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As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!) 

Conservative Freedom Network

1st NBA Player To Not Kneel

Black Lives Matter And Teachers Union Demand ‘Freedom Campus’

Obama Seemingly Alludes To Nazi Germany

Minneapolis, plagued by violent crime, wants victims to cooperate with criminals, surrender property

Dr. Alveda King rips Obama for politicizing John Lewis’ funeral: Leftists will ‘grab at any opportunity’

‘Wrong!’: President Trump clashes with Dr. Fauci over surge of COVID-19 cases

Black motorist erupts at BLM protesters blocking highway, forces them to move: ‘Get the f*** out my way!’

Cuban immigrant says activist group using ‘mafia tactics’ to intimidate Louisville business owners

Dunkin’ Donuts employee arrested for spitting in cop’s coffee after trooper finds ‘thick piece of mucus’ in drink

Dr. Birx fires back at Nancy Pelosi after Pelosi trash talks behind closed doors, lodges accusations

Chris Cuomo says he doesn’t believe the polls after previously mocking Trump for criticizing ‘fake polls’

Kanye West officially names his running mate as presidential campaign presses on

Harvard prof explains how ‘President Pelosi’ could become reality if election not decided on time

Teen who rallied to remove police from Chicago schools is tragically shot to death

Former Clinton Aide Admits Biden Can’t Win Without ‘Interference’

Top Doctor Issues Warning As Coronavirus Enters ’New Phase’

President Trump And Microsoft At War Over Tik-Tok Deal

[VIDEO] Naked Antifa Leader Blocking Traffic Gets Decked By Motorist

Media Completely Ignored Horrifying Story Of Mother Killed By BLM Activists

Why the Media Chose Not to Hear When Trump Called Obama a Literary Fraud

Attkisson v. Holder: The Government Spied on Me and Now is Hiding the Guilty Parties

The Atomic Attacks on Japan: Justified or Not?

NFL: Now the No Freedom League

Black Lives Matter: A Political Campaign Disguised as a Civil Rights Movement

The Democratic Elite Is Aging, Becoming Demented

Dems and media pushing Trump = Hitler and Mussolini as never before

Black Lives Matter (except if you are Black)

World’s richest man grilled about poor treatment of conservatives

5K sidestep church lockdown, worship at Calif. beach

POLL: Should people defy lockdown orders to attend a worship service?

Both candidates causing a stir

Michael Brown: The sickening hypocrisy of the NBA

Are we emphasizing fear?

‘Silent shepherds’ sending subliminal messages

Mail-delivered abortion – What could go wrong?

U.S. Marines ID all 9 people killed in sea-tank sinking

Trump fires TVA chair, cites hiring of foreign workers

How ‘Wokeness’ Is a Product of Marxism

63% of US Counties Still Have 5 or Fewer COVID-19 Deaths

Identity Politics Divides America

China Is Trying to Steal Data From US Government and You

Obama Encourages Senate Democrats to Eliminate Filibuster

Republicans and Democrats Agree on Need to Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’

‘Peaceful Riots’? Journalism Bows to the Woke Mob

‘Transitioning’ Procedures Don’t Help Mental Health, Largest Dataset Shows

What We Know Now About Hydroxychloroquine to Treat COVID-19

How Police Unions Protect Bad Cops

Why George Washington Was ‘Better Than His Era’ and a Great Businessman

China’s Repression of Religion Gets Worse

Our Summer of Cultural Suicide

ICYMI: The Troubling Goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement


New to Ponder (Various Sources)

As always; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!) 

Opinion! = Yesterday I was in a discussion over a social media post (go figure) entitled De Blasio’s Wife Can Not Explain Where The $850 Million Went one individual commented ‘thieves, daughter is looter rioter’ another responded ‘she’s not a looter, maybe a rioter yes. Fighting for Black Lives That Matter. Trying to help to make a change’ to which I responded BLM is a joke, they of course stermly (all BOLD) disagreed, and I responded, “get educated and read the manifesto. Originally organized by socialist borderline communists. Now locking arms with Antifa. Belong in jail nowhere else. No respect” They ended withI’m speaking in terms of lives, nothing more, nothing less, no need to be educated. Life, Not an organization.”

My point for this is simple there is always a need to be effectively educated otherwise we make statements like BLM is good because we have been fed the liberal propaganda hook, line and sinker. Do black lives matter, DUH! but does the organization BLM really care about Black Live?  Not that I can see, if they did why are they not peacefully protesting the thousands of Black Babies MURDERED in abortion mills each year. Why are they not out peacefully protesting the hundreds of black children MURDERED in senseless drive by shootings each years. Why are they not peacefully organizing and working for change? Because they really do not care; read their manifesto and get educated.    


Conservative Freedom Network

AG Barr Defends Sending Federal Agents To Portland:

Suspected Antifa Member Charged

Dems Bring Virus Relief Package To Screeching Halt:

Breaking: Over 100 Police Agencies Pull Out Of Agreements

Parents On Online-Only School This Fall:

Corporate Media Is Ignoring Broadest Riots In U.S. History

Sierra Club, NYTs Have Decided

DC Teachers Line Up ‘Body Bags’ Outside School Offices

Barr Shreds Dems During Hostile Questioning:

Detroit Police Chief: We Kept Peace During Protests

Just Under 12k Troops Being Pulled From Germany

Chicago Deputy Police Chief Dies After Shooting Himself In The Chest…Second Police Officer Suicide In Past Couple Of Days In Violent City Run By Democrats

BREAKING: Conservative Giant Herman Cain Dies After Being Hospitalized For COVID

Biden Heinously Vows To Undo Trump-Era Pro-Life Policies If Elected President

Report: Vatican Hacked By China Ahead Of Talks About Status Of The Church In Country

First Item On Sleepy Joe Biden’s Notes…’Do Not Hold Grudges’ With Kamala Harris

BANNED: Former Democratic Party State Committeeman Upset With Party Arrested For DNC Office Fire In Phoenix

Rep. Jim Jordan Asks Google CEO To Promise They Won’t Repeat Election Interference As They Did In 2016 For Hillary: “Is Google going to tailor its features to help Joe Biden in the 2020 election?” [VIDEO]

VIDEO: Sleepy Joe Biden Escorted Like A Child, Staffers Attempt To Keep Him Away From Media

MI Bed and Breakfast Forced To Remove Norwegian Flag From Front Porch After Liberals Confuse It For Confederate Flag



Trump’s Latest Move Solidifies America’s Energy Dominance

Surprising Poll Says One Candidate Already Won 2020

Biden’s Statement On ‘Anarchists and Arsonists’ Sends Democrats Into Panic

Google CEO Shockingly Admits What Conservatives Knew All Along

[Photos] Far-Left Teachers Line Up ‘Body Bags’ To Protest School Reopening


NEW #ObamaGate LAWSUIT Filed on Anti-Trump Dossier & Targeting of Gen. Mike Flynn!

Judicial Watch–NOT the DOJ–Has Done the Heavy Lifting on Clean Elections!

Pastor John MacArthur is right to resist, says attorney

Fact vs. fear in the back-to-school debate

Dems reaping consequences of their ‘anti-cop mood’

Seattle: No need for jail cells if no more criminals

Twitter challenged: ‘So calling for genocide is okay?’

Hezbollah’s use of ‘human shields’ vs. Israel’s respect for civilians

Abducted, imprisoned Christian girl in Pakistan now expecting

House GOP leader understands Trump concerns over mass mail-in balloting

Trump meets with family of slain TX soldier at White House

US economy shrank at record-breaking 33% rate last quarter

NASA launches Mars rover to look for signs of ancient life

Panel approves model of Billy Graham statue for US Capitol

Herman Cain, 74, dead following battle with coronavirus

Woman who went viral for trashing face masks at Target reveals she was institutionalized and her husband filed for divorce afterward

‘What I discovered was absolutely shocking’: Doctor reveals the REAL reason for anti-hydroxychloroquine hype

Ohio’s medical board banned hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment — then the governor stepped in

Fisherman saves four children from submerged car after their mother was shot and killed

Oregon’s chief federal law enforcement officer shreds media for not condemning riots as criminal — and it was all caught on camera

Obama turned John Lewis’s funeral into a sleazy political event

Biden’s Civil War

Tick, Tick, Boom, Boom, Time’s Up, Obama Goons?

The Immigration Problem Is Worse Than You Think

Reciprocity Can Cure Our Ills with China

The Purpose of Government

Jews Need to Jexit from Democrat-Left Racist Poison

A few thoughts about AG Barr at the House

The Washington Post slanders a sheriff who opposes Black Lives Matter

Hydroxy Hysteria Reaching a Fever Pitch

The Riots in Portland Started in Public School

The Leftist/Violence Nexus

The Slow and Ugly Implosion of South Africa Continues

A Sword Over the Nile: New Book Exposes 14 Centuries of Christian Persecution

About those ‘peaceful protests’…

Teachers’ unions are upping their demands before they’ll agree to teach

Lockdown exposes the chasm between the left and right

Who are the quacks spreading misinformation about COVID-19?

What’s Really Going on in Portland, Explained

Are Lockdowns Necessary? What Data From 10 Countries Show

Herman Cain, Business Executive and Conservative Favorite, Felled by COVID-19

What Precedent and the Constitution Say About Postponing an Election

Even With Removing Margaret Sanger’s Name, Planned Parenthood Is Still Influenced by Racist Founder

ICYMI: The Left’s Willingness to Tolerate Violence Should Frighten All Americans

The Heritage Foundation Releases Its 39th Annual ‘Mandate for Leadership’



News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Country Hall Of Fame Member, Charlie Daniels, Passes





The Obama Years Sowed the Seeds for the Current Societal Chaos

Lawlessness, the Murder of Our Children, and the Soul of America

Know Your Enemy: Undeniable Truths About the Left

Trump’s Last Call for the Middle Class

COVID and the CDC

The Police, Patriarchy and Feminism

Catch 45: Only Donald Trump Can Save Washington

The Gangsterization of the Democrat Party

Racism (Allegations) Run Amok

The Fallacy of Court Neutrality

Patriotism vs. Globalism in 2020: A Country Is at Stake

The Left and Borglum’s Legacy



Black Lives Matter’s Silence on a Champion of Racial Equality


Potential Biden VP Scrubs Shady Past From Internet

Soros’ Chilling Plan For 2020 Election Just Got a Powerful Boost

Never-Trump Lincoln Project Caught Lying About President’s July 4th Speech

Liberal Mayor Drops Bomb On Citizens Over ‘Police Brutality’

Trump Blasts Democrats, NASCAR, NFL and Fake News All In One Day

Video: Sports Insider Jason Whitlock Warns NFL Owners for Caving to Play ‘Black National Anthem’ at Week 1 Games

Video: Michigan Gov Whitmer Says She Won’t Be Bullied…Threatens to “Dial Back” Reopening the State

Tucker Carlson Delivers a Barn Burner Calling Out Media and Democrats: “The reason the ruling class hates Trump is that they can’t control him”

Video: CNN’s Don Lemon Claims BLM Only Matters When It’s “Police Brutality” and Not Black on Black Crime

BREAKING REPORT: Shooting Up 205% Since Dem Mayor De Blasio Eliminates $1 Billion from NYPD


AP: Leftist groups demand major cuts to nation’s security and justice systems

Docs and nurses get ‘woke’ on spreading COVID-19

Bush officials back Biden, want ‘robust’ discussions again

Robert Knight: Imagining a vain thing

Town goes rogue, further expands definition of ‘family’

Hiring soared in May as mass layoffs eased

US general skeptical that bounties led to troops’ deaths


Obama Admin Hit With Lawsuit For Illegal Spying

Failed Mayor Blames Coronavirus For City’s Skyrocketing Violence

Surgeon Issues Warning To Anyone With ‘Normal’ Digestive Issues

President Trump’s Bailout Rescues Pelosi From Financial Ruin

Team Biden Praised Mt. Rushmore — Until Trump Visited



Rushmore and the Two-Faced Left

At Nike, Uyghur Lives Don’t Matter


Top doctor explains why COVID reporting is not honest, reveals what the case spike is really about

‘This changes absolutely everything’: Glenn reads rediscovered ORIGINAL draft of the Declaration of Independence

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter activists — triggered by AR-15 giveaway — physically attack church members

CNN’s Lemon lectures Terry Crews over Black Lives Matter agenda, suggests not about equality of black lives

As Chicago is overtaken by violence, Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames guns and the coronavirus

CDC might stop calling COVID an ‘epidemic’ because of major drop in mortality rate

Authors of prominent study on race and police shootings ask for their study to be retracted

Conservative Freedom Network

Who Has The Most To Fear From Ghislaine Arrest

Atl. Mayor On 8 Yr Old Girl Killed

Armed Black Nationalist Group Promises Violence

Leftists Slam ‘Hamilton’ Creator

Terry Crews: ‘I Decide To Die On This Hill’


American Liberty Daily

NYC Councilwoman FREAKS On White Man Holding Black Child

Father Of Killed 8 Yr Old: They Say ‘BLM’, You Killed Your Own’

Biden Says He Is Going To ‘Transform The Nation’ If Elected

News to Ponder (Various Sources)


Americans are OUTRAGED over #Obamagate & Biden Corruption–WHERE IS CONGRESS? [VIDEO]

The Benghazi Cover-Up and Biden Corruption Scandal—Here’s What We Know” [VIDEO]

Tom Fitton: Understanding #ObamaGate Means Questioning Obama Directly! [VIDEO]

“Incredibly, Donald Trump called me”…Father of 19-Year-Old Killed in CHOP Says He Got Condolence Call from President Trump…Not Seattle Mayor

Video: Hannity’s Heartbreaking Interview With Father of 19-Year Old Killed in Seattle’s CHOP

Fox News Doctor Calls Out Political Hype of Coronavirus Resurgence: “The politics of fear”

Delusional Left Criticizes Trump for Common Sense, Keeping Men Out Of Women’s Homeless Shelters

BREAKING: BLM Militant To Cop, “I Wanna Hang Him From A F**king Tree, Like He Do Us.”

Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Costs NYC Innocent Lives, Claims $1B Cut to NYPD Isn’t Enough

Radical Gov Jay Inslee Hilariously Heckled Off Stage, Republican County Sheriff Tells Cheering, Mostly Maskless Crowd, “Don’t Be A Sheep” [VIDEO]

Justice For George Floyd??? Pitchfork Wielding Protesters March Into Hamptons…Demand Rich Stop Committing Suicide, Claiming Bankruptcy Over COVID Pandemic 


Grilled by Fox News host, GOP senator defends BLM

Star Parker: Democratic politicking killed police reform

Trump: Economy ‘roaring back’ after jobs report

Coronavirus cases on the rise…deaths not so much

Abortion giant rears its head against pro-life measures

Navy issues ‘absolutely outrageous’ order

Encouraging findings re: Youth and patriotism

Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell arrested

US tries to seize Iranian gas heading toward Venezuela

Release of NY driver who struck officers with SUV blocked

Kansas governor orders masks to be worn in public, at work

American and 4 other airlines reach loan agreements with US

Houston hospitals criticized for ICU reporting

Mnuchin: Trump supports wearing masks


Democrats Ramp Up Targeted Attacks On Trump – This One’s A Doozy

Black Lives Matter Leaders’ Troubling Money Trail Exposed

Record-Shattering Fundraising Hints To Landslide Re-Election for Trump

Police Officers Suffer Another Devastating Setback, Thanks To Democrats

Far-Left Rioting Has Ignited 2nd Amendment Support To Historic Levels


Pro-Life News ReportThursday, July 2, 2020

Top Stories
 CNN Lets Guest Call President Trump the “White Supremacist Terrorist in Chief”
 Supreme Court Reverses Ruling That Overturned Indiana Law Saving Babies From Abortion
 Mississippi Governor Signs Pro-Life Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
 Supreme Court Denies Pro-Life Free Speech, OKs Laws Banning Sidewalk Counseling at Abortion Clinics

More Pro-Life News
 Leftist Group MoveOn Endorses Joe Biden Because He Supports Abortion on Demand
 Court Rules Catholic Church Must Pay for Killing Babies in Abortion in Its Insurance Plan
 Joe Biden Blames Coronavirus on President Trump, Falsely Claims He “Surrendered”
 Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill: We Must “Fight to Defend the Unborn”

To read the news, visit



Stand 4 Life

Mississippi Governor Signs Pro-Life Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

The Right to Choose What, Joe? | National Review

Gallup poll: 70% of Americans still favor abortion restrictions

Judges: Ignoring The Constitution On Abortion Since 1973

New Data Indicate that Abortions Surged in Ireland after Legalization | National Review

Florida Governor Signs Law Requiring Parental Consent Before Girls Can Get Abortions

Woman sued St. Louis Planned Parenthood after three failed abortions for one pregnancy

Democrats Want to Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortions for Military Veterans

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Iowa Abortion Law Requiring Waiting Periods, Ultrasounds


Blaze News

Outrage erupts after black cop hits black woman in her face. Video shows her race-baiting him just seconds before.

Christian college student questions BLM in viral video. Now college says she’s no longer enrolled — after a ‘disciplinary process.’

Rapper goes viral for decrying BLM: ‘It’s not our movement’ — it ‘was given to us by … George Soros and his f***ing boys’

Marcellus Wiley delivers passionate argument against NBA painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on courts

A group of neighbors release statement condemning McCloskeys for using guns to defend their home from protest 



Not Only When It’s Easy: Arise & Stand


American Minute with Bill Federer

“The people are responsible for the character of their Congress…”  -Garfield’s warning at 100th anniversary of Declaration of Independence


Conservative Freedom Network

Huge: Per His Lawyer – Flynn Was Targeted

Terry Crews Comes Under Fire For Latest Comment

CCP-Style Social Credit Is Here

Watch: DeBlasio Defends Ban On Religious Gatherings

McEnany Condemns Intelligence Community Leaks

Dems Demonize Mt. Rushmore

Pentagon Joins The Chorus Of Others

Fauci’s Back With A Brand New China Virus



Yes, Virginia (and all the other States), There is Systemic Racism in America

Caution: Anything You Say Will Be Racist Somehow

Is the COVID Surge More Fake News?

The Coming Collapse of the Republic

The Huge Law Enforcement Scandal that Cries Out for Justice

Never Give an Inch



NEWS to PONDER (Various Sources)

Driving Conservatives Underground

It Doesn’t Matter Who Did or Did Not Own Slaves

By Destroying History, Liberals Make an Example of Themselves

The War for Free Speech Is Here

Who’s the Real Party of the Rich?

Joe Biden – There’s no fool like an old fool

How the man who eradicated smallpox would have handled coronavirus


Make Patriotism Viral Again

Mob Violence Must Not Be Tolerated

Equipping Medical Providers to Cope With the Next Pandemic


Pelosi Spreads Vicious Lie That President Trump Is Being Blackmailed

Famous Cardiologist Changes Lives With Amazing No-Surgery “Fix”

Biden Mocked After His ‘Diverse’ Staff Member Numbers Surface

NYPD Detective Slams Liberal Mayor’s Agenda, Gives Inside Peek At Crime Wave

New Report Claims Trump’s Tulsa Rally Sabotaged By Unexpected Source

AP: Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic law

Soccer team ditches national anthem for Guthrie folk tune

More death and violence in Seattle ‘occupied’ zone

China forces birth control to suppress minorities

NYC mayor announces $1 billion cut in police budget

Utah Officials: Fireworks spark fire, evacuations

Intelligence Community Launches Nasty Attack On President Trump

Lingering CHOP Anarchists Make Final Demand To Seattle

VP Pence Enrages Media After Calling Out Black Lives Matter Propaganda

Trump Expects Full Ban On His Social Media Accounts Any Day Now

Media Silent As Mass Crowds Gather For Democrat-Approved Pride Rally


Five Justices vs. The People

A Sharpe Contrast on Religion


Pro-Life News Report

Top Stories
• Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion
• Pro-Life Groups Slam Chief Justice John Roberts for Selling Out Unborn Babies
• Trump’s Supreme Court Judges Both Voted to Uphold Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion
• Justice Clarence Thomas: Abortion is “Without a Shred of Support From the Constitution’s Text”

More Pro-Life News
• Joe Biden Celebrates Abortion, Calls Killing Babies in Abortions a “Constitutional Right”
• Planned Parenthood Celebrates Supreme Court Decision, Says Pro-Life Abortion Laws are “Racist”
• Vice President Mike Pence Slams Abortion: “All Lives Matter, Born and Unborn”
• Legislator Who Sponsored Pro-Life Law Slams SCOTUS: They Care More About Abortion Than Women

To read the news, visit




News to Ponder (Various Sources)

The Left Craps Out

Why Are We Letting Democrats Steal from Us?

BLM/Antifa Violence Is Prelude for November

Will Anyone in Government Resist SCOTUS’s Absurd Redefinition of ‘Sex’?

Amalek: Israel’s Ancient Enemy Lives among Us


Stand 4 Life

Supreme Court expected to rule on landmark abortion case

Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic Gets Licensed Renewed Despite Injuring Dozens of Women

Four reasons why the abortion ‘Turnaway Study’ should not be trusted

Chris Cuomo Admits ‘I’ll Never Be Objective’ in Eleventh Interview with Brother, Finally Asks about Nursing Home Deaths | National Review


Shakedown Of Michael Flynn Finally Comes To An End

President Trump Scores Huge Win Over Shady Healthcare Lobbyists

Shocking IRS Change Affects Retirement Accounts Overnight

Black Lives Matter Leader Promises More Planned Violence In Fox Interview

Trump-Supporting NFL Coach Silences Critics With Powerful Tweet

[Video] Senator Reveals Democrats’ True Intentions Behind Police Reform


Joe Biden says if elected, he would make masks mandatory

‘Blind spots’ in absentee voting make it dangerous for democracy

Out with the police … in with ‘Sharia patrols’?

A little light in the shadow of communism

3 GOP senators stop LGBT ‘locomotive’ dressed up as ‘equality’

Conservatives can point to ‘originalists’ on courts

Bridges Day — A real conversation starter



Dems Not Party to Solutions on Police

‘We Can’t Do Anything, No One Does Anything for Us’

Finding Wisdom to ARISE AND STAND

Blackburn to the Courts: Play by the Rules


Fed-Up Seattle Residents Slap City With Lawsuit

Trump’s New EO Will Completely Overhaul Government Hiring Procedures

Twitter Alternative Sees Record Sign Ups After Censorship Of Pro-Trump Accounts

Biden ‘Cancer Charity’ Caught Funneling Millions To Execs

Pelosi Puts Stamp Of Approval On Illegal Statue Takedowns


with Bill Federer

Usurpation of Power by Courts, with responses of former Presidential Candidates

In The News

After praising Third World dictators and communist regimes, Sen. Bernie Sanders has finally found a group he opposes: Israel-supporting American Jews.

RELATED: Ben Shapiro: Bernie worshiping dictators, not Denmark​

Southern exposure: No need to take history, civics to graduate​

A new report indicates that some of Mississippi’s eight publicly funded colleges and universities are failing when it comes to the number of students graduating.

Pro-lifers essential to ethical human research​

A leading spokesperson for life says pro-lifers have an obligation to influence the federal government as it ponders research using tissue from aborted babies.

church pews

Church-hopping practice sign of the times​

How important is church attendance in American society and culture? The Barna Group crunched the numbers and found out.


What? 47% of mainline pastors support same-sex marriage​

Results from a nationwide survey reveal that nearly half (a whopping 47%) of mainline pastors approve of and “see nothing wrong” with same-sex marriage.



The Death of Born-Alive

He was just a first-year pediatric resident when a hospital housekeeper came to him, panicked. “There’s a baby,” she said, “crying on the garbage can of the treatment room.” Wide-eyed, Dr. Rocco Pascucci opened the door and saw him — wrapped in a hospital blanket, wailing. Without a second thought, he reached out for the newborn boy and rushed him to a warmer, starting oxygen and an artery line. Dr. Pascucci never stopped to think why the baby had been left there. He just did what anyone would. Anyone, it turns out, except 41 members of the U.S. Senate. READ MORE 

Trans Reading Day and All That Jazz

It started as just one rogue Wisconsin school, showing their LGBT pride. Now, five years later, it’s a national public-school movement — and most parents have no idea it’s happening. READ MORE


In the News

February 18, 2020

A Badge of Disgrace: The Fall of the Boy Scouts

It’s one of the saddest, most predictable “I-told-you-so” moments of our generation. The Boy Scouts, where future moon walkers and presidents learned the virtues and value of leadership, has finally collapsed. Turns out, the decade of compromise hasn’t been kind to the Scouts, who turned in their moral compass seven years ago to chase the approval of critics it could never win. Now, deep into the BSA’s self-imposed identity crisis, the group is filing for bankruptcy — an unhappy ending we all warned was coming. READ MORE

Bringing Order to the Border

Monday, I led a group of California pastors to the San Diego border sector to see firsthand what’s actually happening on our southern border. It was an eye-opening experience for the pastors, as it was for me when I made my first trip to border last year. While there’s no denying that there was a crisis at the border last year when thousands tried to enter the U.S. illegal or gain asylum, the liberal and media’s narrative is a far cry from reality. READ MORE

Pastors rank issues facing them today

A survey of American pastors finds that the cultural shift to a secular age is a major hindrance for those who are called to deliver the good news of the gospel. READ MORE

Msg to SBC leader: ‘Gospel’ isn’t an adjective

The president of the Southern Baptist Convention dropped a strange term this week while attending a meeting with the denomination’s Executive Committee. READ MORE


Barna Update: Five Trends Defining Americans’ Relationship to Churches

Churchgoing is a dynamic part of U.S. society. New research from Barna Group shows the ways in which Americans are maintaining—and renegotiating—their connections with the churches that they attend. The State of the Church 2020 study is a year-long examination of the spiritual and religious trends that define American life these days.

How many Christians are “church hopping?” What is the emotional climate of church services? Do people still embrace formal church membership programs? What is the public perception of the Church’s impact and relevance? New Barna data looks at these questions and more as we explore five trends that are essential in understanding the Church’s place in the U.S. READ MORE


He withstood the Left’s onslaught


A new documentary sheds light on the life and judicial philosophy of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Clarence Thomas documentaryThis was the setting in 1991: a conservative appointment to the Supreme Court; reflexive opposition from the left; a contentious hearing followed by last minute, conflicted, and dubious allegations of sexual misconduct that almost derailed the nomination. While that describes the more recent confirmation earings of now-Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, 27 years earlier Clarence Thomas (pictured) also made an impassioned plea of innocence:

Thomas (at his 1991 confirmation hearings): “This is a circus. It’s a national disgrace. And from my standpoint as a black American, as far as I’m concerned it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves.”

It was the hard life he led up to that moment that gave Thomas the strength to endure the attempt to destroy his life, according to Michael Pack, director of the new biographical documentary “Created Equal” that hit selected theatres last weekend (See trailer below).

Thomas (in the film): “I was supposed to go to school in the afternoon, but my mother wasn’t there to make me go, because she had to go to work. So, I wandered the streets by myself. I was six.”

Says Pack: “He had surmounted so many difficulties in his life and he had such resilience, and in spite of extreme difficulties … he refused to define himself as a victim.”

The film details Thomas’ rebellion against his Catholic faith, identification with the black Marxist power movement of the 1960s, and a fresh encounter with God that washed away his anger and gave purpose to his life. Pack says that new strength and purpose continues to serve Thomas well, as the left has never given up trying to finish the lynching.

“At the end of the hearings, American people believed Justice Thomas 2 to 1,” Pack states. “But because the left has continued its unceasing assault on him, it’s sort of flipped the other way.”

The website for “Created Equal” is It is currently playing in select theaters.


Source: He withstood the Left’s onslaught


Obama judge nixes ID law, erases will of voters

Note the last paragraph, it really shows where the true prejudice in this country lies.

A Christian leader in North Carolina is suggesting that a recent ruling by a federal judge implies minorities in the state don’t care enough about voter integrity to obtain a free ID so they can vote.

Continued at Source: Obama judge nixes ID law, erases will of voters