Pro-Life News Update (Various Sources)

Stand 4 Life

‘Someone here wants you’: Women rescue and sing to newborn left in a dumpster

‘I Almost Killed My Daughter’: Kanye West Chokes Back Tears As He Addresses Abortion Issue

Congresswoman Slams Democrats for Voting for Infanticide: These Babies Deserve Protection

Baby born with fatal syndrome given new lease on life with groundbreaking surgery

Instagram Bans Ads for Pro-Life Senator’s Children’s Book Celebrating Women’s Right to Vote


Pro-Life News Report

Top Stories
 Joe Biden Supports Killing Babies in Abortion Up to Birth. The Liberal Media is Trying to Hide It
 Kanye West: “I Almost Killed My Daughter” in Abortion, But Message From God Saved Her
 Ex-CNN Host Soledad O’Brien Mocks Janice Dean, Whose In-Laws Died in NY Nursing Home
 Vice President Mike Pence: Joe Biden Supports “Late-Term Abortions Right Up to the Moment of Birth

More Pro-Life News
 President Trump: Joe Biden Would Promote Abortion, “Life, You Could Forget About That”
 Planned Parenthood Kills Babies, Claims Republicans Don’t Care About People Dying From Coronavirus
 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “Abortion is Not a Human Right”
 Congressman Demands Investigation of Attacks on Churches After They’re Burned, Vandalize

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