volunteer opportunities in the Jackson area in the coming weeks and months.

Source: Eight Days helps flood victims in own backyard

In the News

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‘Theology’ of angry, foul-mouthed Lutheran far from biblical

A self-proclaimed “public theologian” is being taken to task for a profane tweet targeting a Christian businessman whose religious freedoms have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Trump paving the way – GOP must follow up with
black voters

Republicans have already got black voters on board with them regarding the importance of religion, faith and morality. But they’ve got a big job to change black attitudes about reliance on big government.

Ted Baehr: The Hollywood elite need Jesus

Hollywood turned out to honor its own last weekend – and as usual, the glitterati got political.


Heritage finds good and bad in Trump budget

The proposed $4.8 trillion budget proposal from President Donald Trump is being praised for tackling national debt, and for attacking waste and fraud, but a conservative think tank is raising concerns about the proper role of government.

Who gets to make immigration policy?

Immigration enforcement activists support the Trump administration’s lawsuits against two sanctuary entities at opposite ends of the country.


Government appeals ruling on refugee resettlement

Cuomo to propose compromise on Global Entry ban

Fall in new cases raises hope in virus outbreak in China

Explosive growth in time spent streaming TV

Senegal leader defends homosexuality law