News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Noted again; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!) 

Conservative Freedom Network

Joy Reid Loses In Court

‘Virtually All White People Contribute To Racism’

‘Let’s Be Honest, Fauci’s Been Wrong A Lot’

Pompeo Shreds ‘1619 Project’

Fl. Man In 20’s Listed As Virus Fatality

Elderly Woman Stands Her Ground After Large BLM Agitator Gets In Her Face, Accuses Her Of Damaging His Property When She Splashed Water On BLM Message In Front Of Trump Tower

NYPD Officer Admits He’s Being Forced To Protect “Black Lives Matter” Graffiti In Front Of Trump Tower From Being Defaced By Pro-Cop Supporters [VIDEO]

HYSTERICAL: BLM “Trans King” Performs Song For Comrades About French Revolution From Les Misérables At NYC Protest [VIDEO]

BREAKING: BLM Communist Calls On Comrades To Remove President Trump and VP Pence NOW!…We Can’t Wait For November [VIDEO]

BREAKING VIDEO: Self-Proclaimed “Communists, Anarchists and Democrats” Join BLM, Shut Down Traffic In NYC…Threaten ”We are getting organized for a revolution to overthrow the system” (America)

NYC: Black Conservative Bevelyn Beatty Paints Over “Black Lives Matter” In Front Of Trump Tower…Shouts ”Refund The Police!” While Black Man Demands Police Arrest Her [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Hillsdale College Bucks Gov Whitmer’s Exec Order…Will Host In-Person Graduation Ceremony Tonight…Sheriff Won’t Enforce Governor’s Orders ”Not a priority”

Biden Campaign Staffer Mocked Cops As Worse Than ‘Pigs,’ Radically Called For Defunding Police

De Blasio’s ‘Safer’ New York: Body Found Wrapped In Plastic On McDonald’s Roof


Planned Parenthood Caught Committing Horrifying Crime

Trump Blindsides Democrats With Consequences Of Allowing Riots

GOP Lawmaker Fighting To Protect Gig Workers From Dem’s Crushing Regulations

Soros Foundation Has Troubling History Funding Chaos In America


2nd Amendment Couple Gets Major Government Backup

Black Cop Reveals Where Racism Really Exists In America

Biden Facing Left-Wing Pressure To Defund Trump’s Biggest Accomplishments

New From Teen Magazine — Sleep Is ’Systemically Racist’ (YOU REALLY CAN’T MAKE THIS UP)


As if 2020 Wasn’t Contentious Enough

Better Woke than Safe?

Chris Hayes Explains it all for You

Epidemic Mask Theatre, Past and Present

Will There Be Another Trump-Kim Summit?

‘Burn, Baby Burn’: The Futile Revolutionaries of Today

New Candidates for National Anthem Can’t Hold a Candle to the Original

CBS’s God Friended Me: TV’s Latest New Age Sign-Off

Channeling Candy Crowley: Chris Wallace uses his interview with President Trump to argue with the man — and gets his facts wrong

Civil War 2.0 going hot in Portland, Oregon

The left is laying the groundwork to challenge Trump’s election

NFL to play the black national anthem?

Nancy Pelosi calls federal law enforcement officers ‘stormtroopers’

Blacks are losing control over Black Lives Matter

Deferred disease disaster dawning on Democrats

Which states do best in preparing college students for the labor force?

Now the 49ers are in the crosshairs

Your light skin is now your yellow star

That other Minneapolis police death

Win and live. Lose and die.

Turkey becoming Islamist

Garbage- and graffiti-strewn Portland upchucks at offered federal help


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