News to Ponder (Various Sourses)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!) 

Conservative Freedom Network

1st NBA Player To Not Kneel

Black Lives Matter And Teachers Union Demand ‘Freedom Campus’

Obama Seemingly Alludes To Nazi Germany

Minneapolis, plagued by violent crime, wants victims to cooperate with criminals, surrender property

Dr. Alveda King rips Obama for politicizing John Lewis’ funeral: Leftists will ‘grab at any opportunity’

‘Wrong!’: President Trump clashes with Dr. Fauci over surge of COVID-19 cases

Black motorist erupts at BLM protesters blocking highway, forces them to move: ‘Get the f*** out my way!’

Cuban immigrant says activist group using ‘mafia tactics’ to intimidate Louisville business owners

Dunkin’ Donuts employee arrested for spitting in cop’s coffee after trooper finds ‘thick piece of mucus’ in drink

Dr. Birx fires back at Nancy Pelosi after Pelosi trash talks behind closed doors, lodges accusations

Chris Cuomo says he doesn’t believe the polls after previously mocking Trump for criticizing ‘fake polls’

Kanye West officially names his running mate as presidential campaign presses on

Harvard prof explains how ‘President Pelosi’ could become reality if election not decided on time

Teen who rallied to remove police from Chicago schools is tragically shot to death

Former Clinton Aide Admits Biden Can’t Win Without ‘Interference’

Top Doctor Issues Warning As Coronavirus Enters ’New Phase’

President Trump And Microsoft At War Over Tik-Tok Deal

[VIDEO] Naked Antifa Leader Blocking Traffic Gets Decked By Motorist

Media Completely Ignored Horrifying Story Of Mother Killed By BLM Activists

Why the Media Chose Not to Hear When Trump Called Obama a Literary Fraud

Attkisson v. Holder: The Government Spied on Me and Now is Hiding the Guilty Parties

The Atomic Attacks on Japan: Justified or Not?

NFL: Now the No Freedom League

Black Lives Matter: A Political Campaign Disguised as a Civil Rights Movement

The Democratic Elite Is Aging, Becoming Demented

Dems and media pushing Trump = Hitler and Mussolini as never before

Black Lives Matter (except if you are Black)

World’s richest man grilled about poor treatment of conservatives

5K sidestep church lockdown, worship at Calif. beach

POLL: Should people defy lockdown orders to attend a worship service?

Both candidates causing a stir

Michael Brown: The sickening hypocrisy of the NBA

Are we emphasizing fear?

‘Silent shepherds’ sending subliminal messages

Mail-delivered abortion – What could go wrong?

U.S. Marines ID all 9 people killed in sea-tank sinking

Trump fires TVA chair, cites hiring of foreign workers

How ‘Wokeness’ Is a Product of Marxism

63% of US Counties Still Have 5 or Fewer COVID-19 Deaths

Identity Politics Divides America

China Is Trying to Steal Data From US Government and You

Obama Encourages Senate Democrats to Eliminate Filibuster

Republicans and Democrats Agree on Need to Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’

‘Peaceful Riots’? Journalism Bows to the Woke Mob

‘Transitioning’ Procedures Don’t Help Mental Health, Largest Dataset Shows

What We Know Now About Hydroxychloroquine to Treat COVID-19

How Police Unions Protect Bad Cops

Why George Washington Was ‘Better Than His Era’ and a Great Businessman

China’s Repression of Religion Gets Worse

Our Summer of Cultural Suicide

ICYMI: The Troubling Goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement


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