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Once again this year FSM will be partnering with Mission M25 to support Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services and the fight against Abortion. Naida and I were honored to lead the March for Life in Dallas (along with other M25 Motorcyclists) this year. Now it is time for all of us to once again step up and help mothers and their unborn children have a future.

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Pro-Life News Report

Top Stories
 Catholic Bishop Falsely Claims President Trump is Not Pro-Life
 Chris Cuomo Claims Trump “Doesn’t Give a Damn” About Americans Dying From Coronavirus
 Biden Uses His Catholic Faith for Votes After Saying He Would Force Nuns to Fund Abortions
 Church Defies Judge’s Order to Stop Worship Services, Worships Despite Gavin Newsom’s Lockdown

More Pro-Life News
 California Governor Gavin Newsom Defends Protests While banning Church Worship Services
 Mike Huckabee: Christian Voters Can’t Vote for Joe Biden Because He’s Pro-Abortion
 Media Calls Joe Biden a “Faithful Catholic,” But he Supports Abortions Up to Birth
 Beautiful Baby Born After Mom Changes Her Mind in the Middle of the Abortion

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Stand 4 Life

DC Police Reveal Why They Arrested Teens Writing Pro-Life Messages In Chalk

President Trump Names Pro-Life Leaders to Panel Investigating Aborted Baby Part Sales

WATCH: Student arrested for chalking ‘Black Pre-born Lives Matter’ outside DC Planned Parenthood

Congresswoman Files Bill Making Planned Parenthood Return Coronavirus Relief Funds It Took

Seven Times President Trump Has Defunded the Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

‘Life Is Winning In America’: Mike Pence Becomes First Sitting VP To Visit Pro-Life Pregnancy Center

Catholic Newspaper Claims Pro-Abortion AOC is “The Future of the Catholic Church”

The Washington Post Celebrates Saving Unborn Children | National Review

Chris Cuomo Makes Fun of Christians: You Stupidly Think We Want to “Kill All the Babies”

Satanic Temple says pro-life laws violate freedom to perform ‘religious rite’ of abortion

Court Allows Four Arkansas Pro-Life Laws to Go Into Effect Saving Babies From Abortion

EXCLUSIVE: Abortion Movement Tells Women ‘They Have To Choose Between Their Dreams And Their Children,’ Sarah Sanders Says

Nebraska and Colorado Mull New Abortion Restrictions | National Review

The Federal Government Must Stop the Deadly Abortion Pill | National Review

NBA’s Chief Marketing Officer is Also a Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Board Member

Beautiful Baby Born After Mom Changes Her Mind in the Middle of the Abortion

YouTube Reinstates Live Action’s Viral Video Describing Abortion Procedures

The Liberal Voters Biden Doesn’t Want | National Review


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